As CDC loosens COVID guidelines, Allegheny County transmission rate is medium

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made substantive changes to its coronavirus guidance on Aug. 11, citing protections that most Americans have from the virus through vaccinations and boosters or previous infection. The changes include dropping the 6-foot standard in social distancing and the guideline for unvaccinated people without symptoms or a positive test […] The post As CDC loosens COVID guidelines, Allegheny County transmission rate is medium appeared first on PublicSource. PublicSource is a nonprofit news organization serving the Pittsburgh region. Visit to read more.
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Can’t Sleep Through the Night? Try This Dreamy CBD Powder

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Not being able to sleep at night is just the worst. You close your eyes, but your mind if running a mile a minute, you’re too hot or too cold, you can’t get comfortable or you’re suddenly feeling […]
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Poll: America’s COVID-19 Optimism Fades

Americans are growing more pessimistic about COVID-19, according to a new survey. A poll from Gallup published Thursday found that the number of Americans who feel optimistic about the pandemic has starkly dropped since spring. Just 41% of U.S. adults said the COVID-19 situation is getting better, which is a significant drop from late April and May when 63% of adults agreed with the statement.

How to tell if your COVID test is expired

Did you stock up on rapid at-home COVID-19 tests only to realize they all expire much sooner than you expected?. Don't toss them just yet. The Food and Drug Administration recently updated its guidance on COVID test expiration dates after researchers discovered some tests have a longer shelf life than originally believed.

FDA warns Amazon, two other companies to cease unlawful sale of mole, skin tag removers

The FDA has issued warnings to three companies for selling unapproved products to remove moles or skin tags, according to a press release. Warning letters were sent to Amazon, Ariella Naturals and Justified Laboratories, which are all said to be in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by selling products that claim to remove moles or skin tags.
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Key West Chicken

The flavors of South Florida are captured in this Key West Chicken recipe by a tart and sweet marinade made with orange and lime juices and zest. For an easy grilled main, use boneless skinless chicken breast to allow the flavors to soak in quickly. Pair with your favorite salad for a light and healthy meal, or serve alongside hearty sides like grilled corn on the cob, grilled potato salad, and even grilled peaches.

Cannabis in Philadelphia: Laws, Dispensaries, and More

- Every country and city has its laws and regulations when it comes to cannabis and its use. There are countries where you can publicly smoke cannabis and not get in trouble; there are some places where you are not even allowed to mention it. What to Know About Cannabis...

The monkeypox vaccine can now be injected in a more effective way

In an effort to increase dwindling monkeypox vaccine supplies, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization for the intradermal administration of the Jynneos vaccine. The authorization allows medical providers to give a fraction of a dose of the vaccine to adults intradermally, or between layers of skin, instead of beneath it.
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Best pain medications for stroke patients

Some people experience pain after stroke (PAS). This is a challenging complication for doctors to treat because some pain medications are no longer safe to take after a person has a stroke. Some stroke medications can also interact with certain pain medications. The medications a doctor will suggest for PAS...

FDA warns Amazon, other vendors about sale of skin tag removal products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued warning letters to three companies, including Amazon, for selling unapproved products for removing moles and skin tags. No over-the-counter medications have FDA approval for that purpose, and the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits interstate sale of unapproved drugs and cosmetics.

Can The Monkeypox Virus Spread On Clothing, Grocery Items?

Can you catch monkeypox by touching objects, fabrics, and surfaces? Health experts say yes, but the risk is low. The concern comes after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the transmissible virus can spread through direct contact with things and surfaces an infected person has touched or used.