Finix raises $30 million as fintech’s spotlight picks its sides

The cash tranche is significantly smaller than its extended Series B total, but Finix did include that new investors participated in the round, meaning this one is not an extension round, “thanks to the growth” that it has shown in the last six months. New and existing backers...
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FinTechs Offer Trade Credit Bridge Between Banks, SMBs

Small businesses have found it difficult to keep up with digital innovations in payments and financing. Banks too face challenges developing and implementing systems scaled to small and medium-sized business (SMB) digital payment innovation. FinTech is coming to the digital rescue, developing solutions including networks to bridge the gap. For...
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FinTech Startups Endure ‘Down Rounds’ as VC Money Dries Up

A recent souring of the global equity markets is having dire effects for startups that were previously doing well, Reuters reported Tuesday (Aug. 9). The market troubles and a lackluster demand for new listings have left many young companies raising funds at big discounts to their sky-high valuations. Reuters wrote...
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FinTechs Tackle Fleet Management’s Payments Roadblocks

For a business that preaches the need for speed, the trucking business seems to run into processes with the potential to keep trucks idling at every turn. Handling expenses for cost drivers incur on the road alone is a daunting task for any finance team — fuel, truck repairs, towing, parking, truck washes, loading and unloading fees.

Inside Uganda's emerging fintech ecosystem

“Fintech” is Africa’s modern-day gold rush, with investors betting big on startups that offer services from digital banking to retail payments and health care. In Uganda, pioneers in this emerging realm are catapulting even rural communities into the digital era.

StoneCo: Brazil, Entrepreneurship And Fintech

StoneCo is a fintech company based in Brazil. Founded in 2012, the company has grown to become a leading provider of financial technology solutions. StoneCo is truly a high-growth firm. From 2016 to 2021, the firm's revenues surged at a 5-year CAGR of 50.3%, jumping from $130 million to $1,005 million.

Fintech companies are cutting costs to keep Wall Street happy

Good morning, and welcome to Protocol Fintech. This Monday: Fintechs are cutting costs, the CFPB has a new report on payments and a look at the week ahead. There are a lot of mixed signals in the economy: Companies are laying off workers and some economists are warning of a recession, yet Friday’s jobs data showed unemployment at a half-century low. Consumer confidence is falling, but spending has proven somewhat resilient.

Israel: At the Confluence of FinTech, Cybersecurity Innovation

Israel is well known as a world leader in cybersecurity and a critical innovation hub driving the development of tools and resources aimed at fighting cybercrime and managing the increased digital security risks organizations face today. Investors know this all too well. According to Israel National Cyber Directorate, in 2021,...

Food Stamp-Focused Fintech Raises $22 Million

Each year, 42 million Americans receive food stamps–now known as SNAP benefits–which they can use at 250,000 retailers. But despite the surge in e-commerce and grocery delivery since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there are only about 100 retailers where you can use SNAP benefits to pay for online grocery delivery today.