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Serious accident involving car & motorcycle

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Multiple agencies investigating a serious crash involving a car and motorcycle in downtown Syracuse. Onondaga County 911 dispatchers say the call went out around 10:30pm in the area of James Street and North Salina Street. Syracuse Police & Fire along with AMR Ambulance all responding....
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‘Udderly’ good cheese at Old Chatham Creamery in Groton

I discovered Old Chatham Creamery by chance, while enjoying some wine and cheese with friends. The bleu cheese we were eating was delicious, and I looked at the package to see where I could get more of it. The name, “Ewe’s Blue,” and the cute black sheep on the label were my first surprise — this Roquefort-style cheese was made entirely of sheep’s milk. My second surprise came when I saw where it was made — Groton, New York.

Trio with same birthday celebrate 75 trips around the sun

An intimate party last Tuesday was the setting for not one, not two, but three 75th birthday celebrations. “You know, when you get to this age, you prefer to forget your birthdays, not to remember them,” host of the party and septuagenarian Murray Weaver said with a laugh as he doled out beverages and appetizers to friends and family.

CNY Inspirations: Love is the destination

This feature is coordinated by The Post-Standard/ and InterFaith Works of CNY. Follow this theme and author posted Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We’ve established that suffering is the bridge which brings us together. Now we can find our way toward love. If I was lost, standing on a bridge called Suffering, I’d get out a map! If the map says that behind me is a town named Ignorance, and ahead of me is a town called Love, I’d start walking toward Love. You would too. We’re all suffering and Suffering is how we get to Love.

Reservations for June ‘Camping at the Art Park’ now open

CAZENOVIA — This spring, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (SQHAP) is once again giving the public the opportunity to camp among the sculptures and enjoy the park at night. Located at 3883 Stone Quarry Road in Cazenovia, SQHAP offers a unique environment for artists to create and exhibit their work in natural and gallery settings. It also provides space for the community to explore and appreciate the natural world and interact with art and artists.