This Summer’s Most Incredible, Rare Sunrise is Just Around the Corner

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and paused on someone’s incredible photo of a bright Manhattan skyline? You know, the one where the sun appears almost perfectly framed in between two buildings, with oranges, yellows, and reds painted into the sky between the large skyscrapers? While it may look like a filter was used to get that eye-catching skyline—it’s more likely a unique sunset known as Manhattanhenge. Here’s what you need to know.
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350,000 Ford Vehicles Have Recalled: Why, What to Know & What to Do

If you drive a Ford vehicle, the company is asking owners to take them to an authorized dealer to repair issues related to three recalls. In total, 350,000 vehicles are included in the recall—for three different reasons. Lincoln Navigator SUVs, Ford-150, 350, and 550s, and different year models of Mustang Mach-E SUVs are all involved in the recall. Here’s everything you need to know about what models have been recalled, why they have been recalled, and what to do if your vehicle is involved in the recall.

This List Shows the Most Popular Baby Name in Each State

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect baby name. Obviously, you have to love the name, but you also have to choose the type of baby name you want. Do you want to choose an unusual name? Or a tried-and-true classic? Of course, everyone right now seems to be digging the oldies: Charlotte, Noah, Amelia, Liam. But what’s popular where you live? What are the names everyone can’t stop choosing?

How to Keep “Does Everyone Hate Me?” Thoughts At Bay

An unanswered text, a short response, a canceled hangout — all these not-so-fun dynamics are par for the course in relationships, yet for some of us, they can feel more like catastrophes than momentary frustrations or inconveniences. When the vibe seems even slightly off, you might even find yourself spiraling into “why does everyone hate me?” territory.

Kevin Hart’s Knit Cardigan Shows Us That Casual Cool is the New Formal

We’ll admit–rolling up to anything with “red carpet” in the title wearing a cardigan feels a bit risky, but as Kevin Hart shows us, the end result is A-OK. On paper, his look–which is essentially a thick knit zip-up cardigan over a t-shirt and tailored chinos–feels pretty casual, but the fabric and fit of the cardigan itself creates a more polished, refined look that must feel as good as it looks. You could easily take this look from a big event to a night out with the guys. Plus, the ability to zip up should the weather take an unexpected turn adds a functional side as well.

A Cardigan and T-Shirt Combo That Is Comfortable as Hell and Formal Enough

Can you make a cardigan and a t-shirt — hands down the most comfortable outfit this side of sweats — a formal look? You bet. Exhibit A: Kevin Hart here in a thick knit zip-up cardigan over a t-shirt and tailored chinos. It feels pretty casual, but the fabric and fit of the cardigan itself creates a more polished, refined look that must feel as good as it looks. You could easily take this look from a big event to a night out with the guys. Plus, the ability to zip up should the weather take an unexpected turn adds a functional side as well.

Everything the Government Is Doing to Fix the Formula Shortage — And What it Means for You

After long months where parents have been left to deal with an ever-worsening national baby formula shortage by scouring stores for hours in all directions, utilizing Facebook groups to find the scoop on formula, and struggling to figure out how to feed their infants, the U.S. government has finally stepped in to help. This week, both President Biden and the House of Representatives addressed the formula shortage and passed a handful of measures intended to ease the crisis and get vital infant foods back on shelves and into homes that desperately need them.

Ewan McGregor’s Star Wars Fandom Joke About His Son Is Perfect

The Jedi Master has returned. On May 27, Disney+ will drop the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the limited series starring Ewan McGregor, back in his Jedi robes for the first time since 2005’s Revenge of the Sith. And as he prepares for life back in the Star Wars universe, and fans are counting the days until the new series releases, Ewan joked that the only person on the fence about whether they’ll enjoy the new show is his son. Here’s why.

How to Get Your Kids (And Yourself) Comfortable With Risky Play

The job of a parent is to protect and nurture your child, to keep them safe from harm. But sometimes the best way to raise a self-assured kid is to let them take risks. And there’s no better way to do that than through play. Although “risk” conjures ideas of recklessness and danger, research indicates that risky play — usually defined as thrilling and exciting forms of play that involve a risk of physical injury — helps kids develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, executive functioning capabilities, and risk-management skills.

This Map Shows Your Wildfire Risk is Worse Than You Think

The threat of the effects of climate change is already revealing itself. Record-high summer temperatures; deep freezes in states like Texas that break the power grid, flooded homes from summer storms, and record-breaking hurricanes yearly. Though we still have time to avoid the worst effects of climate change, there’s no denying that we live on a different planet than the one we grew up in. One map released by First Street foundation last year found, for example, that the flood risk to our homes is probably more extensive than we thought. A new map from the same foundation found that wildfires, wildfires, which are increasing in numbers, are the same. Our risk of finding ourselves in the middle of one of these disasters is worse than you may realize. This map highlights what your wildfires risk is based on where you live, and if you think you’re protected, you might be mistaken.

9 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Having A Dog

Dogs teach us a lot about life, love, and loyalty — and the inherent joy of a squeaky toy — but the lessons kids can learn from having a dog may go a long way toward helping them grow up to be kind, happy, and healthy people. The...

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk Is a Summer Highlight

There’s something transportive about an old-school beach boardwalk and all the familiar trappings — the smells of warm funnel cake, the gleeful screams of thrill riders, the clanging bells of carnival games. And the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, located 15 minutes from downtown Santa Cruz, is well worth a trip. Packed onto the mile-long stretch of sunbathed, free-to-access boardwalk are hundreds of games, rides, and sights for the whole family that are big on that certain type of old-timey Americana.

South Carolina Becomes 16th State to Ban Trans Kids From Sports

South Carolina just became the latest in a long line of states to ban transgender students from participating in sports teams that align with their gender identity — participation will be based on assigned sex at birth. Governor Henry McMaster quietly signed the bill, called the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” on Monday with no public announcements.

What Americans Consider “Wealthy” Has Lowered Amid Pandemic, Survey Says

What is “wealthy?” For many people, the definition of the term differs greatly. Some people strive to fill their 401ks or Roth IRAs as much as possible. Others just want to stop struggling to scrape by each month and consider having extra cash in savings to weather emergencies wealth, or at least comfort. And with those various perspectives, we all have our own idea of what being “wealthy” means. However, a new survey from Charles Schwab shows the pandemic has shifted the American’s definition of how much money someone has to be considered “wealthy,” and what someone would need to have in order to live comfortably.

There’s a Meteor Shower Shooting Over Your Head Right Now

This month has already been really generous in terms of beautiful sky shows. We’ve had the flower Supermoon and a total lunar eclipse to watch already (that occurred at the same time!). But that’s not the last of the viewings from above. It turns out there’s a meteor shower happening right now — but you might not be able to see it. Here’s what you need to know.

The New Balance Casablancas Are the Most Conspicuously Stylish Dad Sneakers

There is no denying the slightly-off kilter appeal of the New Balance 237 Casablanca Red Monogram. All of the little details are just too good. The perforated leather upper; the suede overlays; the exaggerated heal-tread, which is oddly reminiscent of a driving loafer; the retro-inspired color blocking and oversized logo; and most of all–the red and green geometrical monogram. If you’re dressing from the bottom up, the Casablanca represents a bold foundational piece, a perfect accompaniment to cuffed selvedge denim or even well-fitting camouflage slacks. The Casablanca was released in May of 2021 to great acclaim. New Balance sold out quickly, but pairs remain on resale sites like Stock-X. Prices range up to almost $200. However, New Balance stocks plenty of fire color ways at a more accessible price point.

CoComelon Cody Time Spinoff: Release Date and Where to Watch

There’s a reason CoComelon is played on repeat on all our TVs. Our kids love the show. They love the format and they’ve fallen in love with all the characters. Now, we’re going to have even more to watch since a spinoff show featuring Cody has been announced. Here’s what parents need to know.

Parents Will Have to Wait 2 More Weeks For Infant Formula Plant to Reopen

In February of this year, the FDA began investigating consumer reports of contaminated powdered baby formula manufactured at Abbott Nutrition’s Facility in Sturgis, Michigan. The FDA shut down the facility due to bacterial contamination after reports of four babies who fell ill with cronobacter bacteria, and two died. The brands impacted included Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare, and the halting of production exacerbated an already iffy supply of baby formula.