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The Best Southern Restaurants in St. Louis

St. Louis is a vibrant, lively city with a lot of amazing restaurants and bars. One of the best things about our fair metropolis is that from high to low, from bohemian to bourgeois, we have an excellent variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from.
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The Coffeeshops In St. Louis You Must Try

Coffee lovers, this is for you. The best of the best in St. Louis. There are some fantastic coffee shops in town and I'm excited to share with you these amazing locations. Blueprint Coffee is a coffee bar and specialty roaster that focuses on making great coffee from the very start. Blueprint Coffee consists of three different locations in St. Louis with different names. The Delmar Coffee bar is on Delmar Avenue, the Watson Coffee Bar is on Watson Road and the High Low Coffee Bar is on Washington Blvd. There are new coffee blends introduced all the time and even a pay-as-you-go subscription where you can have coffee sent right to your home.
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County seeks new cafeteria operator

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County officials are looking for a new restaurant operator for its cafeteria space in the administration building. Challenge Unlimited, which has operated in the space for the past four years, opted not to renew its lease. Its space will become vacant as of Friday. The county will...
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Council lays groundwork for possible downtown Wood River pizza place

The Wood River City Council on Monday approved an ordinance vacating part of an alley, with a possible future restaurant in mind. The ordinance combines five city-owned lots at the southeast corner of Lorena and Wood River avenues into one lot, and it cuts off the alley so it doesn’t continue onto Wood River Avenue. Mayor Tom Stalcup tells the Big Z a developer is talking about putting in a wood-fired pizza parlor in a building under renovation on Wood River Avenue.
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Columbia's Sugarwitch is bringing its creative ice cream sandwiches to St. Louis this summer

One city's loss is another one's gain. In this case, we're talking about delicious ice cream sandwiches. Sugarwitch, owned by married duo Martha Bass and Sophie Mendelson, has officially moved from Columbia, Missouri, to St. Louis, just in time for peak ice cream season. Starting July 3, you'll be able to get Sugarwitch ice cream sandwiches at its pop-up shop inside the Kabine One Airstream trailer parked on the patio of Ben Poremba's Olio.
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Protzel's Delicatessen is a St. Louis landmark

It’s not easy to get your name on the menu at Protzel’s Delicatessen. Many have tried, few have succeeded. Since the deli opened in 1954 under the ownership of Bob and Evelyn Protzel, the list of offerings has remained almost exactly the same. “The only thing that has really changed on the menu is that specialty sandwiches have gotten added,” explained Max Protzel, grandson of the original owners and co-owner alongside his sister, Erica Kliethermes. “What’s fun about that is that all of the specialty sandwiches are named after some customers of the deli, so there’s meaning behind it.” In fact, nearly all of the special sandwiches are named for customers who have earned their place among the classics, and Protzel loves telling their stories.
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Vaccinated customers will get a free bagel from St. Louis Bread Co.

ST. LOUIS ( – Starting next Friday, St. Louis Bread Co. will be giving free bagels to vaccinated customers daily. Those who are vaccinated can come to any location from July 2-4 to get one of their choice. The spreads are not included in the promotion, which is in support of the White House’s National Month of Action campaign.
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Kimchi Guys will open a second store near Wash U. in July

The following article appeared in the June 2021 issue of St. Louis Magazine. Under different circumstances, Kimchi Guys, the Korean fried chicken joint on Laclede’s Landing, would never have hatched. When part of the five-story south wall of The Cutlery building collapsed in 2015, owner Munsok So chose to rebuild—rather than abandon—the historic 1860s-era building. Part of the renovation included Kimchi Guys, So’s paean to the sweet, spicy, and super-crunchy chicken style that’s popular in Korea. “There are 50,000 chicken shacks in South Korea now,” he says. “I thought it was time St. Louis had at least one.” Despite a lack of foot traffic and the pandemic notwithstanding, Kimchi Guys’ sales doubled and then tripled, opening the door to a second location, slated to début in late July in a corner bay at 282 N. Skinker Avenue, near Washington University. The menu will be similar to the flagship: chicken pieces are marinated for 12 hours and then fried at two temperatures, resulting in what So describes as a “shatter-crust.” Four sauces and four kinds of kimchi are offered, including white radish, the Korean version of coleslaw. Sandwiches and bowls (especially the Bibimbap), and the Korean-Mexican dishes (such as the “Korrito”), are big sellers as well. The only menu additions planned are more varieties of kimchi and pork belly soup (since soup is part of nearly every meal in Korea, according to So). Part of the reason that Kimchi Guys’ products stand out is the use of Korean specialties in the prep: gochujang (red pepper paste), gochugaru (pepper flakes), fish sauce, sesame oil, and oligo (sweet rice) syrup. Although the restaurant seats 45, a pickup window was installed to handle what will likely be the bulk of the business. Drinks include fountain Excel sodas, craft beers, and soju, the low-alcohol, distilled spirit “that no one knows much about,” according to So. “I’d like to do something about that, too,” he says.
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County needs new operator for its cafeteria space

Madison County officials are looking to find a new restaurant to operate its cafeteria space that will become vacant as of Friday. “We found out the current tenant will not be renewing their lease,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. Challenge Unlimited, which has operated in the space the past four years,opted...
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Reckoning With the Legacy of JJ's Clubhouse

On June 2, 2017, I shakily made my way over the rough rock driveway, up the cement stairs into JJ's Clubhouse (not without being rudely stopped by the doorman so he could search me while letting men pass by effortlessly). This was the first time I would try to go into the leather bar, as I'd heard so many horror stories from queer women about the place over the years. The bar famously refused to let women in the bar at all, even kicking out some men for looking too "feminine." When they eventually started letting women in, they had to be escorted in by a man and often patrons would block women from using bathrooms so they'd have to leave the bar completely.