Cajsa von Zeipel’s Baroque Sculptures of Queer Young People Make an Impression at Frieze New York

Click here to read the full article. There aren’t many provocative works at this year’s Frieze New York, which on the one hand is a reprieve, given that dealers sometimes resort to shock tactics as cheap stunts, and on the other is a disappointment, since business-as-usual can grow boring. Two new sculptures by Cajsa von Zeipel, however, deliever a pleasant jolt at Company Gallery’s booth. In recent years, Von Zeipel has developed a following for her silicone sculptures, which often feature übercool young people arranged in contortions that seem vaguely sexual. Adding to the intrigue is the fact these people, most...
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The Best Charcoal Sketch Sets for Inventive Drawing

Click here to read the full article. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, ARTNews may receive an affiliate commission. From early cave painters to Pablo Picasso to Roberto Longo, artists have long loved the expressive potential of a soft charcoal pencil or crayon. Each sweep of charcoal offers intense black color and easy blending for preliminary studies, lush landscapes, or photorealistic portraits. There is a wide variety of artist’s charcoals on the market, each with its own unique set of properties and ingredients. Compressed charcoal is a soft block or stick, often...
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Elisa Uberti’s ceramic handcrafted lamps are beautiful pieces of art

Elisa Uberti is an artist known for her ceramic works. This ceramist knows art and design, which is very evident in her products. Uberti has released a vast collection of stoneware lamps. Every item is handcrafted, so that makes every piece special. The lamps don’t really light up the whole room but provide just enough illumination for objects on your table or the surroundings. The designer has a passion for timeless objects and refined subjects, so she maintains the art of handcraft.
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Step Inside Ken Fulk’s Cinematic Universe

“I was a weird little kid,” says AD100 interior designer Ken Fulk. “I always saw the world in a cinematic fashion.” Fulk, the man behind the Chrysler Building’s sky-high Deco Cloud Club, as well as a member’s club in Boston’s tony Back Bay—both of which capture the spirit of Gilded Age glamour—learned how to set a scene by watching the masters at work. “The Bond villain house from Live and Let Die,” he reels off, calling from his house in Provincetown as waves lap at the dock and his dogs splash around. “The over-the-top lifestyle of Auntie Mame and the set changes of her apartment. Vincente Minnelli reruns of Meet Me in St. Louis. I went to see Grease like seven or eight times because I was just enthralled by those sort of childhood summer blockbusters.”

PALMA’s Chiripa Complex is a Masterclass in Mixed-Use Design

Hybrid spaces are all the rage right now, as many of us know from our own personal experiences in the wild world of working from home. But it’s not just workplaces that are reinventing themselves into hybrid havens that incorporate both work and play. The trend can also be seen in projects that blend urban environments with natural landscapes and properties that capitalize on multipurpose modes of development.

New York designer Minjae Kim and his artist mother share creative worlds at Matter

The relationship between mother and son is viewed through a creative lens in the latest exhibition of new work by artist-designer Minjae Kim. Staged at Matter Projects during New York Design Week 2022 and most notably alongside paintings by his mother, MyoungAe Lee, an established artist in their native Korea, Kim’s new explorations in sculpture, furniture and lighting follow an intimate line of thinking that articulates the dialogue between his and his mother’s creative practices.
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This Japanese designer turned discarded fishing containers into groovy furniture

In the 1980s, Japan led the world in the number of fish it caught every year, but the country’s fishing industry has been declining for over two decades. Overfishing, unsustainable practices, and contaminated water from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown have depleted fishing communities and left behind a constellation of discarded materials like fishnets, buoys, and fishing containers.

Afrocentric Design Is About Self-Love for Christine Platt

Although she’s hailed as The Afrominimalist now, writer Christine Platt could barely imagine herself as one even a decade ago. “I was like, 'Oh, I hate minimalism!’” she recalls from when she first tried out the style. “‘Everything is all white, it's so barren in here, I feel so sad.’”

See How the World’s First Floating Skyscraper Would Be Built

For Clouds Architecture Office, a firm best known for maximizing space through the medium of light, the future of architecture starts by looking to the clouds. The firm’s partners, Masayuki Sono and Ostap Rudakevych, explain the process of their latest conceptual endeavor as a reflection on the historical shape of structures. “When we stepped back and looked at the broad sweep of architecture over a long span, even going back to its origins, we discovered a clear trend. Buildings are getting taller, thinner, and lighter over time,” Sono says.

CBBC HQ - Design an underwater creature

To celebrate BRAND NEW The Deep we want you to design and draw your underwater creature!. It can be based on real life creatures or totally made up!. Perhaps it has fins like a dolphin, legs like a crab and tentacles of an octopus. Draw your design using the template...

A Filipino American Designer Is Reclaiming the Peacock Chair

“This is one of the most famous chairs in the world, and it’s so disconnected from its original heritage,” says Cheyenne Concepcion, a Filipino American artist who examines cultural memory and migration through installation, design, and public art. She’s talking about the Peacock chair, the woven-rattan seat with a high, round back that has appeared on dozens of album covers, in the most famous portrait of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey Newton, and in countless “boho chic” interiors. Concepcion accidentally came across the history of the chair while researching the architecture of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. While it is widely recognized, the chair’s history is less known: It originated at the Bilibid Prison in Manila, where it was made by incarcerated people in the early 1900s. “I literally just stopped in my tracks,” she says. “This was such a strong cultural symbol. How could I not know about its history?” As a graduate landscape-architecture student, she had been looking for historical references to guide her as a designer but hadn’t yet come across anything with deep personal resonance. With the Peacock chair, “I knew I had to do something with it,” she says. “It felt like something to hold onto, and I let it pull me.” Her new furniture collection Reclaim, which she launched at WantedDesign last weekend, shows the early results of that inquiry.

Lego 'Starry Night': 2,316 Bricks to Build Your Own Van Gogh

Lego's newest set doesn't pull from pop culture but instead from one of the most influential artists ever. Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night is the upcoming 2,316-piece set for art and building block lovers. The Starry Night set from Lego is a three-dimensional version of the famous painting and...