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The New England Patriots are really becoming something special in 2021

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Alex Barth: The Patriots have now allowed fewer than 14 points in five games this season, including four of their last five Meanwhile, five other NFL teams haven't held an opponent to under 14 points this season *once* Meanwhile, they've now scored at least 25 points in six games. That's tied for the second-most such games in the NFL this year. No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars have yet to eclipse 25 points in a game this season (their max is 23 vs. Miami) #InsaneVoice

Boston Residents Should Prepare For Another Nor'easter

Boston is expected to experience several Nor'easters this winter, since dozens occur in the northeastern United States every year, with at least two considered severe. So, if you haven't already, it's worth buying any items you'll need to prepare for a powerful Nor'easter storm in Massachusetts. For example, according to FEMA, you should have a first-aid kit, flashlights, and extra cash since ATMs might be inoperable if power outages occur during a Nor'easter in Boston.

Patriots V Falcons | WK11 NFL 2021

The Patriots currently look like one of the best teams in the league, although they played the Falcons they have now won five games in a row. Defensively they look like one of the best. Offensively they are very efficient and have in my opinion, the most balanced offensive attack in the league. The Packers are another team I'd put in that category. This team looks like a shoe in for a playoff spot and possible division winner. The Falcons have won four games coming into this midseason, I see them as a below average team but they have potential. I don't see them contending any time soon but maybe two years from now they could be back into deep playoff contention. Now if they'll commit to Matt Ryan at that point is unknown, but if they don't see that as likely I think they should move on as soon as possible and start preparing for their future. Twitch: Hallonmars1

Michelle Wu sworn in as mayor of Boston

Michelle Wu is officially the Mayor of Boston. “The first time I set foot in city hall I felt invisible. But today I see what is possible in this building and I see all the public servants raising us up. Frontline workers, first responders, teachers, bus riders, building inspectors, … I am deeply honored to work alongside you… I ask everyone to join us in the service of our communities,” the 36 year old said in her inauguration speech.

Weather Forecast: Boston is Expecting Heavy Snowfall this Winter.

Who doesn't like snowfall? Especially when the echoes of Santa's bell call for holidays! The weather forecast for Boston is predicted to have above-average snowfall this year. The average snowfall in Boston is expected between 45-55 inches. So, if you haven't already, get some boots, gloves, and whatever else you'll need to get ready for heavy snow.

Patriots V Browns | WK10 NFL 2021

The Patriots are looking back to form. Mac Jones looking like a veteran, rookie running back Rhamondre Stevenson looking like a gem, and the defense playing lights out. Patriots are looking to be a shoe in for Wild Card contenders, and even possibly division champs if the Bills don't run away with it. The Browns seem to have issues beyond player personnel and will have to figure something out fast or else this season will have been a waste and they'll be looking for a top pick in this years draft. #Browns #Patriots #NFL #AmericanFootball YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1

Boston Residents Should Prepare For Heavy Snow

If you enjoy winter weather, I have amazing news: Boston is predicted to have above-average snowfall this year. With strong nor’easters and cold snaps forecasted, the total snowfall for the winter in Boston is expected to be 45 to 55 inches. So, if you haven't already, it's worth buying some boots, gloves, and anything else you'll need to prepare for heavy snow.

Trent Brown finally returns to Patriots practice

Andrew Callahan: Matt Judon and Jamie Collins are absent at #Patriots practice. Judon’s wife is expecting. - Trent Brown (calf) has returned after weeks away on IR. James Ferentz is back on the practice squad. - Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson and Gunner Olszewski ran on a separate field.

Patriots V Dolphins | WK9 NFL 2021

The Patriots are looking like a shoe in for the wild card. Their defense has been steeping up week after week and their offense has been very efficient with a balanced run attack. The Dolphins seemed to be looking toward playoffs prior to the season, and now it seems they'll be looking towards next season. I'm interested on seeing how the Patriots will continue to play, considering every team left on their schedule is competitive. #NFL #Patriots #AmericanFootball YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1

From Everett, MA to Fitchburg, MA - this toy drive joins two communities to support Salvation Army's holiday mission.

Spokesmodel, fitness professional, and best-selling author Mai Tran will never forget what she and her family experienced after fleeing Vietnam following years of war. She'll also never forget the Salvation Army, and how the organization provided crucial support as her family struggled to raise young Mai and five older siblings in central Massachusetts.

Patriots V Chargers | WK8 NFL 2021

The Patriots might be on pace to secure a Wild Card playoff spot if they can keep this up. Play calling on offense has been effective even though it seems they don't have any elite weapons, and defensively they seem to be stepping up slowly but surely. The Chargers will have to keep growing, this doesn't fee like their year but the season isn't over so I cant completely count them out just yet. #AmericanFootball #NFL #Patriots #Chargers YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1