We Tested Dozens of Pretty Pantry Items to See If They Taste as Good as They Look

You’ve probably heard (from Domino—guilty!) that an easy way to organize your pantry is to pour rice, pasta, and oils into clear containers. And yet I am consistently seduced by pretty packaging, from cleaning supplies to canned cocktails. As a prop/interiors stylist, these goods have an exceptional grasp on me—I’m always on the lookout for the most attractive olive oil or coffee to grace the open shelves in a kitchen shoot, and my brain is basically a Rolodex of aesthetically pleasing everyday products.
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7 Details That Make This 530-Square-Foot Studio Apartment Feel Grand and Luxurious

Buying a sofa without ever actually sitting on it is a risky move. But interior designer David Lucido had a convincing argument for his latest client, a CMO for a Los Angeles–based vegan cosmetics brand who splits his time between the East and West coasts: “If it’s from the 1970s or ‘80s, it’s going to be comfortable; it’s going to be deep.” Lucido is right. The 1985 Stanley Jay Friedman couch he sourced for the client’s apartment in Manhattan’s West Village is not only a dream to lounge (or nap) on, but the mustard-hued piece (Lucido swathed it in Maharam wool fabric) doubles as a sculpture of sorts thanks to its wavy back and mirrored chrome base. The sofa set a precedence for the 530-square-foot alcove home: Size doesn’t determine the style. “It’s like the little jewel box of furniture,” the designer says of the recently revamped space.
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The Best Living Room Paint Colors Aren’t Just Shades of White

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but there’s no question we’re spending more and more time in the living room, the ultimate place to cuddle up with a book, mingle with friends, or sprawl out on the sofa to catch up on our favorite shows. (And if we’re being honest, it’s probably where most of us have been eating our meals these days, too.) If you’re looking to give your space a refresh rather than overhaul your entire decor scheme, consider a can of paint. “Paint has a tremendous amount of impact in any room and really sets the tone for your mood and overall design,” says Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare. So if you’re searching for a way to cast a cozy or calm glow over your living room, we found five interiors to inspire your next makeover, as well as the best living room paint color ideas from designers who know best.
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How to Find a Contractor You Know You Can Trust

Renovating can be a daunting process, so we asked Jean Brownhill, founder and CEO of Sweeten, a platform that helps people find expert advice and get matched with vetted general contractors, for her best remodeling tips and tricks. The first question you need to ask yourself is: Do I need...

The Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Unwinding at Night

Whether you’re greeting the day or bidding it goodnight, your walls are probably the first and last things you see, which is why you need to jazz them up in the best bedroom paint colors. Though a pop of fuchsia or warm terracotta might sound like fun, visually stimulating hues may not be the best choice for your snooze space. Instead stick to soothing shades like tranquil blues and greens or cool grays and neutral creams to help you quickly achieve zen. Don’t know where to begin? There are a few general rules designers tend to follow when tackling these slumber-y havens. So we rounded up their advice—and even sourced a few swatches from their recent projects—to inspire your own sleep sanctuary.

Those 6 Low-Profile Sofas Make Sitting on the Floor the Comfiest Option

Sitting on the floor sounds like something you’d do in college or during move-in day, but when you take a look at the current slate of cool sofas out there, you’ll notice they all have one important feature in common: They’re low to the ground. It used to be that mid-century legs once propped up our sitting spaces, but nowadays designers are creating a more loungy effect by doing away with them entirely. The result is cozy, a little sexy, and totally 2021.

Etsy Predicts These Cheery Hues Will Be Big This Holiday Season

Move over, red and green: Etsy has released its 2021 holiday trends report, and number one on the list is a 47 percent increase in searches for “colorful, pastel, or neon holiday items” on its website. Vibrant tones aren’t just popping up on fashion runways; they’re paving the way for a festive end to this roller coaster of a year.

We Keep Spotting This Indoor Tree Everywhere—And We Mean Everywhere

When you’re an indoor plant person, it’s difficult to ignore trends. First came succulents in the early 2010s, not too long after the birth of Instagram—and documented by many on said platform, if you scroll back far enough. Then there was the Swiss cheese–looking monstera deliciosa dotting dressers and side tables everywhere. And we all remember when fiddle-leaf fig trees came in with a bang, putting all of our green thumbs to the test. Nowadays our credenzas are graced by smaller-scale begonias and oxalis, and our large pots grow olive trees. But we’ve started to notice a new plant in town: the ficus Audrey.

A Wood-Clad Ceiling, Faux Marble Flooring, and More Fresh DIYs From an Entry Reno

Camille Kurtz never got that welcome home feeling when she walked through her front door. The 12-foot-long entryway in the San Marcos, California, house she and her husband and their two toddler daughters moved into in 2019 was the definition of builder grade. But worse than the blah gray walls and jarring recessed lights was the fact that there were no windows in the hallway (the garage is on one side; a guest bedroom on the other). “Which is why I wanted it to be the first place we tackled,” says Kurtz, who captured every step of the renovation in her blog, The Kurtz Home, as a part of the One Room Challenge. “There was no natural light in there; it was crazy.”

In This London Attic, a Daybed Was Built to Fit the Awkward Sloped Ceiling

The 125-square-foot attic nook in Laura Stephens’s South London home previously housed her middle daughter—a fact her husband, Luke, was reminded of every time a gold star decal or Tinkerbell light showed up in the background of his Zoom work calls during lockdown. “I realized we needed to sort it out fast and make it look professional,” says Laura with a laugh. She wanted the space to be flexible; somewhere tranquil and studious for Luke to work, and yet homey for when her mother comes to stay. “Often these hybrid rooms can feel quite clinical, so it was about bringing in layers of texture, pattern, and color,” says the designer. Here’s how she went about transforming it into a double-duty space.

How a Vancouver Family of 4 Functions in a 900-Square-Foot, One-Bedroom Condo

For Alison Mazurek and her husband, Trevor, 600 square feet was always more than enough space. Even after the births of their children, Theo and Mae, the couple chose to stay in their tiny one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver. “We thought once Theo started crawling, we’d have to move, but it was fine,” recalls Alison. Unlike most people who upgrade to a house with an additional bedroom every time they add a new member to their family, the Mazureks insisted that the lack of room to roam had its benefits. For one thing, it meant they could allocate money they might otherwise be spending on a costly mortgage for travel. The parents also knew where their little ones were (and that they were safe) at all times.

In This City, You Can Save $400K by Downsizing From 4 Bedrooms to 2

The word downsizing is all too often equated with compromising, but living with less space doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Depending on where you live, it can actually mean saving money. According to a new report from StorageCafé, which analyzed the country’s 20 largest metropolitan areas based on the difference between the value of a four-bedroom home versus a two-bedroom space, if you live in the San Francisco-Berkeley-Oakland area of California, you can save $406,600 by downsizing.

There Are No Knotted Strings to Battle Against With the Best Blinds and Shades

If windows are a room’s eyes, then window treatments like blinds, curtains, and shades are basically the eyebrows and lashes, providing framing while also conveying character and style. Blinds and shades in particular have an especially important role to play, filtering out light to create pitch-black bedrooms or selectively allowing it in to create delicately lit living spaces.

The 8 Best Nursery Gliders Will Last Far Beyond the Baby Years

Getting a baby to sleep might be one of life’s hardest tasks, but thankfully finding a comfortable chair for the nursery has never been easier. When Naomi Coe started her nursery-focused design firm in 2007, there were only a few good baby-centric brands and very limited styles. In the years since, she has designed 200 rooms for little ones, wrote Your Perfect Nursery, and witnessed the rise of high-quality, well-designed pieces firsthand.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Style and Power With the Best Gas Ranges

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or simply about to put a clunky old stove out to pasture, the prospect of acquiring a new gas range is sure to literally fire you up. After all, these appliances are known for their responsiveness and ability to cook food quickly and evenly. The best gas ranges are a serious investment, though—often pricier than their electric counterparts—so you’ll want to ensure that the model you buy includes the features that suit your culinary style, as well as the vibe of your cook space. Toward that end, we consulted three top designers with kitchen expertise to help you choose the best gas range for many amazing meals to come.

The Answer to a Lifelong Question: What Is a Good Thread Count for Sheets?

The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets, right? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. “When all factors are equal—such as the quality of the cotton, the yarn construction, the way the fabric is woven, and the way it is finished—a higher thread count will lead to a smoother and silkier fabric,” says George Matouk Jr., CEO of heritage linens brand Matouk. But there’s a catch: According to Matouk, “The most important element leading to more luxurious fabric is the quality of the yarn.” With so many variables in the mix, Matouk couldn’t recommend one thread count over another on its own. “Some 1,000-thread-count fabrics are sublime and others are lousy,” he notes. Let’s break down what is a good thread count for sheets even further.

This Bathroom Vanity Design Will Clear the Clutter Off Your Countertop for Good

No matter how neatly you line up your bottles of face oils, toners, and night creams, bathroom products always find a way to look a bit cluttered when left out in the open on the vanity countertop. That’s why designer Evgenia Merson went searching for a solution while recently renovating a San Mateo, California–based client’s space. Her fix? Build two storage “towers” in each corner, flanking the new mirror. “They’re perfect for everyday items,” says Merson. The extra-tall cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling, which maximizes the opportunity for storage, since the nooks aren’t superdeep. The designer even added outlets inside of the white oak wood structures so the homeowner can put her electric toothbrush inside—and, most important, out of sight.

We Asked 8 Cool Parents: What Are the Best Baby Toys Out There?

Baby toys: They’re both a blessing and a curse. Bringing a trove of plastic foods and singing squares into your carefully considered home is not ideal, but it’s necessary for supporting the physical and mental development of your pride and joy. Basically, living with baby toys is a major milestone for new parents to navigate.