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Ohio Papa John's employee shoots and kills armed robber

A Papa John's employee in Ohio shot and killed a man who tried to rob the pizza restaurant late Sunday evening. A second suspect in the attempted robbery escaped and is still on the run, Clark County Sheriff's Major Chris Clark told Fox News. "They came running in with weapons...
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The Wendy’s gang is back!

GALION – The Wendy’s gang is back. The faithful group of mostly retirees who gather at the Galion fast-food chain every day. Same time. Same tables in the corner. And pretty much the same lunch as they dine, discuss politics, and shoot the breeze about “whatever comes up.”. They’re often...
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Smith turns truck into deep-fried food business

MANSFIELD ─ The smell of Darrell Smith’s deep-fried food easily attracts groups of customers. His food truck, Smitty’s & Co., has been in operation since 2018, according to the owner. Popular items include buffalo fry, Smitty fry, Smitty chicken sandwich and deep-fried salmon. Smith said he had the buffalo fry...
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Lakewood Truck Park Features 12,000 Square Feet Of Greater Cleveland Foodie Paradise Ohio

Food trucks are an incredible aspect of life in the 21st century. Long gone are the days where a brick-and-mortar location kept foodies contained… now, kitchens are mobile! The best food trucks in Cleveland can be found in a number of locations on any given day, but you’re always guaranteed to find a handful at Lakewood Truck Park. Here, the allure of variety and fast food brings diners from all over… and the vibe isn’t too bad, either. Start working up an appetite now, because you’ll want to try one of everything at this epic food truck park!
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Jersey Mike’s Subs will soon welcome customers in Ontario

ONTARIO ─ A new option for sub sandwiches will soon be available in Richland County. Jersey Mike’s Subs, a chain restaurant offering Northeast-American style sub sandwiches, has occupied the storefront at 783 North Lexington-Springmill Road in Ontario and started renovating the space. Andrew Sample, co-owner of local Jersey Mike’s franchise,...
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Laxton Hollow Brewing Works marks five years in Lexington

LEXINGTON - Ken Dudley remembers the first time he tried cask ale. "My God, this is exactly what I want," he thought to himself as he took a sip from the pint that an English bartender had offered him. "I then started a mission to find out what that weird stuff was."

Ohio’s Very Own American Wine School Turns 20, Adapts to Challenging Times

Shortly after the attacks of 9/11, events producer Marianne Frantz decided to move from Manhattan to Shaker Heights and started the Cleveland Wine School. In 2021, the renamed American Wine School celebrates 20 years of growth. It now has two locations – Cleveland and Chicago – and presents classes in Midwest cities such as Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. The school has corporate clients from coast to coast.
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5 Best Goetta Hash Restaurants In Ohio

Who wouldn’t want to eat something tempting and tasty for breakfast? Let me help you with it. Here are the five best restaurants are known for goetta hash in Ohio. Now you don’t have to waste time searching. Order your juicy goetta sandwich with grilled chicken and melted cheese on the top now.
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5 Best Brunch Restaurants In Ohio

You can often become overwhelmed with an assignment, workout program, or just needed more time to sleep in. The repercussion of this is that you will miss having breakfast at your standard time. This is where brunch comes in handy, instead of waiting until lunch to enjoy food or skiving breakfast. Instead, you can opt to have brunch, which is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Here are the best restaurants in Ohio that will serve you delicious meals, exactly how you ordered them.
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5 Best Chilli Hot Dogs Restaurants in Ohio

Have you ever craved chili dogs so much and you couldn’t decide amongst the restaurants? The hot dog is served, in a steamed bun, topped with salt, mustard sauce, chopped onions, and meat sauce, wrapped in a loaf of bread to make it even tastier. They are an American classic and literally go with everything. There are numerous chili dog restaurants in Ohio. Here are the top 5 restaurants for chili dogs that might help satisfy your cravings.
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5 Best Oysters Restaurants In Ohio

Oysters are not only delicious but also very healthy. They enrich our bodies with essential minerals, organic compounds, and minerals. So if you are craving some oysters, these are the best restaurants you can pop in and have a delicious meal.
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5 Best Italian Food Restaurants in Ohio

Ohio is more well known as an agricultural center than as a destination for Italian food. However, visitors to the state will find a vibrant restaurant scene with an abundance of options, particularly when it comes to pizza, pasta, and other Italian favorites. Each mood or occasion can be met at one of the many Italian restaurants in the state. Whether you're searching for a romantic spot for a date night, a family-friendly restaurant perfect for kids, or an authentic Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, this city has it all.
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29 Northwest Ohio breweries on Ale Trail

Destination Toledo is launching the 419 Ale Trail. A total of 29 breweries and craft beverage makers, all located within the 419 area code, including 10 counties, are participating in this inaugural year of the 419 Ale Trail. Sign up at 419AleTrail.com. Destination Toledo has partnered with technology company Bandwango...
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The Original Popcorn House’s 1st Ohio location to open Saturday

WESTLAKE, Ohio – The Original Popcorn House’s first location in Ohio is set to open in Crocker Park at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 19. The store sells a bit more than just old traditional buttered corn (though it has that, too). It offers more than 60 flavor combinations, including maple bacon and dark chocolate caramel sea salt popcorn, dill pickle and peanut butter chocolate drizzle. It also has weekly featured flavors.