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How To Get Insanely Cheap $1 Movies in North Carolina This Summer

Read on to get the full details. We all know how expensive various events, concerts, restaurants, and other fun summer activities can be. While I love exploring new coffee shops, attending outdoor events, listening to live music, and more, my wallet definitely does not. I know that all of you can relate.
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Movies with the main filming locations in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. North Carolina is the 28th largest and 9th-most populous of the 50 United States. It is bordered by Virginia to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and Tennessee to the west.
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Moore County,

Moore Philharmonic Announces Spring Virtual Concert Link

The 2020-2021 season for the Moore Philharmonic Orchestra has been an interesting one, to say the least. In spite of the challenges presented by the pandemic, the MPO adapted rehearsals to meet ever-changing guidelines without missing a beat. “We have continued our mission of providing high-quality performance opportunities for students and adults alike, even while displaced from our usual performance space,” says a spokesman. “Our members have worked tirelessly for the past five months to prepare great music, and we are proud to present our virtual spring concert.”
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3 Comedy movies filmed in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. North Carolina is the 28th largest and 9th-most populous of the 50 United States. Patch Adams is a 1998 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Robin Williams, Monica Potter, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bob Gunton, Daniel London, and Peter Coyote. Set in the late 1960s/early 1970s, it is based on the life story of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams and the book Gesundheit: Good Health Is a Laughing Matter by Dr. Adams and Maureen Mylander. It received generally unfavorable reviews from critics, criticizing the sentimental tone, direction, and deviations from the real story, but grossed $202.3 million on a $90 million budget.

Carole Baskin Is Coming To North Carolina

In a way, it seems like just yesterday when we were all stuck at home with nothing to do but watch Tiger King. And talk about Tiger King. And watch it again. Well over a year later we haven’t fully escaped it. Tonight, Tiger King’s Carole Baskin will be in North Carolina to raise money for a new animal sanctuary.
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Events on the Candor calendar

1. FMC Big Creek IV Trail Ride; 2. RichmondCC On The Road in Ellerbe; 3. Montgomery County Farmers' Market; 4. June Jam; 5. Annual Salute to Veterans Concert - Jim Quick & Coastline;

Column: Our Rich History Of Aviation Must Be Remembered

Not far from the Gilliam-McConnell Airfield on Dowd Road in Carthage you can see the promising beginnings of the James Rogers McConnell Air Museum. It is located not far from the site of the famed Pik N Pig Restaurant, which was just recently destroyed in a fire on May 30. One hopes it may soon reopen.

Spring Piano Recital Presented

Nancy H. Eaton presented her piano students in a recital on Sunday, May 23, at Carthage United Methodist Church. “It was my first-ever masked, socially-distanced and sanitized recital,” she says. “In spite of over a year of virtual piano lessons, the students continued to make great progress and performed one or two solos.”

Explore Moore Videos

The Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area of North Carolina is known as the Home of American Golf. But, the Sandhills area of the state offers more than just world-class golf, top-ranked courses, USGA championships and a 125-year history of golfing lore. The destination is home to talented local chefs, independently-owned restaurants and shops, quaint towns and villages, a vibrant arts culture and community and a vibe that appeals to all ages and walks of life.

After a tough year covering tragedies, two local TV reporters leave the business

Two local TV reporters left the news business this week, both citing shifting perspectives brought on by their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sloane Heffernan, a reporter and weekend anchor at WRAL, and Colleen Quigley, a reporter at WNCN’s CBS 17, each shared similar public messages on Facebook about the challenges of working on tragic stories throughout the pandemic, and how those challenges made them realize they were ready to do different work.

The Sand Band performing at TownStage

The Sand Band is a Variety/Dance Band covering favorites from Motown, Classic Rock, Blues, Oldies, Disco, and our specialty - Carolina Beach & Shag music. If you love Carolina Beach Music with a whole lotta soul you don't want to miss this show! With The Sand Band, it's all about a good time!
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Preserving North Carolina’s Coastal Culture

It’s a curious item to cause a stir, amid the canvas paintings, the boat models, and the astonishing collection of antique and contemporary hand-carved decoys from the Core Sound region of Eastern North Carolina. But causing a little stir is what Joel Hancock’s great-great-great-grandfather’s whale harpoons are doing. Hancock, a retired insurance executive, and his wife, Susan, crowd around a table with Karen Amspacher, director of the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center, and Pam Morris, the museum’s collections manager, as Hancock hands over a pair of forged-iron harpoon spikes, pitted with age.

Concert Band Holding Outdoor Concert on July 4th

After being silenced by the pandemic in March 2020, the Moore County Concert Band, under the direction of David Seiberling, has resumed rehearsals for a free outdoor Fourth of July concert, Sunday, July 4, at 2 p.m. at the James W. Tufts Memorial Park, 1 Village Green, in Pinehurst. “Listeners...

Plan Your Next Getaway Visiting This Old Hollywood-Inspired North Carolina Museum

Roughly a little over a four hour drive from DC, Smithfield, North Carolina may be best known to Washingtonian’s for its rural, small-town vibe. But, that doesn’t mean the town isn’t home to some impressive sites to see, as well. One major attraction that is getting a lot of buzz right now is the celebrity-themed museum that honors the life and career of local Hollywood legend, Ava Gardner. The Ava Gardner Museum is nestled right in the county seat’s downtown area and showcases an incredible collection of original scripts, photos, costumes, and personal effects of the prominent movie and TV star.
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Stick Around … For Something Completely Different

Not all art is created in Left Bank studios or SoHo lofts. Not all sculpture is chiseled from marble or cast in bronze. Architecture needn’t be live in. Some arises from a hot, humid grassy plot where volunteers directed by Patrick Dougherty bend and trim saplings into shapes resembling teepees, silos, beehives, minarets, tipsy wine bottles, tunnels, animals, even ghostly masks channeling the groupings at Stonehenge and Easter Island. This “environmental art” mounted at 300 locations worldwide is underway at Sandhills Community College Horticultural Gardens. Once completed, the structures should withstand the elements for several years before collapsing into heaps which, on a Scottish moor, might become a bonfire, here more likely thrown into a lake for a fish habitat or carted deep into the woods. Because unlike the pharaohs, Dougherty doesn’t desire permanence. Instead, he translates imagination and perception into tangibility, then moves on, feeling more satisfaction than sadness.
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Editorial Roundup: North Carolina

Charlotte Observer. June 15, 2021. Editorial: Severe flooding is destroying NC towns, ruining lives. These bills would change that. North Carolina is in urgent need of flood prevention legislation. Increasingly, rural communities are bearing the brunt of severe flooding events but lack the resources, funding or capacity to recover from past floods or plan for future ones.