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The Halloween Spirit Store Will Open Soon In San Angelo

Usually, I get the Halloween spirit when the first Fall chill hits the air. This year, I must be getting premature Halloween spirit, due to all the pumpkin spice in the air. Pumpkin spice, afterall, is the official flavor of the Fall season, the one everyone seems to go hysterical over. It is already showing up everywhere.
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Is Your West Texas Electric Bill Shocking? What’s Going On?

My latest electric bill was a shock. I know we're having a heatwave. I know we've had more consecutive days above 100 than at any time in history. I know all that. I expected my electric bill to be higher. I did not expect the surprise I got in the mail. How ironic when I opened the bill, I thought I was going to need the paddles. You know, the jolt of electricity that shocks your heart back into rhythm.

Texas Tech Football is Back to Dreaming Big in 2022

Exactly a year ago, there was broad conference realignment speculation in the Big 12, Texas Tech's media day featured a lot of returning starters and the new offensive coordinator returned home to his alma mater. Fast forward and it's all the same and so much different. This season, the conference...

Can Texas Property Owners Shoot Down a Drone Over Their Land?

Drones are everywhere. Some people use them to capture stunning landscape photography. The military is using them for a variety of purposes, some are still highly top secret. Journalists use them to photograph news events. They're used in sports to film the action. More and more businesses are even experimenting with drone deliveries.

Animals That You Just Don’t See Around Anymore

They call it "biodiversity". It means the variety of life in a particular habitat. Here in West Texas our grandparents often reminisce of days when animals roamed our land that no longer live here. Many others are still here but almost impossible to find. We have put together a list of animals that are far less abundant in our area, or almost impossible to find anymore below. Are there any that we should add to the list? Hit up our app or social media and let us know.

I Visited With Cody Canada About Fridays River Stage Show

Wild West Fest continues throughout this week with an awesome show at the River Stage Friday evening featuring the Turnpike Troubadours and opening bands William Beckmann and Cody Canada and The Departed whom I interviewed today!. Cody Canada is one of the most recognized names on the Texas/Red Dirt music...

How H-E-B’s Fast Scan Might Change Your Mind On Self Checkouts

I've already expressed my feelings about self checkouts. I don't like them all that much. Polls suggest the majority of shoppers don't like them either. Enter H-E-B. Our favorite Texas grocery store which recently ranked as the 2nd Best Grocery Store in America has a plan to change our mind about self-checkouts. So if anyone is going to come to the rescue, it is going to be Texas' H-E-B.

Jamie Lin Wilson Plays The House Of FiFi Dubois Thursday

Wild West Fest continues at the House of FiFi Dubois this Thursday, August 4th as Jamie Lin Wilson takes the stage!!. Jamie Lin Wilson will be performing live at FiFi's with her full band this Thursday as part of the week long Wild West Fest live music shows featuring some of the very best in Texas/Red Dirt music at venues all around San Angelo!

Watch the Restoration of a Haunted Texas Hotel on TikTok

Spooky, edifying, fascinating, funny and satisfying. Who could have thought one Tiktok account could do it all?. The Baker Hotel and Spa's TikTok page entertains on all these levels, while also documenting the resurrection of a beautiful and historical Texas landmark. Although the hotel's history dates back to 1929, we're invited to witness and participate in its journey into the future.

Is Dallas Cowboys’ TJ Vasher the Next Red Raider Star NFL WR?

TJ Vasher had a solid career at Texas Tech before moving on to the NFL as an undrafted free agent with Dallas Cowboys in 2021. Vasher spent his rookie season on the IR and practice squad for the Cowboys as he fought through some injuries. But just as was often the case during his time as a Red Raider, people can't stop talking about Vasher's insane potential.

Texan Accused of ‘Honor Killing’ His Daughters Faces Trial After 15 Years

Jury selection began Monday, August 1st for the trial of a man who allegedly murdered his 17 and 18-year-old daughters. Amina and Sarah Said were found shot to death in the back of an abandoned taxi cab in Irving, Texas in 2008. Yasar Abdel Said, a former taxi driver, had been a fugitive from the law for 12 years. It's suspected that he murdered his daughters in a so-called "honor" killing.

There Is A Form of Legal Marijuana in Texas, For Now

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in our neighboring state of New Mexico. There are many polls in Texas that show that interest in "high" here in Texas for some sort of legalization. In fact, a recent poll conducted by The Dallas Morning News and TheUniversity of Tyler finds that 60% of Texans support recreational legalization.