Myanmar's Gaming Stars Face Barriers In Tough ESports Journey

Myanmar's eSports athletes must battle not only online opponents but also a creaky national infrastructure in their bid to make it in the ferociously competitive world of gaming. A relative newcomer to the fast-growing electronic sports scene, Myanmar sees eSports as a way of connecting to the outside world, a...
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Esports camp offers opportunities for students

Be Greater Than Average and Dr. Miles Harvey are hosting a summer camp for students interested in learning more about esports. The Explore More E-Sports camp will offer students STEM learning, develop positive relationships and strengthen self-regulation.
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Esports explained – what are they and how to get into competitive gaming

To say that esports have become a global phenomenom is an understatement. Broadcasts regularly reach large audiences on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube and prize pools have only been getting bigger in size as viewership increases. But what makes a game an “esport”?In short: esports is a catchall term that defines any videogame played at the highest level by professional players. But while there are some standout titles that are clearly popular for spectators, it can be quite a loose definition.After all, competitive gaming has been around since arcade machines included high scores and leaderboards and while its roots...

Cake DeFi Enters Into Esports With Competitive Gaming Platform FACEIT

FACEIT, the world’s leading platform for competitive online gaming, has today announced a multi-million dollar partnership with Cake DeFi, one of the world’s fastest-growing crypto fintech platforms, which allows users to earn cash flow from their crypto. Facilitated by Pivot Agency, the collaboration will provide Cake DeFi with...