Parmer County sheriff advises public about Facebook scam

On Saturday, June 25, the Parmer County Sheriff’s office posted a scam alert notice on Facebook advising the public of a scam that was posted on Facebook. The post shows photos of two men and warns the public around Bovina to be alert and vigilant. It goes on to say the men claim to be homeless, seek help and then attack. It further claims that they attacked a 33-year-old single mother two days ago.

Meta allows select creators to post their NFTs on Facebook

Non-fungible tokens have arrived on Facebook. Meta has confirmed to TechCrunch that it has started giving select creators in the US the power to post digital collectibles on their profiles. While it's unclear if and when the feature will make its way to more users — Meta called the release a "slow rollout" — company CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said that Meta was going to test NFT support on the social network. Meta Product Manager Navdeep Singh has posted photos on Twitter of what NFT integration would look like on Facebook's, and similar to Instagram's implementation, creators will have a digital collectibles tab on their profile where they can show off their NFTs.

I have one eye and I must scream: A guided tour of Facebook’s Minion meme pages

In the Web3 internet age, Marshall McLuhan’s supposition that “the medium is the message” proves itself to be exponentially true. The platforms upon which pieces of content are presented to the public are increasingly inextricable from the creation, interpretation and synthesis of said content. Indeed, most tech giants make it quite plain that, were it up to them, their platforms would be the only message — if the public is to consume, it must do so at the pleasure of The Medium.

2018: Cambridge Analytica harvests data from 87M Facebook profiles to aid the Trump campaign

In another instance of a private entity purposefully using supposedly secure personal data to influence individuals, the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica leveraged vast swaths of Facebook data to sway voters in favor of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Soon after the scandal broke, Cambridge Analytica lost massive amounts of customers and ultimately shut down entirely. Although Cambridge Analytica no longer uses social media data to influence elections, this scandal jump-started the beginning of Facebook’s (now Meta’s) difficulties with data privacy and user security. People have become increasingly wary of Meta because it uses advanced and potentially biased algorithms to predict the content with which users will most likely engage. Yet, it’s difficult to escape the conglomerate’s data-hoarding clutches—Meta owns 94 companies, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR. You may also like: Iconic presidential photos from the year you were born

Firefox update stops Facebook from stalking you -- here's how

Nobody likes a stalker, Firefox has come up with a way to keep Facebook and others from following you around on the internet. Mozilla's latest Firefox update comes with a new privacy feature that will block sites like Facebook from tracking you as you cruise the internet. Mozilla's Firefox 102 strips specific criteria from URLs that can be used to follow you as you journey through your daily web browsing.

The last remnant of Facebook's crypto project shuts down September 1

Meta announced Friday that it's shuttering its digital wallet, Novi, on Sept. 1. The move comes amid a broad downturn in the cryptocurrency market and new scrutiny on stablecoins. It's the last remnant of the Diem project, formerly known as Libra, that Facebook kicked off some years ago. Meta plans...

Study exposes how Facebook ‘clickbait’ entices users into reading posts

NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA, Germany — It’s hardly a secret that social media isn’t the best use of our time. Still, millions keep on scrolling, clicking, and commenting for hours on end. Now, researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen have documented some of the unique ways headlines on Facebook “bait” users into interacting with posts.