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Law enforcement plays vital role in emergency response

Law enforcement officers do much more than arrest bad guys. That is only a piece of the public safety puzzle that comes with putting on that uniform every day. When disaster strikes, it is often those in law enforcement who are the first on scene and — in conjunction with other emergency responders such as firefighters and EMTs — work to ensure those impacted can get to safety, or receive any necessary medical attention. ...
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Watch Aftermath Of A Flood That Hammered A Small Town In Minnesota

A small town in Minnesota got hit with severe thunderstorms and rain as flooding completely hammered the town. The flooding happened in the small town of Randall, Minnesota. The town has a population of about 600 and a slogan that says "Little city with a big heart". The last time a flood happened in this town was back in 1972. Residents reported that the small town received over 13 inches of rain in a single day back then, however official precipitation data does not exist for it.

Man sentenced 52 years ago for northern Iowa crimes has died in prison

FORT MADISON — A man sent to prison for his involvement in a 1969 crime spree in northern Iowa has died in the Iowa State Penitentiary. According to Iowa court records, Elvin Gilroy was one of four men who broke out of a jail in St. Cloud, Minnesota in June of 1969. They stole a county car, ditched that vehicle and stole another car. They made their way south and robbed a grocery store in Spirit Lake, a filling station in Emmetsburg and the Fareway Store in Algona. Melvin Bay, the store manager in Algona, was shot during the robbery. He died ten days later.

Randall looks forward as floodwaters recede

By Monday afternoon, the floodwaters in Randall had dropped considerably from where they were Friday, June 24. That morning, after the city and surrounding area received between 8 - 12 inches of rain in a matter of only a few hours, flash flooding caused major damage. About 30 homes had to be evacuated due to unsafe water levels. Those same residences and at least one business sustained heavy damage. “Things...

Bernick Family Foundation Accepting Grant Applications

ST. CLOUD -- The Bernick Family Foundation is accepting grant applications. The Bernick Family Foundation will award grants from $5,000 to $40,000 to organizations that support youth, either by building career skills or supporting activities that address active lifestyles and well-being. Applicants must be 501(c) (3) nonprofits, schools, or government...

Ask the Expert: What are floaters? Are they anything to worry about?

Answers provided by Dr. Mitchell Gossman, M.D., ophthalmologist at Eye Associates of Central Minnesota, St. Cloud. What are floaters? Are they anything to be worried about?. Floaters are shadows, spots, and strings that you might see from one or both eyes. It is often best seen by you against a uniformly colored background such as a painted wall or blue sky. It is caused by a degeneration in the “vitreous body” of the eye. The eye is much like a camera because it has the cornea and lens in the front of the eye that collect and focus light. This image is projected onto the retina in the back of the eye which is much like the film or sensor of a camera that detects the image and delivers it to either your computer or, in the case of your eye, to your brain. In a camera, there’s nothing but air between its lens and the film/sensor.