What You Need to Know About Your Kid’s Sunscreen

We all know how important it is to protect your skin from those harmful UVA and UVB rays, but what do you really know about your sunscreen? We spoke to pediatric dermatologist Dr. Nnenna Agim, member of Society for Pediatric Dermatology and associate professor of dermatology at Children’s Health in Dallas, about all things sun protection.
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Spin the Spectrum Teaches DJ Skills to Those with Autism

Music is “everything” to Tiffany Page-Carter’s 14-year-old son Sam, who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. So when Page-Carter learned about Spin the Spectrum DJ classes, she signed Sam up immediately. The program is held at Speech Wings (469/529-1300;, a Dallas speech therapy practice owned...
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Galaxy Park: Dallas-Fort Worth’s Newest All-Abilities Playground

An out-of-this-world experience is in store at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. The museum’s new Galaxy Park is set to open in August and is designed with all children in mind. Kids of every ability can pretend to be astronauts in a geometric playground that includes interactive ground-level features, slides and a belt system to allow those with mobility challenges to reach higher areas.

Helping Your Child with Special Needs Exercise

No matter what your child’s abilities, some form of physical activity is important to their well-being. Some kids, though, require extra support and encouragement to make exercise (adaptive or otherwise) a part of their routine. We connected with Daniel Stein, CEO and founder of Special Strong—local gyms providing fitness training for kids and adults with special needs—to get recommendations for parents.

Child Care & Preschool Directory

Feeling overwhelmed by all the local child care and preschool options? It’s tough to find the right people to care for your child when you’re not around. Here’s a handy guide to make that important decision easier. 18011 Hillcrest Rd. Dallas, TX 75252. Hours: M–Th, 8am–6pm; F,...

School Shootings: What Parents, Educators & Police Can Do to Keep Kids Safe

“We did a stranger drill at school today.” I vividly remember the first time my daughter told me about an active shooter drill at her elementary school. As she described hiding in the back of the classroom and being quiet so the “stranger” wouldn’t hear them, my heart stood still. I knew this was one of those moments you have to grab as a parent and engage with before they lose interest. She was 6, so we hadn’t had many of those moments yet, but I never shied away from truth-telling with her.

Where to Find Gooey, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Mac and Cheese

My family has a love-hate relationship with mac and cheese. It’s by far the most requested food by our picky eaters, who would willingly eat it morning, noon and night if we didn’t care about nutritional value. But as any parent can attest, the more you pressure your kid to expand their food palate, the more they dig in their heels.

Ending Elopement: When Your Child with Special Needs Takes Off

When Tammi Larsen saw her 11-year-old son, Ryan, off to school on May 17, 2021, she never imagined it could be the last time she ever saw him. Elopement, or wandering off without permission, was a common behavior for Ryan, who is on the autism spectrum. The Nebraska boy was usually gone for a few hours and then would either come home or be found in one of his “hiding” places. But May 17 was different.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Praise Your Child

“Good job!” That’s a phrase you’ve probably squealed to your children a thousand times. You want them to feel good about what they did—sorting blocks correctly, acing a test or scoring a goal. You praise them and move on. But did your words actually mean what you hoped they would? Even if you have the best intentions, there really is a right way to praise your child—and a wrong way.

Prepping for Your Kids’ First Concert

When my niece requested to dress up as “Rock Poppy” the following Halloween and I witnessed her shredding on her pink and black toy guitar, I knew that one day that she’d be my new concert buddy. But why wait? Why not encourage her interest in music now and establish some core memories or even spark a passion in her that could shape her future? OK, that’s ambitious, but that’s when I began considering best practices for taking a kid out to their first, “real” live concert. This guide is by no means comprehensive but a starting point for facilitating an enjoyable and safe concert experience for your family.

Sound Advice: What are Alternative Treatments for ADHD?

DFWChild reader Jessica of Fort Worth asked this burning parenting question: “What’s a parent to do when school recommends assessing your [child] for ADHD, and you’d like to explore alternative treatments [besides medication]?”. For answers in this Sound Advice column, we reached out to DFWChild Mom-Approved Doctor...

Meet Sarah Zubiate, Founder and CEO of ZUBI’S Salsa and Dips

On the day I met Sarah Zubiate, she was decked out in a cowboy hat as white and wide as her smile. The hat wasn’t just a fashion statement—Zubiate was coming inside from her fields at ZUBI Farms, where she grows the ingredients for ZUBI’S, her line of plant-based, sustainably sourced Latin fare: fresh salsa, dairy-free queso and dairy-free crema. “I have potential investors from Dubai coming today,” she shared, “and they’ll be here soon to tour our operation.”

A Special Education Consultant’s Top Tips for Parents

When it comes to special education, Texas isn’t at the head of the class. A recent U.S. Department of Education report indicates the state repeatedly failed to meet its responsibilities. For moms and dads trying to navigate the special education system, it’s another frustration and concern. What does the state’s shortcomings mean for their child? How can parents ensure their children get the services they need and deserve? For answers to those questions and others, we turned to Charlotte Dudley, a Dallas-based special education advocate and consultant.

Indoor Play Areas in Dallas-Fort Worth

We count ourselves lucky to live in an area with beautiful parks, ample options for outdoor play and lots of playgrounds with equipment for kids of all abilities. But on summer days when you need a retreat from the heat or to escape the winter cold, turn to this list of indoor playgrounds—many of them free—for the next time your brood needs to get the wiggles out. (Looking for entertainment complexes with laser tag arenas? We’ve got a roundup for that, too.)

A Parent’s Guide to Taking the Pacifier

A pacifier can be a lifesaver when you have a young child—until the time comes to take it away. Weaning a child off a pacifier can come with tears and tantrums. For the best way to help your kiddo let go (literally), we connected with Dr. Mansi Lalwani, a DFWChild Mom-Approved pediatrician with Baylor Scott & White Family Health Center – Mesquite.

What to Know About Natural Childbirth

Delivering your baby is no doubt the most exciting part of pregnancy—and it can be daunting, too. How long will it take? What’s your birth plan? How much pain will you be in? One of the biggest questions is whether to get an epidural (assuming you even have enough time to choose once you’re in labor). For insight, we connected with local moms, several of whom have had kids both ways—a natural childbirth and birth with an epidural.

Preparing Your Child with Special Needs for School

Starting school can be a difficult transition for any kiddo—and when your child has special needs, there are additional factors to consider. We connected with local administrators for schools that specialize in special education as well as a mom who has been through it (twice). Here is their advice.

How to Handle Mom-Shaming on Social Media

Social media is a platform for connection—and as many people have discovered, that connection is not always positive. Moms seem to feel the brunt of online criticism. If you get mom-shamed on Facebook or Instagram, how do you deal? We chatted with Katie Sardone, Ph.D., psychologist and founder of Behavioral Health Dallas, for advice.

Emotionally Preparing Your Toddler for Preschool

I’ll never forget my son’s quivering chin—or mine, if I’m being honest—when I dropped him off for his first day of preschool. I knew school would be a great experience for him, but all that mattered in his mind was that he was going to be away from Mom. Of course, he ended up loving preschool. Still, I wish the early days could have been a little easier emotionally.

A Father’s Legacy Lives On

We dedicate the September 2007 issue to my father, Em Niebes (1925–2007), who believed in me and in the mission of this magazine from the very beginning. He invested time, money and wisdom into the growth of Lauren Publications and was continually interested in what was going on, especially in sales because that was Dad’s passion. We officed together and he would try to keep up with everyone who worked for the magazine — an effort he enjoyed making.