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MAGA Fan Starts Fierce Debate after Claiming Trump Deep Throats Hot Dogs

Over the weekend a short debate over hot dogs was hashed out over Twitter, and the results are disturbing to say the least. It all started when someone posted a bunch of photos of Barack Obama enjoying hot dogs with the caption "Obama really the glizzy gulper." 'Glizzy' is a Washington, D.C. slang for hot dog (although it also has obvious homoerotic connotations in this context.)

52 Must See Memes of the Day

Fresh memes, hot off the presses, and ready for you when you need them. So take a break from the day, kick off your shoes and get those scrolling fingers ready for a collection of memes you'll want to share with your friends.

"Barstool Sports" Founder Gets Defensive about Saying the N-Word

The guys at Barstool Sports aren't new to controversy. After settling a dispute with the National Labor Relations Board only six months ago, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy is being called out online for videos of him repeatedly using the N-word, joking about an employee wearing black face, and comparing Colin Kaepernick to a member of the Taliban.

Dudes Discuss the Worst Dates They've Ever Been On

I can honestly I'm extremely lucky to have never had an awful date. Sure, I've had dates where there was clearly no chemistry between us, but we both politely indulged each other over coffee and then amicably parted ways. Going on new dates is pretty much the only thing I miss about my single days - I love talking to strangers and getting to know them, and the dating scene was a great way to do that.

George Lucas Reveals What the 'Spice' Han Solo Was Smuggling Actually Is

Every 'Star Wars' fan knows that Han Solo was a smuggler or 'spicerunner' as he was called in the film (and, of course, that he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs). However, a lot of people don't actually know what 'spice' actually refers to within the 'Star Wars' universe. Is it a seasoning? A valuable resource of some sort? Is it... drugs?