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Tesla Fremont Factory is in full throttle in Q3’s final stretch

The end of the third quarter is coming, and Tesla’s electric vehicle factories are at full throttle. This includes the Fremont Factory, which is filled with vehicles that are ready to be delivered to customers. Flyovers of the Fremont Factory in recent days indicated that vehicle production is in...

Is EV charging at night bad for the grid? Stanford researchers think so

Stanford researchers claim that EV charging at night destabilizes the grid and generates more carbon emissions than charging during the day. EV owners know that one of the most significant benefits to owning an electric vehicle is that you can charge it at night and be fully charged the following day, hardly ever having to worry about finding a charging location or scheduling it into your day or week. However, as an article from Study Finds points out, Stanford researchers claim that this practice may be destabilizing for the grid as a whole and may result in increased carbon emissions.

Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go, Stanford study finds

The vast majority of electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home in the evening or overnight. We’re doing it wrong, according to a new Stanford study. In March, the research team published a paper on a model they created for charging demand that can be applied to an array of populations and other factors. In the new study, published Sept. 22 in Nature Energy, they applied their model to the whole of the western United States and examined the stress the region’s electric grid will come under by 2035 from growing EV ownership. In a little over a decade, they found, rapid EV growth alone could increase peak electricity demand by up to 25 percent, assuming a continued dominance of residential, nighttime charging.

The New 2023 Hyundai ELANTRA is Now Available at San Leandro Hyundai

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (PRWEB) September 26, 2022. San Leandro Hyundai is excited to announce that the all-new 2023 Hyundai ELANTRA is now available at the dealership. With its sleek new design, advanced safety features and fuel-efficient powertrain, the ELANTRA is sure to turn heads on the road. Customers looking for a bold and techy compact car can visit the dealership's website to check its features and specifications.
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The Great Pacific Road Trip: Part 4

The last time we saw the 1975 Ford was when your author dropped it off at the shipping office in Oakland. Readers can review the previous installments of the trip up through California, the prep of the car, and the purchase and arrangements of the trip elsewhere on this blog by following the links.

Tesla owners start receiving AI Day 2022 invites

It appears that Tesla has started to send out AI Day 2022 invites. Images of the invitations were recently shared online. As per the AI Day 2022 invite, the event would allow attendees to learn about some of Tesla’s most important endeavors. These include artificial intelligence, Full Self-Driving, the Dojo supercomputer, and the humanoid Tesla Bot or Optimus, among others.