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We Tried It: Having Fun with a Full Face of Makeup Again, After a Year Off

What It Is: Embracing a full-face of glam makeup after a year of barefaced looks during quarantine. Who Tried It: Kaitlyn Frey, Assistant Style & Beauty Editor. Anyone who knows me knows I love having fun with beauty products; I'm always first to jump at trying the latest launches, whether it's cool cream blushes or inky long-lasting eyeliners.
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Sophie Turner's Detox Gel Face Mask Is On Sale for Prime Day

Sophie Turner's favorite skincare face mask is on sale for Amazon Prime Day. The Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme De-Tox Hydrator is now 30% for $39 (regularly $55). The cooling gel mask is made to help soothe and hydrate the skin whenever it's feeling dry or irritated. The...
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Best Prime Day Face Mask Deals for 2021

Amazon Prime Day face mask deals may seem futile this year since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its face mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people — with several states and local governments loosening or eliminating mask mandates in response. However, masks are still required on public transit and in healthcare settings. Plus, there’s a contingent of the population that intends to keep wearing masks to protect themselves from catching or passing COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses. Regardless, it’s not a bad idea to have a spare mask or two on hand just in case you need it, so take a look at this year’s Prime Day deals for face masks.
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Microstructure analysis and image-based modelling of face masks for COVID-19 virus protection

SARS-CoV-2 may spread through respiratory droplets released by infected individuals. The viruses are transmitted in moist droplets which cause coronavirus disease. Many countries have mandated the wearing of face masks, to various extents. However, the efficacy of masks is yet to be well rationalised given the limited microstructure information. Here, three common face masks and associated air permeations were revealed by coupling X-ray tomographic imaging and infrared thermal imaging techniques. Quantitative parameters have been extracted from the 3D images. Also, image-based modelling was performed to simulate the permeability to show how droplets pass through the porous structure. Our results show that the N95 mask has the smallest average pore diameter (~30 µm) and the densest nanoscale fibres which provides superior droplet filtration among all cases. Modifications to the N95 masks are proposed to develop the next generation mask with higher efficacy and better breathability.
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These 10 Female Idols are Known for Their Small Faces

In South Korea, having a small face is considered a sign of immense beauty. Here are ten female idols who are blessed with tiny faces. Karina's face is so tiny; her members have given her the nickname "Mechuri," which translated to quail egg! Since her face is as tiny as a quail egg, it only makes sense why she was given such an adorable pet name.

Choosing Between Disposable Face Masks and Reusable Fabric Face Masks

These days, anyone interested in buying an antimicrobial face mask for day-to-day protection has two basic options. They can either get a disposable type surgical mask or respirator, or a reusable fabric face mask. At first glance, it seems that the best option would be to go with a disposable...
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Living in the post-pandemic world: mask on, or mask off?

In a post-pandemic world that we have not yet reached but inch closer to every single day, will the social norm be to keep a mask on, or to take it off?. 2021 is looking promising. The economy is making a steady return as the city reopens. The streets are crowded with people and traffic again. More and more people are comfortable with going back to shop in public spaces.
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Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Valerie Greenberg Share Summer 'Must-Haves' From A Top Celebrity On TipsOnTV

ATLANTA, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer is here, and everyone wants to make the most of it after a year of quarantine and masks. Celebrity Lifestyle Expert and Red Carpet host Valerie Greenberg has some timely tips and hacks for making the most of summer. Learn some must-have things to enhance the summer experience that will turn a busy lifestyle into some quality family time. Valerie discusses how the celebrities she interviews on the red carpet are spending their summer!
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Q: Will masks be optional in schools this fall?

Masks are optional and cannot be required by school districts. Gov. Greg Abbott announced that schools can no longer require masks after June 4. The announcement was part of an executive order that bans government entities in Texas from mandating masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children...
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David Bruce: Don't toss out that face mask just yet

Pennsylvania's mask mandate is scheduled to end June 28, or sooner if 70% of the state's adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. At that point, people who are not fully vaccinated will be allowed to remove their face masks in public indoor areas and crowded outdoor gatherings. But that doesn't...
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Judge Denies Disney’s Motion to Dismiss Face Mask Lawsuit

The Walt Disney Company can’t shake a discrimination lawsuit brought on by the mother of a child on the autism spectrum who was denied access to their local Disney Store over a face mask. A judge has denied the Walt Disney Company’s motion to dismiss the discrimination case. Here are...

Demi Lovato Launches Face Masks For Non-Binary Pride

Demi Lovato has linked with Henry Masks for a special 2021 Pride face mask collaboration. As per a recent announcement, Lovato has teamed up with Henry Masks for a limited edition four-pack, which includes prints inspired by the colors of the trans flag and non-binary flag. With a unique design, the masks, which are washable and reusable, are shaped to make breathing easy (and more comfortable) for long periods of time. The four-pack is priced at $49.50 and available at HenryMask.com.
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Association of social distancing and face mask use with risk of COVID-19

Given the continued burden of COVID-19 worldwide, there is a high unmet need for data on the effect of social distancing and face mask use to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. We examined the association of community-level social distancing measures and individual face mask use with risk of predicted COVID-19 in a large prospective U.S. cohort study of 198,077 participants. Individuals living in communities with the greatest social distancing had a 31% lower risk of predicted COVID-19 compared with those living in communities with poor social distancing. Self-reported ‘always’ use of face mask was associated with a 62% reduced risk of predicted COVID-19 even among individuals living in a community with poor social distancing. These findings provide support for the efficacy of mask-wearing even in settings of poor social distancing in reducing COVID-19 transmission. Despite mass vaccination campaigns in many parts of the world, continued efforts at social distancing and face mask use remain critically important in reducing the spread of COVID-19.
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Disneyland had really, really long lines as mask mandate lifts

Disneyland in California had extensively long lines after it reopened to out-of-staters on June 15 — the same day the park’s face mask policy also lifted. Videos from TikTok show the exceptionally long lines, stretching hundreds of feet away from the park. Not only are the lines long, but the lines are packed with people. Clearly, people want their fix of Disneyland, according to BuzzFeed News.
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Where to buy face masks in the UK: Reusable coverings to shop now

Ever since coronavirus began spreading across the world, there has been some debate on the use of face masks, including who should wear them and the benefits of them.From 24 September all hospitality staff must wear them, as well as customers when they’re inside pubs, cafes and  restaurants apart from when they’re eating or drinking. People must also wear them on public transport, in taxis, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, banks, post offices, travel hubs and shops, as well as in the indoor settings where you're likely to come into contact with people you don't normally meet, including cinemas, museums, galleries and...