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After man is arrested with guns and ammo near Moran Park, residents are concerned but continue with events

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The events must go on.Right now, that's the mindset of organizers of "back to school" celebrations planned this week at an Englewood park. It's one week after a gunman was arrested after randomly firing into the park. His minivan, according to police, was filled with guns and ammo.CBS 2's Steven Graves reports from Moran Park where groups are working hard to create a safe space.Marshawnna Howell is a violence prevention case manager on Chicago's South Side."You know, make sure the kids have a safe space." She walked on one of those safe spaces near Moran Park in Englewood. An...
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Emotional reunion after thieves steal man's car with 1-year-old son inside in South Loop

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It was just a matter of minutes, but it likely felt like eternity for a father when his car was stolen with his toddler inside.As CBS 2's Tara Molina reported, the start and finish of the chain of events were both caught on camera. The photo of the father reunited with his 1-year-old son says it all – a palpable flurry of emotion, love, relief. The 51-year-old dad held on tight as he and his son were safe and close together again."He probably thought he was never going to see his child ever again after his car...
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Protesters gather, call for indictment of CPD officer who shot, killed Anthony Alvarez

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Protesters gathered Wednesday night to call for the indictment of the Chicago police officer who shot and killed 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez last year.The rally was held outside the 16th (Jefferson Park) District station, where Officer Evan Solano was expected to return to work after serving a 20-day suspension for violating several department rules during the foot chase that ended with him fatally shooting Alvarez. A few dozen people attended the rally.The Civilian Office of Police Accountability had recommended Solano be fired over the shooting, determining he shouldn't have chased Alvarez in the first place, and violated Chicago Police Department...

Truck wrecked in crash under Edens Expressway overpass

SKOKIE, Ill. (CBS) -- A box truck was left wrecked and wedged underneath an overpass on the Edens Expressway Wednesday afternoon. Illinois State Police were called at 4 p.m. to the Church Street underpass on the inbound side of the Edens, on the boundary of Skokie and Morton Grove.A flatbed tow truck had been towing a box truck on one of its flatbed tow trucks, and the box truck turned out to be too tall for the 14-foot 2-inch clearance at the Church Street underpass.The box truck hit the overpass above, and pieces of concrete fell from the overpass, state...

Comedian Ricky Gervais calls on Cook County Forest Preserve to release caged coyote

CHICAGO (CBS) – A campaign to free a coyote caged in Northbrook just received a major celebrity endorsement.Comedian Ricky Gervais is calling for Rocky the coyote to be moved to an animal sanctuary in Colorado.Gervais said the fact that Rocky is on anti-depressant medications is evidence of his inhumane captivity.He said urgent action is needed to help him.Rocky has been caged at the River Trail Nature Center for four years. He was turned over by a family who kept him as a pet.They apparently thought he was a German Shepherd.Several animal rights groups are fighting for his release.Forest Preserve officials said there's no guarantee Rocky will thrive if he is moved since he was raised by humans.

Riders Who Qualify For CTA's Reduced Fare or Free Ride Programs

Some Chicago public transportation riders like students, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and active military personnel, qualify for the programs. The CTA is the most used form of transportation in Chicago, seeing hundreds of thousands of riders use its services weekly. With the cost of living increasing, it's essential to know that CTA has both reduced fare and free ride programs available to individuals who qualify.

Seven People Serving Jail Time in Chicago for Murder Have Convictions Overturned Due to CPD Detective Misconduct

Seven people serving decades in jail for murder who claimed that a Chicago detective framed them were released Tuesday. Seven more people serving time in prison based on claims that Chicago Police Department Detective Reynaldo Guevara framed them, had their convictions vacated Tuesday. All but two of them had served their complete sentence. In total, these seven had spent 174 years in jail for crimes they claimed they didn't commit. Another individual had their case postponed with the judged asking for an additional hearing next week. Three others are expected to have their cases considered in the coming weeks.

Southwest Side neighbors on edge after car enthusiast takeover turns violent

CHICAGO (CBS) -- They're commonly known as takeovers – meetups where car enthusiasts get together and socialize.But a recent one in the Marquette Park neighborhood seems to have turned violent – and residents there say they are worried about their safety. They also fear another takeover could get out of hand again.As CBS 2's Marybel González reported, police said dozens of drivers went into the parking lot of a warehouse this past Saturday night – where things quickly escalated. It was all captured on camera.On Tuesday night, residents called on authorities to put a stop to such gatherings.The dramatic video...

Woman left with more than $4,000 in damage after car hits downed light pole on DuSable Lake Shore Drive

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago woman said she was left with thousands of dollars in damage to her car after it hit a downed light pole in the middle of DuSable Lake Shore Drive As CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reported Wednesday, Stacy Sweat said she and her husband were driving north on the Drive just north of 31st Street around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, July 30. All of a sudden, she noticed something didn't seem right. "In front of us, there was a few cars pulled over - but we weren't sure what that was," Sweat said, "and...

MLB will not return to Field of Dreams in 2023

Major League Baseball will not return to the Field of Dreams next year in Dyersville, Iowa because of construction, according to what one of the Field of Dreams site owners told the Des Moines Register on Tuesday. Former Chicago White Sox player Frank Thomas is part of the ownership group...

Man stabbed on CTA Red Line platform at Fullerton Avenue

CHICAGO (CBS)-- A man was stabbed on the CTA Red Line platform at Fullerton Avenue. Police said the 37-year-old victim got into an argument with a woman while riding the train southbound. After they both got off the train, the woman stabbed the man twice in the neck with a sharp object. The man was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital in serious condition. Police are investigating. 

Man stabbed by woman on CTA Red Line platform: police

CHICAGO — A man was seriously injured after being stabbed at a CTA Red Line station on the city’s North Side. The incident happened around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 900 block of West Fullerton Avenue. Police said a 37-year-old man was riding southbound on a Red Line train, when he began arguing with a […]

Chicago man charged with murder in State Street shooting

CHICAGO - A 23-year-old Chicago man allegedly shot and killed another 23-year-old man in June. According to police, Rashon Kyle has been identified as the gunman who on June 12, 2022, fatally shot another man in the 4200 block of South State Street in the Grand Boulevard neighborhood. Kyle was...