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Galaxy Z Fold 3 features confirmed in FCC filing

It’s still two months away but almost everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been leaked by now. Of course, those come with disclaimers about their accuracy, even when many people say almost the exact same things about this or that feature. It’s still a different case, however, when someone more authoritative practically puts a rubber stamp on those rumors, and one probably can’t get more authoritative than the US FCC, at least as far as third-party sources of information go.
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The FCC just leaked Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs

We’ve seen a large number of Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumors and leaks so far this year, enough to make us wonder whether Samsung was able to keep any of the foldable phone’s main features a secret for the official reveal, which is set to take place during an upcoming Unpacked event. But Samsung’s track record of keeping secrets about its flagship phones isn’t great. We usually find out everything there is to know about the newest Galaxy S handset weeks before it actually launches, and the Fold 3 rumors have already painted a great picture of Samsung’s next-gen foldable....

Lenovo is making a new smart clock with a wireless charging dock

The original Lenovo Smart Clock was a really neat device when it launched a few years back. Thanks to frequent discounts, it alongside its cheaper, smaller, and more simplistic sibling, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, found their way into the homes of many. Now, it seems that Lenovo is working on a new model that can optionally wirelessly charge your phone.
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 heads to the FCC; S Pen support absent

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not the only next-generation foldable from Samsung to have appeared at multiple certification agencies this week. Both it and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 have surfaced on the FCC's website, carrying the model numbers SM-F711U and SM-F926U, respectively. The TKDN in Indonesia has also certified the Galaxy Z Flip 3, as the final screenshot below shows.
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Elon Musk hints at Starlink IPO

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said Wednesday night that it would be "at least a few years" before satellite broadband service Starlink would be publicly listed. In a thread attached to an infographic of orbital debris decay posted by United Launch Alliance President and CEO Tony Bruno, the billionaire responded to a Twitter user who asked him about future investment in Starlink.
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Radio’s Lucky Seven – The Seven Rules FCC Wants To Do Away With.

During the past several years the radio industry has sat back as the Federal Communications Commission unilaterally reviewed its rules and whacked away at what former Chair Ajit Pai often referred to as the “regulatory underbrush” in the agency’s media rules. Pai may now be in the private sector, but his successor, Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, is taking steps to continue the trimming effort. She is targeting seven additional updates as part of the FCC’s media modernization efforts.
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Galaxy Z Fold 3 to support S-Pen and UWB

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 appeared in an FCC listing, confirming some rumored features of the upcoming foldable phone. The successor to the Z Fold 2 will be announced this summer. Here are the specs that were revealed. The FCC listing revealed by MySmartPrice shows the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s...
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Inhofe revives bill to target Ligado

WASHINGTON ― Legislation has returned that would force Ligado Networks to cover the cost of any GPS user harmed by potential interference related to the company’s use of the L-band spectrum, both in government and in the private sector. The proposal from Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., is intended to escalate...
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Countering Cyberattacks And Ransomware Will Require “Whole Of Nation” Response

Cyberattacks are growing in frequency and sophistication. Protecting individuals’ personal information and national security interests will require broad collaboration—across nations and across industries. These challenges were a key focus of Telecom Policy Research Conference webinar, US Cybersecurity Policy for Data Breach, Ransomware and Supply Chain: What’s Working, What Isn’t and How to Fix It. The event was keynoted by Carole House, Director of Cybersecurity and Secure Digital Innovation at the National Security Council, and Brendan Carr, Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission. “The stakes for securing [the United States’ critical technology] networks could not be higher, and the Biden Administration recognizes that,” said Ms. House.
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Trump asked Justice to look into 'SNL': report

Former President Trump asked the Justice Department to look into "Saturday Night Live" while he was in office, The Daily Beast reported Tuesday. Two sources told the news outlet that Trump talked to advisers and lawyers in 2019 about what the Justice Department, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the courts could do to look into late-night comedy shows such as "SNL."
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FCC filing yields more evidence the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has S Pen support

Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 sometime in August. Samsung’s next foldable has leaked heavily over the past few months, so we have a good idea of what to expect from it. While Samsung has yet to confirm an official launch date, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has just been spotted on the FCC website, confirming some of the previously leaked details and revealing some new bits.
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The Best Portable Humidifiers to Achieve Healthy Humidity Wherever You Go

Dealing with dry air isn’t always at the top of everyone’s to-do list. After all, is dry air really that bad a thing? Well, what if we told you dry air is the reason your lips become chapped, your skin becomes irritated and your throat becomes sore. In short, dry air may be the hidden cause behind a lot of your everyday discomfort, and possibly one cause you never thought about. Luckily, dealing with dry air can be as simple as investing in a humidifier. And, if you spend a lot of time away from home and on the road, your best bet is one of the best portable humidifiers.