Rush Banned From Using Beer Slogan for Their Brew

Rush singer and bassist Geddy Lee revealed that he and guitarist Alex Lifeson were forbidden from using a slogan they’d come up with for the launch of their branded beer. Rush Canadian Golden Ale weighs in at 5.5 percent ABV, and the can features the Starman artwork from the classic album 2112, along with the tagline “Books are for tourists.” But in a new interview with Classic Rock, Lee revealed those words aren't the ones they wanted to be inscribed above the graphic.
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World Whisky Day 2022: 9 best American whiskies that are a great alternative to bourbon

When it comes to American whiskey, the style you’re most likely to encounter is Bourbon – perhaps dressed up with bitters and a slice of orange in an Old Fashioned cocktail; sweetened and garnished with mint in a Julep; or simply served on the rocks. The spirit, distilled primarily from corn, is going through a boom in the UK among drinkers and bartenders looking to widen the choice of whisk(e)y on their shelves.But there are many more types of whiskey available across the pond and they’re all looking to follow in Bourbon’s success and gain a foothold in the UK.Each whiskey...
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Brewery Recalls Beer-Based Drinks

A popular craft brewery has just issued a recall for a popular beer-based drink. Tree Browing Co., a brewery based in British Columbia, has recalled cans of its Golden Larch grapefruit radler. A recall notice posted by Health Canada informed consumers of the recall on May 13, stating that the beverage was recalled after they were found to contain undeclared sulfites.
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What to Know About Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol

Here's why you may feel a boost of energy after an espresso martini. On a recent trip to Mexico City for work, I suggested that my colleagues and I grab some espressos after a long day. I stopped drinking alcohol a while ago, so I had a double espresso while everyone else had espresso with a liquor that our host swore would keep them going for the rest of the day. They all reported being jolted with energy after just one. Our host claimed that if you really wanted to have a good time you would drink three of those liquor infused coffees and be set for the next two days.

What is vodka?

From its humble medieval origins as a medicinal agent, vodka has conquered the world. In 2020, the worldwide sales of vodka earned around $45 billion, and U.S. consumers alone guzzled 189.7 million gallons (862.4 million liters) of the potent alcoholic beverage, according to Beverage Dynamics, a national magazine focused on retail alcohol sales.

World Whisky Day 2022: The best drams to sip from across the world

Looking for a new single malt whisky? Then why not broaden your choice beyond Scotland and pick a dram from a less well-known whisky-producing nation.There’s excellent whisky to be had from all over the world, with a rapidly expanding list of countries that have whisky-producing distilleries distributing their products to a global audience. With the varying climates and conditions in which to distil and age the spirits, and a keenness to look at production methods and ingredients from a fresh perspective, there are lots of amazing new discoveries to be had.So just what is behind the global surge in distilleries producing...

Coke’s new bottle cap doesn’t come off

New York CNN Business — Coke knows that its soda caps often end up as litter. So it’s trying to solve the problem by tethering them to the bottle, at least in the United Kingdom. Earlier this week, the British arm of the beverage company announced that it...

Turns Out Gen Z Has One Surprising Drinking Habit

According to the latest drinks survey from Drizly, the youngest legal-age drinkers are gravitating toward a parental staple: Red wine. Released this week, the Drizly 2022 Consumer Trend Report is a nationwide survey of 1,000+ adults of legal drinking age conducted during April 2022. The stated goal of this survey, now in its fourth iteration, was to find summer drinking trends.

International Chardonnay Day: The best classic and natural white wines to celebrate with

Chardonnay is, of course, one of the best-known grapes in the world, responsible for some of the most famous wines.If it were not for the fact that it is topped by the relatively unknown airen – grown in bulk in Spain mainly for brandy and grape spirit – it would be the most grown green grape in the world in terms of acres planted.It is certainly the most widely distributed and probably the most versatile grape, making it extraordinarily food friendly – more suitable on the dinner table than as an aperitif or party glugger.From its original home in central...

Prime Day alcohol deals 2021: Best offers on Jack Daniel’s gentleman Jack whisky, Aperol Spritz, wine and gin

Amazon Prime Day 2021 has just a few hours left, with more than 2 million deals to be found on everything from Amazon devices and home appliances to fashion, toys, tech, games consoles and more.While many of the best savings are on big-ticket items like Amazon devices, laptops, TVs and coffee machines, another area where you can save big during Prime Day is on alcohol and spirits.Follow live: Read our Amazon Prime Day 2021 live blog for the latest updatesAmazon may not be the most obvious choice for stocking up on your favourite tipple, but day one of the extravaganza...

Kraken Rum Just Got Into The Canned Cocktail Game

Ready-to-drink cocktails in a can are on the rise and The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is wading into these waters, releasing a mix of their own. CNBC reported that premixed cocktails in a can sales spiked in 2021, raking in $1.6 billion. They even took over the coveted second-place spot for volume consumption, trailing on the heels of vodka. Now many a brand is jumping on the bandwagon. The classic soft drink, Fresca, has thrown its hat into the ring of ready-to-drink cocktails, partnering with spirits brand Constellation, as has Tennessee whiskey brand George Dickel to create the Social Hour Harvest Whiskey Sour (via Robb Report).

Massachusetts is Home to the Only Brewery Run by Monks in America, and Sadly it’s Closing

Someone please come save this incredible, rare brewery. Apparently, Trappist monks in Europe have brewed beer to cover expenses at their various monasteries for generations. Here in the United States it's clearly not mainstream at all, considering the only brewery to this day is in central Massachusetts in a town called Spencer, where they brew a beer called Spencer. There's even an International Trappist Association of standards, and a Trappist Beer Club according to Food and Wine Magazine.

Yamazaki Broke Its Beloved Single Malt Whisky Down Into a New Limited Edition Collection

Click here to read the full article. Yamazaki may not be 100 years old yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking achievements to celebrate. The House of Suntory, which owns Yamazaki, has just unveiled its latest release, the Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection. The line is made up of four bottles, each of which represents one of the four components used to make the distillery’s famed single malt whisky, which was introduced in 1984. The Yamazaki was founded by Shinjiro Torii in 1923. It was the country’s first malt distillery and had to figure out its own way of making whisky. Doing so...

Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks You Can Make At Home

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Margaritas or tequila shots probably spring to mind when you think about Mexican drinks. However, Mexico is home to many delicious non-alcoholic beverages that you can make in your kitchen. You'll find options for summer days, getting cozy on the couch, or for celebrations with those near and dear. Best of all, many of these drinks pack a punch of healthful benefits as they refresh.

International Chardonnay Day: 12 best wines to sip

One of the best known and most widely planted grapes, as well as being one of the so-called “noble” varieties, chardonnay is responsible for some of the most famous wines in the world.It is a sign of how ubiquitous and adaptable this easy to grow grape is, allowing it to take on different character in different locations: whether it is local soil, topography and climate conditions or the individual ideas of the winemaker, organic or not, oak ageing or not – that makes it so different from most other grapes.Chardonnay has spread from its original base in central France, the...