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Concord Restaurant, Bar Patrons Divided Over Vaccine Mandate

CONCORD (KPIX) — Friday night in downtown Concord and the vaccine mandate is in effect for indoor dining, bars and gyms. Many restaurants feared the mandate, concerned that business would take a dive if customers were required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. It wasn’t a typical weekend evening at Lima Restaurant. The indoor dining room hasn’t been this empty since the pandemic began. “It’s Friday, seven- seven-thirty p.m. Usually we’re packed but people are coming out less,” said John Marquez, chef and owner of Lima who said his business has endured enough and won’t comply with the...
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5 restaurants you should try for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic food is known for its variety of dishes and flavors. From pan dulce to pupusas, it truly does have something for everyone. However, when living in the Bay Area with a wide array of local businesses, the question is no longer where to get food, but where to get food first. To help answer this question, I have a list of recommendations from the Berkeley community of local Hispanic restaurants to try before Hispanic Heritage Month is over.
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Why San Francisco won't let a taqueria expand to North Beach

SAN FRANCISCO - A popular taqueria in San Francisco's Mission District will not be allowed to open a new location in North Beach. The proposed Grant Street location would be El Farolito's 12th taqueria in the city, which is a violation of San Francisco's ban on chains. Some El Farolito...

One year in, Oakland’s Horn Barbecue is an undeniable success

It’s not news that Oakland’s Horn Barbecue is thriving. Since it opened in the fall of 2020, multitudes of customers have lined up daily for Matt Horn’s succulent, smoked meats. Its success was confirmed by folks far outside Oakland, too, as just months after opening Horn was honored as a Michelin Guide “new discovery,” which includes a coveted slot in the influential company’s California guide. By its first summer in business, Horn Barbecue was described by the New York Times as “its very own unmistakable and unconfined style of California barbecue,” and just a few days after he spoke with Nosh for this story, he was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs for 2021. Even for these challenging times, it’s been a wild year.

Downtown San Diego's Huntress Steakhouse In Hot Seat After Denying Entry To Woman Wearing San Francisco Giants Jersey

Downtown San Diego's Huntress Steakhouse is receiving criticism on social media after allegations that they denied entry to a woman in a San Francisco Giant's jersey. "I’m struggling with something and hope someone can shed some light," reads a Facebook post by cookbook author, cooking class host and creator of Dink Cuisine, Alicia Shevetone. "I'm on business travel in San Diego and was denied entry to a restaurant I was really excited about visiting, as they opened after we moved to Vegas. I was denied entry because of their 'no jersey' policy. I approached their host stand in a San Francisco Giants jersey, in support of my home team. I felt judged, discounted, and was downright offended. And let me be clear - I lived in San Diego for 10 years and had never been banned from ANYWHERE. Keep in mind - this is the Gaslamp. Bars. Drinks. Leisure. America’s Finest City. BASEBALL. I have to ask…. What happened? I wasn’t wearing gang colors. I’m a 50-year-old woman who wanted nothing more than to spend money at an establishment, while wearing clothes I’d wear anywhere else, in a town that gets by on little more than flip flops and t-shirts. Yet, I’m banned? Help me out. BTW, the establishment is Huntress. Not. A. Fan."

Oakland's Landmark Burger

Even as its thriving dining scene continues 
to expand outward, one of Oakland’s central landmarks has proved stubbornly resistant to revitalization. Omri Aflalo hopes to flip that script with Tribune, the latest concept to 
attempt to fill the expansive ground-floor space of the city’s iconic Tribune Tower. Aflalo brings serious...

Pleasanton's Greek Treat

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect upon entering Elia, the new Mediterranean restaurant that’s landed in the heart of downtown Pleasanton. Something dark, rustic, and Italian was likely in the back of my mind, considering that the city’s Main Street has historically been dominated by traditional eateries catering to the pasta-and-pizza crowd—numbering upward of 10 at last count.
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Restaurant employees are essential workers yet often denied basic needs

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant workers have faced unemployment, low wages and abuse from customers and employers. However, these issues affected workers before the pandemic and continue to affect restaurant workers, who disproportionately suffer from poverty, abuse and harassment. The restaurant industry is currently experiencing a large labor shortage. According...
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New San Jose bar aims for good drinks without all the fuss

Cache Bouren knows a lot about craft cocktails, leaning into the concept when he opened Singlebarrel — now called Haberdasher — in San Jose’s SoFA District in 2010. But Cash Only, the new downtown bar he opened with a few partners this week, is about as far away from the stereotypical craft cocktail lounge as you can get.
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Free El Farolito! San Francisco’s North Beach burrito ban must not stand

In a city known for its liberal attitude toward drugs, sex and nearly everything else, San Francisco bureaucrats have finally found an addictive menace worth banning: El Farolito burritos. On Thursday, the San Francisco Department of Planning announced that El Farolito, the beloved Mission District institution known as home of...