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Shocking: Women chided for ‘upholding white supremacy’ in new ‘Karen’ film

A group of white women was accused of upholding “white supremacy” — because they expressed shock over a racist encounter involving a black Lyft driver, scenes from a new documentary show. The “Deconstructing Karen” film centers around the white women as they attend a dinner party in Denver, Colorado that’s hosted by Race2Dinner co-founders Regina Jackson and Saira Rao. Jackson, who is black, and Rao, who is is Indian American, launched their dinner-party venture in early 2019 as a way to inform white women how they are racist — often charging the groups $2,500 a pop. The documentary, which aired on Canada’s...
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Denver buys former La Quinta to help the unhoused

The Denver City Council has approved funds to help buy the former La Quinta at 3500 Park Avenue West. That hotel will help the city's population experiencing homelessness. The hotel has been used during the city's COVID-19 homelessness emergency response. With the funding, it will continue to provide shelter and eventually support housing for the next 60 years. The city council approved the $5 million contract with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. The hotel has provided 103 rooms to those experiencing homelessness since April 2020. The plan for the Globeville site is to continue providing shelter through at least 2024. The long-term...
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Denver tests direct cash assistance for people experiencing homelessness

There are several different types of programs to fight homelessness around the Mountain West, but a new initiative in Colorado is the first in the region to test direct cash assistance. Earlier this month, Denver City Council approved a contribution of $2 million to the Denver Basic Income Project, a...

Recycle old electronics at e-cycling event in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. — The city of Aurora will host its next 2022 e-cycling event at Techno Rescue through Saturday. Techno Rescue, the city's e-cycling partner, will begin accepting old electronics at discounted pricing beginning Monday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Denver allocates $5 million for hotel for homeless

The Denver City Council on Monday gave the greenlight to allocate $5 million to help purchase a hotel that houses some of the city's homeless population. The money, which came from American Rescue Plan Act, will help a group deliver housing services after buying a former La Quinta Inn located at 3500 Park Avenue West. The hotel-turned-shelter has provided more than 100 rooms to homeless people since April 2020, the city said in a news release.

Mark your Calendars for Fall Fest!

The City of Castle Pines and the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce are excited for a full slate of Fall Fest events! There will be a variety of events filled with family-friendly fun that will keep you entertained. Check out the events below for more information. Some events require advanced registration, so be sure to reserve your spot early!

Clean Socks Help People Experiencing Homelessness

The saying goes “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,” and then you will be able to understand their story. But would you walk a mile barefoot? How about for the rest of your life?. In recent years, Denver witnessed an increase in the number of people...

A Family-Fun Day Out With Thomas

A family favorite book in our house is Thomas the Tank Engine which is why heading to Day Out With Thomas at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO was a given. Everett and Alena happily boarded the train and waved out the window at each turn. The event is full of fun day activities with performers and other entertainment options on the grounds.

Friends raise $50,000 to save Mutiny Information Café in one day

Mutiny Information Café, an iconic counter-culture bookstore and comedy venue at 2 S. Broadway, was seized by the city of Denver on Thursday for failure to pay back taxes totaling $35,000. But a GoFundMe campaign started Friday morning raised more than $50,000 from 925 donors in one day, assuring that beleaguered owners Jim Norris and Matt Megyesi will meet their obligation to the city. Norris said he believes Mutiny could...

Pop-up pizza festival benefits food insecurity, domestic violence nonprofits

Who doesn't like pizza? On Sunday, every slice went to a good cause at Colorado's first ever pop-up pizza festival. Seven pizza vendors and over 1,000 people filled Run Westy Run food truck park in Westminster."Heard it was kind of a nice charity event, so wanted to come and support," Grant Hansel said."We're so full we've tried like from everything," Anderson Littler said.Pizza lovers also enjoyed live music, games, pizza dough acrobats and a pizza box folding competition. The pop-up is the brainchild of local pizzeria owners Melinda Carbajal and Audrey Kelly."We thought it'd be small, and then, it kind...

Fuel Up For The Great American Beer Festival

One of Denver’s biggest and most well known events takes place this month! The Great American Beer Festival draws 60k+ people from across the nation to our fair city, and this year marks the 40th anniversary for the annual event. Whether you’re in town visiting or a local enjoying the 500+ brewery tastes, you’re going to need some serious fuel to get you through GABF week. Feeling the effects of all that great beer? We rounded up several Denver options for you to help get you through the day.

Colorado Education Department Finds Systemic Racism in DPS Affective Needs Program

In March, AdvocacyDenver filed a complaint against Denver Public Schools with the Colorado Department of Education, alleging that DPS systemically denied Black students who were identified with disabilities and placed in affective needs programs an appropriate public education. Rachel Dore, the state complaints officer for the education department, agreed with...
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A concerto for a homeless violinist

The composer Dylan Fixmer was handed an unprovenanced violin while working in a music store in Boulder, Colorado. A card inside the case enabled him to trace it to Terri Sternberg, a front-desk violinist at the San Francisco Ballet who fell on hard times, became homeless in Boulder and died in 2013, aged 61.