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8 Bay Area farmers markets that are totally worth the drive

You’re devoted to your nearby farmers market, dashing over there every week. But what lies beyond? Farmers you’ve never met, fruit and vegetable varietals you’ve never tried, artisans and producers selling tempting goodies you’ll want to nibble. We hit the Bay Area’s far-flung market scene and found a number of...
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Concord Restaurant, Bar Patrons Divided Over Vaccine Mandate

CONCORD (KPIX) — Friday night in downtown Concord and the vaccine mandate is in effect for indoor dining, bars and gyms. Many restaurants feared the mandate, concerned that business would take a dive if customers were required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. It wasn’t a typical weekend evening at Lima Restaurant. The indoor dining room hasn’t been this empty since the pandemic began. “It’s Friday, seven- seven-thirty p.m. Usually we’re packed but people are coming out less,” said John Marquez, chef and owner of Lima who said his business has endured enough and won’t comply with the...
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JAPANESE Tea Garden | Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA

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JAPANESE Tea Garden | Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA. In this video, i did a little travel vlog to Northern California. My family and i did a little road trip from Orange County to San Francisco during Labor Day weekend. We visited Japanese Tea Garden and Golden Gate Park. I highly recommend visiting those 2 places if you’re going to San Francisco. Japanese Tea Garden is really one of a kind. It's such a magical place. And by the way, Japanese Tea Garden was originally built in 1894 (fun fact). Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed watching this vlog, please don’t forget to support me by clicking that LIKE & FOLLOW button. #LetsGetIt

Who's going gluten free and why?

Mother, Child Die After Fall From Peto Park Third Level. Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home. Dog the Bounty Hunter shows up at Brian Laundrie's family home, knocks on door. Afghan family arrives to the Bay Area. At least 3 dead, multiple injured...

How Shuei-Do Manju Shop in San José Inspires a Cult Following With Its Soft, Pillowy Mochi

Read more from The California Report Magazine's 'Hidden Gems' series. To be honest, The Shuei-Do Manju Shop is not quite a hidden gem. It was established in 1953, and word has been out for almost 70 years now. But hidden or not, it's certainly a gem — There’s almost always a line at this little shop on Jackson Street, the main drag in San José’s Japantown.

Downtown San Diego's Huntress Steakhouse In Hot Seat After Denying Entry To Woman Wearing San Francisco Giants Jersey

Downtown San Diego's Huntress Steakhouse is receiving criticism on social media after allegations that they denied entry to a woman in a San Francisco Giant's jersey. "I’m struggling with something and hope someone can shed some light," reads a Facebook post by cookbook author, cooking class host and creator of Dink Cuisine, Alicia Shevetone. "I'm on business travel in San Diego and was denied entry to a restaurant I was really excited about visiting, as they opened after we moved to Vegas. I was denied entry because of their 'no jersey' policy. I approached their host stand in a San Francisco Giants jersey, in support of my home team. I felt judged, discounted, and was downright offended. And let me be clear - I lived in San Diego for 10 years and had never been banned from ANYWHERE. Keep in mind - this is the Gaslamp. Bars. Drinks. Leisure. America’s Finest City. BASEBALL. I have to ask…. What happened? I wasn’t wearing gang colors. I’m a 50-year-old woman who wanted nothing more than to spend money at an establishment, while wearing clothes I’d wear anywhere else, in a town that gets by on little more than flip flops and t-shirts. Yet, I’m banned? Help me out. BTW, the establishment is Huntress. Not. A. Fan."

The Zenis & The Finocchios

One of my longtime favorite friends is Len Finocchio, who besides being a bigshot health expert with a doctorate in public health is a former chef, father to a young son, jazz aficionado, wandering hiker and biker, skilled photographer and much more. I knew a bit about his fabled family history in San Francisco but a couple of times he mentioned going to visit his father’s grave in Mendocino County, so I finally asked him for more details on why and where. When he said the grave was in the Anderson Valley I proposed a little interview, which he somewhat reluctantly agreed to, not only as he’s such a busy guy but because he figured the details of this long relationship might be overly fuzzy for such a meticulous, data-oriented professional. But I convinced him this was just a casual chat for the AVA, so here it is.

Whats to Eat: Boudin Bakery

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca (WFRV) – When you think of San Francisco, you think of the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay, the 49ers, the Giants, crab, Alcatraz, the list goes on and on. Another staple of this west coast city is sourdough bread. If you haven’t been to Boudin Bakery, you...

Why San Francisco won't let a taqueria expand to North Beach

SAN FRANCISCO - A popular taqueria in San Francisco's Mission District will not be allowed to open a new location in North Beach. The proposed Grant Street location would be El Farolito's 12th taqueria in the city, which is a violation of San Francisco's ban on chains. Some El Farolito...

One year in, Oakland’s Horn Barbecue is an undeniable success

It’s not news that Oakland’s Horn Barbecue is thriving. Since it opened in the fall of 2020, multitudes of customers have lined up daily for Matt Horn’s succulent, smoked meats. Its success was confirmed by folks far outside Oakland, too, as just months after opening Horn was honored as a Michelin Guide “new discovery,” which includes a coveted slot in the influential company’s California guide. By its first summer in business, Horn Barbecue was described by the New York Times as “its very own unmistakable and unconfined style of California barbecue,” and just a few days after he spoke with Nosh for this story, he was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs for 2021. Even for these challenging times, it’s been a wild year.

San Francisco's Chain Store Restrictions Targeted Starbucks. They're Now Screwing Over a Local Burrito Joint.

Well, that's a wrap. San Francisco's restrictions on chain stores will stop a local burrito business from opening another location unless it makes sufficient changes to its signs, menus, or other branding materials. On Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the city's Planning Department had ruled that El Farolito—which...