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3 Places To Get Italian Food in Ohio

Are you looking for delicious Italian food in Ohio?. If the answer is yes, you should check out these local restaurants (this list is by no means comprehensive!). If you find yourself in northeast Ohio, you should visit this restaurant, which has been serving delicious Italian food for more than 100 years. When you try some of their food, you'll see why the restaurant has managed to stick around for so long. Customer favorites include the excellent lasagna, which is made from a decades-old recipe; chicken piccata, which has a white wine sauce, roasted red peppers, lemons, and capers; and manicotti, which features rolled pasta filled with seasoned ricotta and covered in marinara sauce. You should also check out the Italian wedding soup and bruschetta. If you have room for dessert, patrons recommend the tiramisu.

Unusual Facts about Cleveland You Never Knew

Cleveland, Ohio may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking of American landmarks and historical sites, but this Midwestern metropolis has a rich and fascinating history. From its early days as a center of industry and transportation to its more recent role as a cultural hub, Cleveland has played an important role in shaping the country's past and present.

4 Amazing Burger Places in Ohio

If you live in Ohio and you love eating burgers, here is a list of four amazing restaurants in Ohio that are highly praised for their food and service, so if you have never been to any of them definitely check them out.

4 Places To Get Fish Fry in the Cleveland Area

If you're in Greater Cleveland, you should check out these local restaurants (this list is by no means exhaustive!). If you're on the westside, you should visit this place in Berea. Their fish fry dinner consists of 4 fresh pieces of fried yellow lake perch covered with a light breading, coleslaw, and your choice of a side salad or soup (patrons especially enjoy the restaurant's clam chowder). They also offer perch tacos on soft shells with cilantro, ranch dressing, and lettuce.

"Cleveland Residents on High Alert: String of Car Thefts and Break-Ins Caught on Camera"

" Break-Ins in Cleveland Neighborhood" Residents of Cleveland are on high alert after a string of car thefts and break-ins occurred in the early hours of the morning on January 18th. One homeowner said as he called the police He's moving carefully around the vehicle, looking for something, his other hand is in the pocket. The hoodie he is wearing is large and covers most of his body, making it hard to discern any other distinguishing features. who wishes to remain anonymous, was able to capture footage of the suspects on his home security camera.

3 Places To Get German Food in Ohio

If the answer is yes, you should visit these local restaurants in Ohio (this list is not at all comprehensive!). If you're a fan of German food and beers, you should check out this place in northeast Ohio. Customers highly recommend their schnitzel. You can't go wrong with the original pork schnitzel, which is delicious enough by itself. Patrons also enjoy the jagerschnitzel, which features pork schnitzel covered in mushrooms and gravy. You should also check out the sausage platter (which includes German and Slovenian sausage plus sauerkraut) and hackbraten (German-style meatloaf). If you have room for dessert, check out their homemade strudel and palacinka, which is a crepe-like dessert. You can get the palacinka filled with apricot marmalade and whipped cream or a chocolate palacinka with chopped walnuts and whipped cream.

District 4 Maple Heights Councilwoman Dana Anderson Alerts Residents of Anonymous Letter: Beware of Unwanted Solicitors

Letter Circulating to Maple Heights District Four Residents. Maple Heights, OH - Maple Heights Councilwoman Dana D. Anderson of District 4 is alerting residents of an anonymous letter circulating throughout District Four. Several residents in Anderson's district have reported a letter from a person named Ryan asking for their email addresses. Residents claim that they do not know the person. The letter found on the doors of residents' homes does not have a phone number listed on the letter.

Driver Flee from Police and Crashes into a Tree

Cleveland, OH - Friday evening, a Cleveland woman came home and found her driveway blocked by unmarked police cars, flashing lights, and a tow truck. "I received a call from several neighbors asking if I was home. They told me that the police had my driveway blocked and that the police were looking for the person driving the vehicle," said Ms. G Henderson.

4 Places To Get Fried Chicken in Ohio

If the answer is yes and you're in Ohio, you should consider visiting these local joints (this list is by no means comprehensive!). If you find yourself in northeast Ohio, you should check out this restaurant, which is a local favorite. Customers have raved about their chicken and waffles. The chicken is a juicy and crispy breast or thigh; and the waffles are flavored with rosemary, topped with powdered sugar, and served with Ohio maple syrup on the side. They also have delicious chicken sandwiches. If you like spice, check out their Nashville chicken sandwich, which comes with spicy schmaltz, pimento cheese, coleslaw, grilled pickles, and remoulade. If you don't care for spice, you can't go wrong with their Louisville sandwich, which has American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Duke's mayo.

3 Places To Get Chinese Food in Ohio

If you're in Ohio, you should check out these local restaurants (this list is by no means exhaustive!). If you're in central Ohio and looking for Chinese food, you should check out this family-owned restaurant. To start, customers recommend the spicy potato salad. As for entrees, you can't go wrong with the twice cooked fish (the fish is crispy and comes with plenty of spice), spicy pork with cilantro, and spicy fried chicken, which features popcorn chicken, chili oil, and plenty of hot peppers. They also have delicious salt and pepper tofu, spicy beef noodle soup, and cumin fried tofu. The restaurant also offers Chinese-American staples such as egg rolls, General Tso's chicken, and lo mein.

3 Bakeries To Check Out in the Cleveland Area

If you're in Greater Cleveland, you should visit these local bakeries (this list is by no means comprehensive!). If you're looking for a fantastic loaf of bread, you should check out this bakery on the eastside. Their breads are preservative-free and baked fresh every day with all natural ingredients. One of their most popular breads is their multigrain bread, which is made with whole wheat flour, sunflower kernels, sesame seeds, flax seeds, oat groats, and honey. You should also check out their Pugliese bread, which has a thick crust, is chewy on the inside, and is great for dipping into soups. If you prefer something sweet, they have a great selection of croissants, which are also baked fresh and in house.