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Come with us to explore some of the best activities and attractions in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We're checking out some great restaurants, and taking a couple of trips to Lookout mountain for Ruby Falls and Rock City Gardens. Chattanooga is often overlooked as a tourist destination but we think this city has a lot of charm! Only about 2 hours from both Nashville and Atlanta, Chattanooga can make a fun, relaxing trip for your next long weekend.

We Visited These Tennessee State Parks Waterfalls Surrounded by Colorful Foliage -- and Loved It!

The Tennessee mountains are home to a variety of beautiful natural wonders. For us, there are none more alluring than tall waterfalls. In this 3-minute video, we'll take you along on one of our waterfall adventures. On a late October weekend in Chattanooga, we visited Tennessee's Rock Island State Park and Falls Creek Falls State Park. At Rock Creek, we watched water flow from underground caverns, cascading down the stone cliffside. Driving 45 minutes away, we discovered the spectacular canyon at Falls Creek Falls. Hiking down the rugged canyon trail, we stood at the bottom of the free-falling Falls Creek Falls as it plunges 265 feet into rock canyon. We headed back to Chattanooga, stayed overnight and then explored some of the city's parks the next day. On our route home to Georgia, we followed the summit route at Lookout Mountain and found another waterfall along the way. For more like this, visit our blog at: <a href=""></a>.

We Found Serenity, Scenery and Sasquatch Walking the Tennessee River Trail in Chattanooga

When we set out for a morning walk along the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, we fully expected to enjoy lots of scenery. After all, parts of the nearby river gorge are well-known for their stone walls and colorful leaves. And we could have anticipated that we would walk parts of our journey in solitude and serenity, though portions of the path turned out to be busier than expected on a Thursday morning. But we had no idea we would run into sasquatch, or that we'd walk a set Chattanooga switchbacks that would put San Francisco's Lombard Street to shame. Plus, we learned more about Chattanooga's relationship with its Native American past and still had time to stop at our favorite treat location before finishing our five-mile loop. We capture that and more in a three-minute video of our journey. For more, follow DeanLand on Newsbreak, visit, and check out the Our Travel Cafe channel on YouTube.

This Chattanooga Ice Cream Shoppe May Be the Coolest Show on Earth

PT Barnum once branded his famous circus as the greatest show on earth, and that tagline became one of the enduring legacies of the traveling extravaganza. While Chattanooga's Ice Cream Show doesn't necessarily advertise itself in the same braggadocios manner, we definitely would proclaim it as the coolest show in the city based on the extraordinary array of toppings and mix-ins available to jazz up the frozen delights.