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Kingston woman charged with endangering welfare of child

ROSENDALE – Ulster County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Kingston woman following a report of a physical dispute at an address on Creek Locks Road in the Town of Rosendale at around 2 a.m. on Saturday, June 25. It is alleged that Esther Minter, 35, was involved in...
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Newburgh man arrested in Kingston on weapons charges

KINGSTON – The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 37-year-old Newburgh man following a traffic stop in the Kingston Plaza in the City of Kingston. Jermaine Williams, who was pulled over at around 8 a.m. on June 21, was found in possession of a metal knuckle knife, an illegal loaded semi-automatic handgun and a forged license plate on the vehicle.

Iconic Woodstock Restaurant Reopens and it Looks Amazing

Those of us that have been around the Hudson Valley for a while, especially the Ulster County area, remember the Little Bear Restaurant in Woodstock. I remember going to the Little Bear for the first time in the 1980s. My friend Keith took me there and made me try the cold sesame noodles. They were delicious, as was the rest of the meal.

Warning: Dangerous Plant Causes Burns in the Hudson Valley

For the most part, it's everyone's favorite season. It seems that we all are a little happier, spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warm weather. With the summer months comes a variety of fun things to do while outdoors. We can enjoy all of the local lakes and bodies of water in our area, walk, bike, or hike along trails and even explore places that we haven't had the chance to see before.

Stunning New Brewery Open in Tivoli, NY

A brand new brewery has finally opened in Tivoli, NY. We first reported about a one-of-a-kind brewery opening soon in Columbia County back in April. According to the Red Hook Daily Catch, Lasting Joy Brewery opened its doors over the weekend just in time for Fathers Day and the village of Tivoli's 150th-anniversary celebration.

Get Inspired: White Marble Bathroom with a Vintage Twist

White marble bathrooms are the go-to for modern designs. The clean lines and natural color palette make any space look timeless. This bathroom has a vintage twist that gives it a fresh look. Interior design firm, Zio and Sons, transformed a compact Catskill bathroom into a modern luxurious primary bath. It features a large shower with marble subway tiles that have grey veining. They accessorized the space with gold fixtures to add some glamour. It was important that they maintained the charm of the Catskills with a modern facelift.

Windham Is About to Become the Ultimate Upstate Getaway of the Summer

Located in the Northern Catskills, Windham has long been a destination for skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts unfazed by freezing temperatures and an overabundance of snow. Thanks to its wealth of lodging options and trails, it’s become known as “the gem of the Catskills.” It’s scenic, family-friendly and highly accessible — the American Alps, if you will.

Once chilled, must a wine stay chilled? Is it ruined if it warms up again?

Hello there! I'm Dr. Vinifera, but you can call me Vinny. Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the fine points of etiquette to the science of winemaking. And don't worry, I'm no wine snob—you can also ask me those "dumb questions" you're too embarrased to ask your wine geek friends! I hope you find my answers educational, empowering and even amusing. And don't forget to check out my most asked questions and my full archives for all my Q&A classics.

Repair Cafe comes back to Kingston New York for free

The Repair Cafe will be held here in July.Google Street View, October 2019. Broken electronics and little knick-knacks often clutter up a home and make it hard to get any work done. So often we decide to throw these things out or make room for the new stuff. But it turns out that you don't have to. Since 2009, there have been events all over the world that want to help you get these machines fixed for you and at zero cost.