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Ken Jennings Reveals 'Jeopardy's' Flawed Prize System - Winners Really Lose

Jeopardy is often in the news because of a returning champion who has already banked over six-figures due to their multiple appearances on the show, but not every winner is a big one. Because of the way the game show is set up, the victor might not take home that much cash at all. In fact, former champion and current temporary host Ken Jennings just revealed that in some cases, the winner will get less than a runner-up.
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Cryptic Tweets Hint At 'Jeopardy' Champ Buzzy Cohen Replacing Mayim Bialik

Jeopardy has been without a permanent host since Alex Trebek sadly passed away in 2020. Trebek stood behind the iconic game show's podium for 37 years. Following his death, someone new had to take on the hosting duties. After a slew of celebrity guest hosts, Executive Producer Michael Richards was chosen to take over, but very soon after, he stepped down due to previous controversial comments he made. Since then, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been sharing the responsibilities, and while many fans appreciate the job they are doing, some have taken issue with Mayim.
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Doctor Shares Life-Changing Technique For Clearing A Stuffy Nose In Seconds

One of the worst parts about having a cold is the stuffiness. The airways in your nose are frustratingly blocked and your head throbs from all the pressure on your sinus cavities. While nose sprays and decongestants might offer you relief, you have to wait for them to work and sometimes they don't. Well, even though it is summer, colds still happen, and one doctor is sharing his method to clear out clogged sinuses and nostrils in mere seconds.

Boys Born To Twin Sisters Are Both Cousins And Brothers

Twins have some unique qualities - in fact twin siblings even believe they have telepathic abilities with their brother or sister. Because twins have such a special connection that only other sets of twins can truly understand, it isn't rare for sets of twins to wind up dating other sets of twins. That's what happened for identical twins Brittany and Briana, who married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers. The two couples then wound up both having babies within months of one another - and those babies have a very strange distinction.

'Alien Arms' Seen On Mars By NASA Rover

For nearly a decade, or as NASA says, 3508 sols, the space agency's Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars. During that time, Curiosity and its fellow rover, Perseverance, have spotted all sorts of things on the Red Planet. While they've observed plenty of rocks and dust, they've also encountered some stranger items, like an "alien boot," metallic wreckage, a flying UFO, a mysterious doorway, and what looks like an alien. Now, Curiosity has sent back some of its weirdest pictures yet, and the photos seem to show alien arms reaching out of the ground.

Mayim Bialik's Big Mistake On 'Jeopardy' Causes Producers To Intervene

Mayim Bialik has really been under the microscope during her time filling in as host of Jeopardy. It seems like just about everything the actress does winds up getting criticized by some fans of the game show. Well what went down on Monday's episode of the iconic program not only upset Bialik's passionate haters, but even viewers who are okay with her behind the podium.

The Stanley Cup Visits Elvis Duran And The Morning Show

The Stanley Cup came to visit Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in the studio today!. The iconic hockey trophy began as a bowl in 1892 and it has grown from there. The bans close to the bowl are permanent but the lower rings get changed every 13 years. Certain winners will be on the cup 60 years before it getting switched out. The Stanley Cup weighs 35 pounds and you are only allowed to lift the cup over your head if your name is on it.
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NYC Apartment With Bathroom In Building's Hallway Still Costs $2400

Looking for apartments in New York City, is a pain right now. Rent prices are way up and everyone is looking!. While on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show I mentioned how while looking for apartments on Street Easy and reaching out to get tours, one apartment that looked somewhat nice online, in my price range caught my eye. The apartment location is on the Upper East Side. When I reached out, the realtor sent me a link for what the actual apartment looked like and included that the toilet was in the HALLWAY of the building. Private and just yours but still in the hallway!

Ava Max Opens Up About Writing Her Most Personal Songs Yet

Ava Max joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday to talk all about her new songs and working with Tiesto on their hit new song “The Motto.”. “Everything I knew was gone last year and I had to regain my strength,” Max tells Elvis Duran Friday morning. The ‘Kings & Queens’ singer says “No one knew this, but I was in a very long relationship. No one knew anything about my personal life but now it’s different. Max just released her new song “Maybe You’re The Problem,” which she says is the first time she is really opening her personal life up to her fans.