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What are some good road biking routes in/around Atlanta?

"I've been going to the silver comet trail for quite some time now, and I'm now looking for a change of scenery (and also get used to biking on the road). Are there any "rural" roads/towns within 1.5-2 hours of the city that I can bike on comfortably in the morning with another biker or two? I really loved the roads leading to Amicalola falls."

Any Bars with a low-key vibe, good for conversation?

"I recently moved to the Battery area, so I'd love to find some bars (preferably semi-close, but I'll take all suggestions) that are the kind of dimly lit, vibey places as seen in all the Murakami novels I'm reading lately. To be honest, I tend to hate bars that blare sports games, or have live bands, or basically create an atmosphere where it's impossible to talk or think."

Who can apply for the pilot basic income program for $500 a month?

ATLANTA — Atlanta will be instituting a pilot basic income program, the mayor's office announced on Thursday, that will provide 300 residents with $500 a month over a year. In a release, the city said it would be available to people who are at least 18 years old and live below 200% of the federal poverty line (which currently is $53,000 for a household of four, about $44,000 for a house of three, about $35,000 for a household of two and about $26,000 for a single individual.)

Where is a good Neighborhood in Atlanta? good school for kids and safe.

"Considering relocation to Atlanta for work. Any advice for a nice neighborhood?" Honestly depends on where you work, how much you’ll make and what kind of lifestyle you prefer. If you work in the city, have a high salary, and want an urban lifestyle, my choice would be the City of Decatur. The school system is as good as any in the state, there’s direct Marta access and downtown has awesome food and drink. If you don’t want to be that close to the city, want more land, cheaper housing, etc. then I would look at Gwinnett county. We looked at some houses on the Gwinnett side of Stone Mountain with schools rated 8/9 (Camp Creek Elementary), and the commute isn’t terrible (probably around 1 hour in typical rush hour traffic) to downtown Atlanta. Also, crime is almost nonexistent.

Which city is more world class: Boston or Atlanta?

"I have lived in Boston for a long time, and I plan to change my life to Atlanta recently. Any suggestions?" I live in Atlanta. The answer is easily Boston. Much nicer layout city, better transit, better cultural institutions, the best universities in the world. Is this really a contest? Atlanta is cool though and is cheaper, better weather. I would live in Boston if it wasn’t so expensive.

Where are the most safest areas to run at night in Atlanta?

"Recently I have the idea of fitness, where do you guys think the safest areas for a woman to run at night are?" Would you consider running with a group? The chances of anything happening anywhere on any given night are low, but it'll at least feel safer if you're with people. Even with regard to falling or being hit by a car or something, at least somebody will see.

What are some cheap but nice areas to live in Atlanta?

"Cheap is a relative term, I know it's hard to have a standard answer, but any available references for me are fine. Much thanks!" If you’re looking to live within the Perimeter, the cost of living is pretty expensive and almost comparable to living in New York or San Francisco if you’re looking for a nice area. However, if you don’t mind a bit of a commute, there are several places throughout Metro that are affordable, clean, and safe. Cobb County is my recommendation.

Any tips for a girl to get to high school using MARTA alone?

"My 15-year-old daughter is gearing up to head to high school - her first time (since last year was totally remote). As parents, we're big believers in teaching independence, so our default was to let her take MARTA to high school and back home. She'd only need to transfer to a short bus ride close to the high school. What is y'all's opinion or suggestion on safety for a young woman?"

Where are the best neighborhoods for public transit in Atlanta?

"Hello all! I am moving to Atlanta soon for a year to work in either Emory University Hospital or Midtown (I haven't been placed yet, so it's uncertain which one). I don't have a car so I'm looking for some neighborhoods which have good public transit options for either. I'm fine with commuting 30-50 minutes by bus and/or train. Any suggestions? Thanks all :)"

Where’s the good, legitimately spicy Thai in Atlanta?

"I’ve tried a few spots around town, with my favorite being Little Bangkok (their Tom Kha soup is to die for), but none of the places have scratched my itch to feel the burn while I’m eating. I always ask for Thai-hot with my dishes, but typically they don’t even hit sriracha levels of spice, which is a damn shame. I’m hoping y’all can point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance."