University discriminated against anxious student who killed herself – judge

The University of Bristol discriminated against a physics student who took her own life before an oral exam after suffering from crippling anxiety, a senior judge has found.“Hard-working and high-achieving” Natasha Abrahart, 20, was found dead in her flat in April 2018, the day before she was due to take part in a group presentation in a 329-seat lecture theatre.The university has been ordered to pay Ms Abrahart’s parents £50,000 in damages for failing to accommodate her mental health disability or make reasonable adjustments to the way it assessed their daughter.Ms Abrahart had made a previous suicide attempt in the...

Sri Lanka closes schools, limits work amid fuel shortage

Sri Lankan authorities closed schools and asked public officials not to come to work in a desperate move to prepare for an acute fuel shortage that is expected to last days amid the nation’s worst economic crisis in decades. The Public Administration Ministry asked the public officials — except...

The students suing their Christian universities

In his junior year at Oral Roberts University, a conservative evangelical college in Tulsa, Okla., Andrew Hartzler was summoned to the dean’s office. He’d been reported for having his boyfriend in his dorm room. Hartzler, who is gay and enrolled at ORU at his father’s insistence, could have...

The pandemic pushed an exodus from public schools

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on virtually every aspect of America's public schools and now parents are pulling their kids out of the system all together. Why it matters: With school funding directly tied to enrollment, experts warn that the decline in students may carry deeper repercussions, with some schools potentially forced to close completely.

Student is worried about his future after school officials accused him of harassment because he refused to use “they” to refer to a non-binary classmate who had switched pronouns a month before

The young student is afraid that he will be ignored by other students and is worried about his future after the school officials accused him of harassment because the boy reportedly used the wrong pronoun when talking to a non-binary classmate. When the school walked the student’s mother through the complaint, the mom claims she was told the report had come from a music teacher. The music teacher reported multiple instances where they claimed her son had been harassing the student that uses they/them pronouns. In one instance, the music teacher reported her son had defended another student for refusing to use the preferred pronouns.

As midterms near, debate over student loan forgiveness heats up

Megan Douglas graduated from the University of Michigan in 2003 with $20,000 in student loan debt. The 40-year-old mother of three took out $20,000 more to help get a master's degree but after years of interest when her payments resume, she will face a debt total that has nearly doubled. "The whole time that you're not making enough to pay these debts now, you're accruing interest still and so it's like getting punished for being poor," she told CBS News. Douglas is one of more than 43 million borrowers who hold more than $1.6 trillion in federal student loan debt, the second-largest...

Should We Forgive Student Debt?

I'm excited to share a special bonus episode of The Reason Interview with Nick Gillespie. It's a debate about forgiving student loan, debt organized and produced by the good folks at Intelligence Squared US, America's leading platform for fair, balanced, informed debate on all the leading issues of the day. I've been involved with them for years, including participating in debates on drug legalization, Medicare for All, Net Neutrality, and today's show about student loans (which originally took place in March 2021).