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The cast of Grease: Where are they now?

It's been 44 years since Grease debuted in theaters. Catch up with your favorite members of the iconic cast after they flew off in a convertible into the sky. Since its release in June of 1978, the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Grease has remained an enduring fixture of pop culture. The highest grossing movie of the year, it also produced one of the best-selling albums of all-time; a 1982 sequel starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield; a live television event, Grease: Live!; and the upcoming Paramount+ spin-offs Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, and Summer Lovin'.

Brett Goldstein did 400 push-ups to get swole before his short Thor: Love and Thunder scene

He's here! He's there! He's every f---ing-where — even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ted Lasso fan favorite Brett Goldstein shocked fans when he popped up as Hercules in the post-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder. But no one was more shocked than Goldstein himself, who says when Marvel called him up about taking the role, the studio told him he had only two weeks to try to get buff to play the character.

Amanda Seyfried says she felt pressured into early career nude scenes: 'I wanted to keep my job'

If she could do it all over again, Amanda Seyfried would make some changes to her early career in Hollywood. The Emmy-nominated star of The Dropout started acting as a teenager in the late 1990s, starring in soaps As the World Turns and All My Children before getting her breakout role as Karen Smith in 2004's Mean Girls. While she emerged from the pre-#MeToo era "pretty unscathed," Seyfried reflected on some uncomfortable situations in a Porter cover story published Monday.

Meet the bombshells coming to Love Island USA for Casa Amor

It's Casa Amor time! The islanders of Peacock's Love Island USA season 4 have fallen in like, recoupled, and more in their attempt to find love, and now 12 new faces are coming in to shake things up. We'll see the islanders split up in groups of two, with one heading to the newly-built Casa Amor for 4 days of temptation. In addition to the bean bags, bed and villa trappings, this year's piece of paradise will have a private outdoor bed, and for a Love Island first: its own hideaway! Meet the dozen bombshells coming to tempt Isaiah, Deb, Timmy, and the other islanders.

Viggo Mortensen on heroism: 'You don't have to go save 13 people in a cave in Thailand to do the right thing'

Even as the actual event was unfolding, you knew the 2018 Thai cave rescue — a gripping real-life story of ingenuity and international cooperation with a happy ending — would become a Hollywood movie. But we should count ourselves lucky that the resulting film is Thirteen Lives, directed by a consummate pro, Ron Howard, and starring the flinty, always-interesting Viggo Mortensen as Richard "Rick" Stanton, the no-nonsense British cave diver who devised a daring plan that resulted in all lives being saved. We spoke with Mortensen, 63, about his attachment to the story, his preparation for the role, and his deeper thoughts about inspiration and heroism.

How Netflix's The Sandman brought the scariest issue of Neil Gaiman's comic to screen

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of Netflix's The Sandman, "24/7." The Sandman is not primarily a horror series. Over the course of 75 issues, writer Neil Gaiman used his protagonist — Morpheus, the king of dreams — to explore all manner of stories, from fairytales to historical fiction. But The Sandman did get very scary, especially in its early run. The sixth issue in particular might be the scariest horror comic ever published.

How the Bullet Train team made 'action inside a tube' exciting for 2 hours

David Leitch, director of the assassin thrill ride Bullet Train, knows that "making action inside a tube" exciting for two hours would be a challenge. By tube, he means his film's set: a series of distinct train cars for his cast of trained killers to play in. As a former stuntman for the likes of Brad Pitt (in Fight Club) and Keanu Reeves (in The Matrix), and now the filmmaker behind such action game-changers as John Wick and Atomic Blonde, Leitch was up for the challenge.

Bodies Bodies Bodies review: The kids are not alright

Horror movies can and do kill whoever they want to, but their primary food group has always been youth. (And their key audience, too; by the time you've lived a few decades, there seems to be less urgency to seek this stuff out — maybe because the threat of ordinary mortality has already become more than enough off-screen.)

Batgirl director shares photo of what's probably, definitely Michael Keaton's planned Batman return

Batgirl co-director Adil El Arbi is sharing a peek at what seems like what could've been if his DC superhero movie hadn't been abruptly scrapped. After starring in 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Returns, Michael Keaton had again been cast as the Dark Knight in a new film featuring Leslie Grace as the titular heroine. Now, Arbi has revealed an image of what that meeting would have looked like on screen.