Inaugural Battle Slam ICON World Champion Crowned At Battle Slam: Aftermath

Battle Slam has crowned its inaugural ICON World Champion. On September 25, the promotion held its Battle Slam: Aftermath event, which featured an eight-man tournament for the title. The show opened with a Wild Card match, where Kevin Knight defeated KC Navarro and Jay Malachi. Navarro attacked Knight after the match, and Black benefitted from the situation because his match with Knight started moments later. He then defeated Knight to advance to the next round.
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Bill DeMott On WWE's New Regime: There Will Be More Opportunities For Talent Now

Bill Demott discusses WWE's regime change. WWE has been under new management in recent months; Vince McMahon retired on July 22, and Triple H was named the head of WWE creative on July 25. He was later elevated to Chief Content Officer. Shortly thereafter, Shawn Michaels was promoted to senior vice president of talent development creative.

Tommy Fierro Recalls Working For WWE And Being An Extra At WrestleMania XV

Tommy Fierro recalls being an extra at WrestleMania during the peak of the Attitude Era and later being given the opportunity to work for WWE. ISPW promoter Tommy Fierro recently spoke with for an in-depth conversation about his time in pro wrestling. During the interview, Fierro spoke about appearing at WrestleMania 15 as an extra.

SCWPro Hawkamania XXV Results (9/24): TLC Match Headlines

SCWPro Wrestling held its Hawkamania XXV: Bring The Noise event on September 24 from Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon in Iowa City, Iowa. Full results (courtesy of Alex McCarthy) are below. SCWPro Hawkamania XXV Results (9/24) - Kaia McKenna, Shain Boucher, & Malik Champion (w/ Evangeline) def. Aminah Belmot and Partners...

Shawn Michaels Discusses The Origin Of DX's Crotch Chop

Shawn Michaels discusses the origin of the crotch chop. The taunt became iconic throughout the Attitdue Era, as Michaels and his stablemates in D-Generation X often used it as a sign of defiance. It remains popular to this day, both in the wrestling world and beyond. In an interview with...

Referee Daphanie LaShaunn (Aja Smith) Wins WWE 24/7 Title At Live Event, Quickly Loses It

It was a case of easy come, easy go for Daphanie LaShaunn in Vancouver. September 24, 2022, was a memorable night for WWE Referee Daphanie LaShaunn. The former Aja Perera couldn't resist the rush of the crowd and the allure of championship gold as she quickly pinned Nikki ASH to become WWE 24/7 Champion for a moment in time during an event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was even able to successfully defend the title as she kicked out when her fellow referee, Shawn Bennett tried to pin her and count his own fall.

Report: Drew McIntyre Pulled From The Road Due To Food Poisoning

Drew McIntyre's absence from weekend live events is due to a reported illness. Since WWE resumed live touring in the summer of 2021, Drew McIntyre has consistently headlined the weekend live events. Drew has been in the main event with the likes of Roman Reigns, The Bloodline, and more. Then, even when he wasn't headlining, Drew McIntyre was a top star at the shows. During the most recent set of live events, Drew McIntyre was not present.

D-Von Dudley Is Honored The Usos Are Using The 3D, Said 'F*ck Yeah' When They Asked For His Blessing

D-Von Dudley is honored that The Usos have adopted the Dudley Death Drop as part of their arsenal. Jimmy and Jey Uso have been WWE Superstars for 12 years. In that time, like most successful acts, adaptation and evolution have been a significant part of their ability to stay on top. So starting this year, at WWE Day 1 against The New Day's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, The Usos added a new finishing maneuver to their move-set, The 1D, 1 & Done. The move itself is the 3D, the finishing maneuver made famous by Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz.