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Man suspected of killing daughter’s boyfriend dies after medical episode at Lake County Jail

A man suspected of killing his daughter’s boyfriend has died after suffering a medical episode at the Lake County Jail. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that 57-year-old James Carlton died Thursday at a local hospital. He suffered a medical episode the previous day and was transported by ambulance from the jail. The sheriff’s office did not have specifics about the cause of death.
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Owner of Gilded Matilda's in Wildwood to retire

When Suzanne Taylor stops in to shop at Gilded Matilda's, she feels like she's entered a whole new world. "The store is beautiful," the Village of Buttonwood resident said. "It looks like the type of store that you would see in kind of a boutique area.”. The brick building with...

Rules on lawn ornaments should be enforced uniformly

Unless The Villages makes everyone take any/all lawn ornaments out of their front yard this is so hypocritical. Enforce the ordinance at every home in The Villages or do not address any of the complaints. You say The Villages only enforces if it’s been turned in by a rogue complainer?...

CDD 2 supervisor resigning due to move to assisted living facility

A Community Development District 2 supervisor is resigning from her position due to a move to an assisted living facility. Candy Ginns, who lives in the Village of Santo Domingo, was appointed to the board in 2019. Ginns filled a vacancy created by the death in 2018 of Supervisor John Blum.

Apopka firefighter on road to recovery after severe injury

Orlando, Fla. - The family of the Apopka firefighter who was severely injured while on the job says their loved one is on a long road to recovery. Austin Duran's family tells FOX 35 Orlando that while he's still in the ICU, he is in stable condition and things are looking up. His mother says Duran has had three surgeries which have all have gone well.

90-year-old Villager to face trial this fall in hit-and-run case involving bicyclists

A 90-year-old Villager is scheduled to face trial this fall in a hit-and-run case which injured husband-and-wife bicyclists. Marilyn Hamilton of the Village of Fernandina is scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 10, about two weeks prior to her 91st birthday and nearly two years after injuring the cyclists in a case that shocked The Villages’ bicycling community.

Children can get free ice cream cone for saying the Pledge of Allegiance

LONGWOOD, Fla. - The Pledge of Allegiance was first written by Francis J. Bellamy, a Baptist minister from New York, in 1892. Sixth grader Eila Roberts says her father taught it to her. "Probably when I was three or four years old, when my dad came back from the Marines, and it was something I've always kept in my heart," she said.

Back on the streets of Apopka after pandemic pause

If you happen to be on the West Orange Trail near Kit Land Nelson Park this week, you may notice that a pre-pandemic fixture is back on the sidewalks: smiling faces standing next to colorful carts featuring a positive message and free Bible-based literature. Thousands of these carts will be...

Nelson County Jail Logs — Saturday, July 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: The Nelson County Gazette believes the public has a right to know who has been arrested by local officials and lodged in the Nelson County Jail. The information below is a compiled list of daily booking logs from the jail. The bookings state the person(s) arrested and the charge(s) against them. This information is public record.
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A special silver anniversary

A quarter century ago, The Villages' first town square was just rising out of the ground, and The Villages Daily Sun was rolling off the press for the first time. Today, the Villages has broken ground for its fourth town square, and its hometown newspaper is the 23rd largest in the nation.

Toddler temptation

As a four-year-old toddler, I knew what it took to know how to act in a field of knowledge. One lazy summer afternoon, me and Bobby are sitting on the backdoor steps, waiting for any kid, known or not known to come by to play. From a distance I could see some type of prospect headed in our direction. As he got closer, I could tell it was Miss Agness’ nephew, Fats Fernandez. Fats was Spanish, but he hardly spoke it at all. Anyway, Fats was huffin’ and puffin’ on his daddy’s cigarette butt. He offered me a drag, which I of course accepted. You don’t turn down a chance to be one of the boys, so I took a big drag, and handed it back to Fats. Bobby said nothin’, and did not ask for a drag I kept waitin’ for Fats to leave so I could go throw up, but he kept hangin’ around. We had a big persimmon tree in our backyard. Bobby and Fats started shakin’ limbs, and finally got three persimmons. If Fat’s cigarette didn’t turn my mouth inside-out, somethin’ else was about to. But I did get to throw up. Fats never questioned my shortcomings in digestion. Folks, if you pick up a persimmon, and any part is still green, walk softly, but carry a big bucket.