A few afternoon and evening showers left

Lots of clouds expected today with a couple showers around. Any showers will taper tonight and the dry weather will return Thursday. The temperature will increase as we head through the end of the week and into the weekend with 90s in some spots. While Saturday looks dry right now, a storm to our south […]
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Death Valley Flooding: NASA Satellite Images Show Before And After Storm

Flash floods at Death Valley National Park last week left about 1,000 people stranded, washed debris over roads, and buried cars. New images shared by NASA late Tuesday showed the before and after of the calamity. A complete shutdown of all roads into the park was ordered by authorities to...

New warning that collapse of Antarctica ‘sleeping giant’ could raise sea level more than 16ft

The collapse of Antarctica’s “sleeping giant” could cause planetary-scale change in the coming centuries, according to a new warning from scientists. If the climate crisis continues on its current trajectory, then melting of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) alone could contribute around 3-10 feet (1-3metres) of sea-level rise by 2300, and 7-16.4ft (2-5m) by 2500. The research, by an international team of scientists, was published on Wednesday in the academic journal Nature.The team points out that this potentially catastrophic outcome of global heating could be avoided if the world meets the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Nearly...

Arctic flights to shed light on sea ice and storms link

Scientists are flying research aircraft through the heart of Arctic storms this summer to better understand how weather systems are affecting polar sea ice. Arctic cyclones are the main type of hazardous weather that affect the polar environment during summer. They can impact sea ice movement and trigger rapid ice loss, effects which themselves influence the development of cyclones.

Study Shows Infectious Diseases Might Be Worsening Due to Climate Change

Climate change is making more than half of human pathogenic diseases even worse, according to a study published in the journal Nature. More than 200 known infectious diseases have been at some point aggravated by climate-related events like heat waves, rising sea levels, and wildfires. Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventative medicine at the department of health policy and professor of medicine for the division of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, joined Cheddar News to break the study down.

Debris from California Wildfire Causes Massive Fish Kill on the Klamath River

Heavy rain that flooded an area burned by California’s largest wildfire this year is being blamed for a major fish kill on the Klamath River. Biologists with the Karuk Tribe say thousands of suckerfish, salmon, and trout found floating belly up in the river Friday were most likely killed by a plume of debris that washed into the Klamath after three inches of rain fell on areas burned by the McKinney fire on Tuesday. The Tribe says that the storm flushed burned soil, rocks, and downed timber into the river.

GOP midterm hurricane gets downgraded

STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM — It’s hard to believe, given how poorly things have been going for Democrats this year. But the midterm election landscape is suddenly looking a lot less grim. Democrats recently inched ahead of Republicans on the generic ballot, a leading indicator of midterm performance....

Heavy rains collapse 10 historic buildings in Yemeni capital

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Heavy rains lashing Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, which dates back to ancient times, have in recent days collapsed 10 buildings in the Old City, the country’s Houthi rebels said Wednesday. At least 80 other buildings have been heavily damaged in the rains and are in need of urgent repairs, said the rebels, who have controlled Sanaa since the outbreak of Yemen’s civil war more than eight years ago. The Old City of Sanaa is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the area believed to have been inhabited for more than 2 millennia. Its architecture is unique, with foundations and first stories built of stone, and subsequent stories out of brick — deemed to be some of the world’s first high-rises. The buildings have red brick facades adorned with white gypsum molding in ornate patterns, drawings comparisons to gingerbread houses — a style that has come to symbolize Yemen’s capital. Many of the houses are still private homes and some are more than 500 years old.

Government has ‘no plan’ for ‘preventable’ drought that threatens wildfires and food supplies

The government has been accused of having no plan to deal with drought conditions that have seen record-breaking wildfires.Millions of people in southern England are subject to hosepipe bans, farmers are concerned about their crops and natural habitats are under pressure as months of dry weather push the country towards dwindling water supplies, with another heatwave on the horizon.It is only set to get worse, with the climate emergency expected to bring drier, hotter summers to the UK and, with them, the potential for more frequent droughts.“This crisis in our system was entirely predictable and the government should have...