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Democrats Just Got a Sign That Midterms Might Not Be So Brutal

Democrats got a bit of good news in Tuesday’s elections that suggests this fall’s midterm elections might not be as brutal as the party once feared. In Minnesota, Democrats lost a special election by just four points in a mostly rural southern Minnesota House district, a much closer margin than then-President Donald Trump’s 10-point victory in 2020.

A Wave of New Political Polls Is Raising Red Flags for Democrats on Education

Throughout the summer, an array of new polls — many commissioned by Democratic allies — have shown that the party has lost ground and credibility on K-12 schools, an issue it has long dominated among voters.  In a recent breakdown, 74 Senior Writer Kevin Mahnken notes the polls “were released by interest groups representing opposite […]

Colorado Democratic state lawmaker faces voting charge

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — An El Paso County grand jury has indicted Democratic state Sen. Pete Lee, chair of the chamber’s judicial committee, on one count of voting outside the district where he resides in 2020, in violation of state law. Lee vigorously denies the charge, an attorney for the lawmaker says. The Aug. 3 indictment was first announced Tuesday by the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office led by Republican District Attorney Michael Allen. It alleges Lee, whose formal name is Sanford Edmund Lee, “voted giving false information” about his place of residence during the presidential primary on March 3, 2020, The Colorado Sun reports. Lee declined comment on the charge, saying he’d just learned about it. But he said he’d requested to be removed from interim committees on judicial discipline and behavioral health in the criminal justice system “to avoid having my personal circumstances become a distraction,” according to a statement.

It's increasingly likely we won't see action on law enforcement bills this week: The House plans to spend Friday voting on Democrats’ marquee megabill.

Nancy Pelosi said she would defer to the Congressional Black Caucus amid the push toward a policing bills deal. What's happening: House Democrats are increasingly likely to shelve any action on stalled-out law enforcement bills until September, according to multiple Democrats familiar with the talks. Instead, lawmakers will spend Friday voting on Democrats’ marquee climate, health and tax package — just the way many Democrats wanted all along.

Democrats named massive spending bill ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ to ‘gaslight’ Americans: Missouri Treasurer

During an interview on "Cavuto: Coast to Coast," Wednesday, Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick provides perspective on Democrats' attempt to reduce painful inflation rates impacting Americans, arguing that only the "Democratic Party of today" would deceptively name a colossal spending bill the "Inflation Reduction Act." SCOTT FITZPATRICK: You know, only...

Democrats outnumber Republicans in mail voting

TALLAHASSEE - With Democrats outdistancing Republicans, nearly 930,000 Floridians had voted by mail as of Wednesday morning in the Aug. 23 primary elections. Data posted on the state Division of Elections website showed that a reported 929,569 vote-by-mail ballots had been cast, including 424,528 by registered Democrats. Another 355,555 had been cast by registered Republicans, while 138,506 had come from unaffiliated voters and 10,980 had come from third-party voters. About 3.16 million vote-by-mail ballots remained outstanding. The totals do not include in-person early voting, which started in parts of the state Monday and will be statewide Saturday.