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Conrad Weiser East raises $14,000-plus for nonprofit, tops in Berks

Jodi Helm, physical education teacher, and Melissa Rhoads, principal of Conrad Weiser East Elementary School, accepted the Heart of Gold award from the American Heart Association in early June. East Elementary was the top fundraising school in Berks County, raising $14,712 for the Kids Heart Challenge/American Heart Challenge event, according...
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County Park in Marple Invests in No One But Us

The 213-acre Don Guanella footprint, according to Google Maps. It may seem like a strange time to preserve a huge track of open land when new home construction could aid Delaware County’s housing shortage. But sometimes it’s necessary to look out for the long-term community good, writes Maria Panaritis for...
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FOX 29: Noise-Reduction Initiative Has West Chester on a Push to Shush

Noise violators could face a hefty fine of $1,000 in West Chester for blaring music or revving engines, reports Kelly Rule for FOX 29. Mayor Jordan Norley and Police Chief James Morehead started the initiative in mid-April. They teamed up for a plan called “Operation Quiet Downtown.” To notify drivers of the new rules, signs posted in the borough announce a “zero tolerance for loud mufflers, stereos, motorcycles.”
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Douglassville (PA) Weather Channel

Sun forecast for Douglassville — 3 ways to hit it head-on

(DOUGLASSVILLE, PA) The forecast is calling for sun today in Douglassville. Here are three ideas for how to make the most of it, along with a four-day forecast. Have a picnic: Especially in the era of COVID-19 restrictions, a novel way to safely engage in the beloved pastime of a shared meal can be hard to find. Why not get creative and meet a friend somewhere pretty with a basketful of snacks and a blanket? Risk levels should always be taken into account along with advice from health authorities on gathering sizes.