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Preparing for the Future: Building Interest in Computer Science

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been discussions focused on the need for computer science curriculum in schools. During recent Twitter chats and in webinars and panel discussions, educators have shared concerns about bridging the K-12 computer science gaps. There is a growing need for students to develop skills in coding and in STEM-related fields however, there are either real or perceived barriers to providing these opportunities for students.
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Assessing Extended Reality's Potential

Want to dig for cultural artifacts in Egypt? Teleport to the Rocky Mountains for ecology class? How about drawing in three dimensions? Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enable these astonishing feats with spatial computing applications via headsets, tracking software, immersive projection, and mobile apps. AR and VR, often...
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Why some parents are sticking with remote learning—even as schools reopen

Parent preferences for how their children attended school throughout the pandemic have been disparate. Many polls and media reports have tracked the differences in parent preference for in-person versus remote learning, including USC Dornsife’s Understanding America Study (UAS). Our most recent UAS data, collected from 1,510 K-12 parents between mid-April...
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Schools Are Almost Certainly Re-Opening in the Fall. Here’s Your Post-Pandemic Shopping List

Suffice to say, the last year and a half of school has been unprecedented, challenging for some and nearly impossible for others. When COVID-19 shut down schools in the spring of 2020 many teachers who were used to instilling knowledge through hands-on interactions with children were relegated to video chatting for 6-7 hours a day instead. At the beginning of this school year, some districts reopened while others remained closed, and some adopted a hybrid model where students could come to school while others stayed home and conferenced in. It’s been a long road, but with vaccines widely distributed and vast improvements made to testing infrastructure, it’s looking like many schools will be fully reopening in the fall.

Apple Education Lets Teachers And Parents Creatively Enhance Student Learning

Since the start of the pandemic, Mdm Shuhannah, a teacher from Madrasah Alsagoff has had to adapt in keeping tabs on her students. Since she is unable to interact with her class face to face, the Primary 4 Science teacher has taken to using Apple Books to compile and annotate notes for her daily lessons, Classroom to keep track of her student’s live progress as well as Pages to inspire her students to come up with creative narratives and publish them as digital books.

The Impact of Distance Learning on Kids

After almost a year and a half of disrupted schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most students will be heading back to traditional in-person school next fall. However, many parents wonder what the impact of distance and/or hybrid learning has been on their kids. To varying degrees, most kids across...

Adapting laboratory techniques for remote instruction

The COVID-19 pandemic forced instructors to adapt their courses for online learning. Laboratory courses were particularly difficult due to lack of access to specialized equipment for remote learners. To overcome this challenge, researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign designed a laboratory exercise to teach students how to use micropipettes, through remote learning, using at-home kits.

Not all remote learning students are treated equally, says MLA

Concerns about Inuktitut and French students in Iqaluit having different levels of access to online learning resources than English school students came up in the legislative assembly on Thursday. Pat Angnakak, the MLA for Iqaluit-Niaqunnguu, said constituents with multiple children attending kindergarten and elementary school in different languages have reported...

How'd That Pod Work Out for You? 4 Parents Report Back

A little over a year ago, it became clear that the pandemic would change school as we knew it for the foreseeable future. And some parents, still reeling from the “bad joke” that was ‘Remote Learning: Spring Lockdown Edition,’ scrambled to place their isolated, zoom-weary kids in learning pods or micro-schools. The goals were universal: To provide students a safe place to socialize and learn in-person. But the shape these pods took—and their outcomes—were all over the map.
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LG designs displays to take learning to next level

LG Business Solutions is debuting a series of technology-agnostic interactive displays aimed to take teaching and learning to the next level, according to a press release. The LG TR3DJ is available in 65-, 75- and 86-inch models which ensure students can view educational presentations in a socially distanced approach, and also support virtually any learning system a school deploys for in-person as well as hybrid/remote learning, according to a press release.

How Victoria University Revolutionized Its Learning Model

The start of the pandemic sent shockwaves through Australia’s fourth-largest export sector: higher education. Overnight, students suddenly grappled with delayed graduation and disrupted education. Among those most impacted was the group of nearly 90,000 international students. Many students from China, for example, were unable to return to Australian universities after traveling home for Lunar New Year. Universities also risked losing $3.1-4.8 billion in 2020 fees alone.
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How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment [eBook]

Best Of Both Worlds: Connect Formal Training With Informal Learning Opportunities. As many organizations make the switch to remote workforces, new L&D challenges have emerged. How to do you provide your telecommuting staffers with personalized support? Is there a cost-effective way to improve job performance by tapping into the peer-based feedback? This eBook offers insights to help you fuel continuous learning among your talent pool with informal learning opportunities. First, let's take a closer look at why innovation and lifelong learning are so crucial for business success.