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‘Suns in 4’ fan fight guy goes viral after sweep

A Phoenix Suns fan who called his shot in about as aggressive a manner as possible went viral after the team completed its sweep of the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night. During Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinal series, a Suns fan got into a shoving match with two Nuggets fans. Things took a more serious turn when one of the Denver fans threw a couple of swings at the Suns fan. The Phoenix supporter then proceeded to pummel the guy who hit him. After he was done dominating both Nuggets fans, the Suns fan shouted “Suns in 4!”
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Devin Booker wants to find the ‘Suns in 4’ fight guy

A video of a Phoenix Suns fan getting into it with a pair of Denver Nuggets fans went viral over the weekend, and Devin Booker wants reach out to the now-famous fan. The Suns had quite the traveling party as they wrapped up the final two games of their four-game sweep in Denver. There were emotional scenes with Chris Paul in his mother after Game 4 on Sunday.
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3 Denver Nuggets players who won’t be back next season

After a dismal second-round exit from the playoffs, these three players won’t be back with the Denver Nuggets. The Denver Nuggets’ season ended Sunday night with a loss to the Phoenix Suns. A four-game second-round playoff sweep was completed, with MVP Nikola Jokic off the floor for them after being ejected for a flagrant foul late in the third quarter.
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Devin Booker tracking down brawling Suns fan who went viral

Devin Booker’s on the hunt for the viral “Suns in four” fan. During Game 3 of the Suns-Nuggets second-round playoff series Friday in Denver, a Suns fan got into a physical altercation with two Nuggets fans. After delivering a flurry of punches to one of the Denver fans, the Suns...
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3 trades Nuggets must make to get Nikola Jokic more help after getting swept by Suns

After a highly promising season that ended in sheer disappointment, it’s definitely fair to say that the Denver Nuggets need to find help for league MVP Nikola Jokic. Granted they did take a big hit near the end of season when star point guard Jamal Murray tore his ACL. However, during their series against the Suns, they were completely outplayed, outscored, and out-defended every step of the way and just weren’t playing with any type of energy, effort, or desperation.
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2 reasons Nuggets should run it back despite getting swept by Suns

The Denver Nuggets had an applaudable regular season, garnering a 47-25 record to finish in the third spot of the Western Conference despite Jamal Murray’s torn ACL. Nikola Jokic earned MVP honors for his efforts and then carried the Nuggets past the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the playoffs.