Eddyville, NY

Upstate Hikers Furious! This Town Strands Families In the Woods?

Between the Capital Region, Adirondacks, and Catskills, there are so many amazing destinations for hikers to explore. But as summer heats up across Upstate, one relaxing trail an hour away from Albany has become a nightmare for many visitors. At this trail, vehicles are towed so regularly that a local...

Another Bear Sighting in Fishkill and Wappingers Falls Area

While black bears do exist in many areas of the Hudson Valley, many residents would never expect to see one walking through their neighborhood. Black bears have always been a mainstay in rural areas of the Hudson Valley. Every once in a while you'll hear a crazy story about one of these massive creatures making their way into a more populated area of the region, but those incidents seem to be few and far between.

“The King of Hopewell Pizza”: New Pizzeria Open in the Hudson Valley

They say when your ears are ringing, it means someone is talking about you. For me, it means someone is talking about a new pizzeria. I grew up in the Hudson Valley, but before moving back to the area in 2021, I've been living in different places across the United States for the past decade. Every time I relocated, I would try, and inevitably fail, to find pizza that lived up to the kind I used to wolf down in my hometown. Was I a snob? No, I'm just a New Yorker with standards. That's why a recent Facebook post in the East Fishkill Community group caught my eye.

Warning: Dangerous Plant Causes Burns in the Hudson Valley

For the most part, it's everyone's favorite season. It seems that we all are a little happier, spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warm weather. With the summer months comes a variety of fun things to do while outdoors. We can enjoy all of the local lakes and bodies of water in our area, walk, bike, or hike along trails and even explore places that we haven't had the chance to see before.

Popular Hudson Valley Park Cuts Swim Days Due to Staffing Issues

A fun swimming destination in the Hudson Valley has been forced to close down for part of each week due to a lack of lifeguards. Finding lifeguards to work at local swimming pools and beaches has become a difficult task. Municipalities have been desperately trying to recruit help, increasing pay and offering bonuses to anyone qualified to serve as a lifeguard. The City of Poughkeepsie recently lifeguard salaries from $16 to $22 an hour and is now offering up to $1,500 in bonuses.

Celebrating National Sunglasses Day in the Hudson Valley

According to National Day Calendar, National Sunglasses Day is celebrated each year on June 27, and it gains popularity each year. The Vision Council is a reason for its popularity, as they inform people about the dangers of UV exposure and why wearing sunglasses should be more than just a fashion statement. The holiday has been celebrated every year since 2009, although researchers haven't been able to identify to founder or source of the day.

Wilderado Performing for WRRV Sessions July 11th 2022

WRRV Sessions have been back live and in person at Newburgh Brewing Company since February, and we can't wait to welcome our next guests coming on July 11th... Wilderado!. Originally from Tula, Oklahoma, Wilderado released their debut album (also called Wilderado) in 2021. Their debut single, Head Right, was a huge success on the Alternative charts, and they're new song Surefire looks poised to do the same. You can see them both live at the next WRRV Sessions!

Repair Cafe comes back to Kingston New York for free

The Repair Cafe will be held here in July.Google Street View, October 2019. Broken electronics and little knick-knacks often clutter up a home and make it hard to get any work done. So often we decide to throw these things out or make room for the new stuff. But it turns out that you don't have to. Since 2009, there have been events all over the world that want to help you get these machines fixed for you and at zero cost.