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Police investigating serious motorcycle crash in Glenburn

GLENBURN, Maine — The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook Tuesday evening that they are investigating a serious motorcycle crash in Glenburn. The incident reportedly occurred on Route 15 near the Village Variety Store. The crash involves a motorcycle and automobile, according to the post. The Glenburn Fire...
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Bangor man charged with robbing former employer

BANGOR — Bangor Police arrested a man for allegedly robbing his former employer. Bangor Police Sgt. Wade Betters says several officers responded to a business located at 849 Stillwater Avenue around 9:15 Tuesday morning. An associate told police that former employee, 32-year-old Antwon Vaughan of Bangor entered the store...
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Bangor man charged with robbery

BANGOR, Maine — Police responded to a business at 849 Stillwater Ave. in Bangor around 9:13 a.m. Tuesday after an associate reported 32-year-old Antwon Vaughan of Bangor entered the store and started an argument over unpaid wages, police say. A news release issued by Bangor Police Department spokesperson Sgt....

Bangor man arrested after allegedly holding store worker at gunpoint

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A Bangor man was charged with robbery after allegedly pointing a gun at a worker at a Bangor business. Bangor Police say they responded to the business on Stillwater Avenue just before 9:15 Tuesday morning after a worker called about a former associate who entered the store and started an argument over unpaid wages.

There Is Good News & Bad News About Browntail Moth Rash

You can plan on itching and scratching for a while longer, Bangor. The City of Bangor gave all of us who are miserable from Browntail Moth Rash an update, and there is an upside and a downside to this giant, uncomfortable pain in the rear end. Browntail moths in the...

Motorcycle crash on Route 15 in Glenburn

GLENBURN, Maine (WABI) - The Penobscot County Sherriff’s Office is responding to a serious motorcycle crash in Glenburn. They say it happened on Route 15 in the area of the Village Variety Store around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Authorities say the crash involved a vehicle and a motorcycle. No further...

Bangor PD Arrest Suspect They Say Tried To Rob Business At Gunpoint

A man Bangor Police say tried to rob a Bangor business at gunpoint is behind bars today. According to Bangor Police Department's Sgt. Wade Betters, the incident in question took place Tuesday morning. "...several officers responded to a business located at 849 Stillwater Avenue, after an associate reported former employee,...

Pick your own strawberries

After a long Maine winter, we always look forward to the warm, sunny days of summer and the farm-fresh produce and vegetables offered at farms and farm stands around the state. June also brings us sweet, juicy strawberries, and with that comes picking your own berries. I am sharing some farms that are offering pick-your-own strawberries, but you need to act quickly because strawberry season only lasts about three weeks and is usually done by the middle of July.

Scorching Heat Forecast for Much of Maine Friday

The week will wrap up with a very warm Friday, with temps in the mid-90s. It looks like Friday will be a scorcher for much of Maine. New Center Maine meteorologist, Keith Carson, says temps could top out in the mid-90s in areas of the state. The National Weather Service...
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Bucksport Police log week of June 30

BUCKSPORT — A woman called police June 21 after finding a camera on her property, but Officer Tyler Adams discovered that the device had been there a long time and wasn’t active, authorities said. Summonses. Officer Benjamin Kolko summoned Laura Danforth, 47, of Orland on a charge of...

The Price of Fireworks Will Definitely Blow Your Mind This Year

Are there more, or less, fireworks since they became legal in Maine?. I was talking about this with my mom the other day. Since we have our camp, we're privy every year to several backyard fireworks displays. As long as I can remember, there would be at least three of four families on the lake that would seemingly set off rockets in the round. It was pretty fun when I was a kid.

Golden, Poliquin have differing opinions on Roe v. Wade reversal

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The two major party candidates for Congress in Maine’s Second Congressional District were in Bangor on Tuesday. Congressman Jared Golden, D-Maine, paid a visit to Husson University for a tour of the school’s renovated lab areas. He says he’s working to secure federal funding...

Cat lost in Maine reunited with family in Texas

HERMON, Maine (WABI) - An incredible discovery in Hermon lead to an even better reunion down in Texas. It might be a bit cliché to use the word “miracle,” but it’s hard to find a word to better articulate the series of events that lead a family from Texas to be reunited with their beloved pet some 2,000 miles away.

Bangor Creates Anthem Because People Can’t Pronounce City Name Correctly

If you're born and raised in Maine or have spent enough time in Vacationland, you know that there's a handful of towns and cities on the map that could easily be mispronounced. No city in Maine feels the pain of that more than Bangor. From politicians to national weather people to famed musical artists, everyone and their second cousin seems to want to pronounce Bangor as Bang-er. So what does a city do when people just can't get it right? Clearly, you create an anthem.