Best Kilo 141 Weapon Loadout in Warzone Season 4

During the end of Modern Warfare's lifespan during Warzone, the Kilo 141 became a part of the meta. A hard-hitting assault rifle that worked well in medium to long-range combat. Here is the Kilo 141 Loadout that was effective in Modern Warfare and is still effective in Warzone today. Best...

Best AMP63 Weapon Loadout for Warzone Season 4

Barrel - 7.2" Task Force. Laser - Tiger Team Spotlight or SOF Target Designator. The 7.2" Task Force barrel provides the weapon with increased damage range and bullet velocity. On the muzzle, the Sound Suppressor is great for the player. Compared to the other suppressors, the Sound Suppressor provides better...

Best M4A1 Weapon Loadout for Warzone Season 4

Some weapons are always going to be good and one of those weapons is the M4A1. Originally, the M4 was a part of the meta back when Warzone was just starting. Most players either ran the M4 or the Grau 5.56. The M4 is not necessarily part of the current meta, but it is a completely viable weapon to use today.

Overwatch Developers Discuss How Junker Queen is Different From Other Tanks

Overwatch 2 is on the horizon with an Oct. 4 release date, but the developers have been providing fans with plenty of content to keep players satisfied until then. Blizzard has released multiple trailers, an open beta (another one will be coming out on June 28) and Blizzard has announced and showcased multiple new heroes. Every returning hero in Overwatch will also be receiving new designs and reworks to help make the game feel fresher and provide players with a similar, but new experience.

Unreleased Football Skin Appears in Warzone Season 4

It appears that some players have leaked upcoming skins coming soon to Call of Duty: Warzone. The leak seems to have been caught by Reddit user Thehumantrypod, as they created a post in the CODWarzone subreddit "My son just ran into this American football skin." The post shows a player wearing a currently unreleased skin that resembles a generic football uniform.

Respawn Working on Predator Lobby Stream Sniping in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has multiple things to focus on when it comes to cheaters in Apex Legends, but keeping their pro players or top-tier players happy has to be a priority. While it's frustrating for anyone to have to deal with a cheater in their lobby, it's even worse for people trying to make a living off of playing. And now, cheaters will target high-end players by stream sniping and harassing the players.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3 Apparently Leaked

A third FIFA 22 Shapeshifters team has apparently been leaked by reputable community member FutSheriff. FutSheriff tweeted out two leaks for what's to come in Shapeshifters. Most FIFA Ultimate Team promotions have one to two promotional teams save for Team of the Season. According to FutSheriff's leaks, Shapeshifters' next squad will revolve around FUT Heroes breaking the norm for FUT promotions.

5 Best FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2 Players

EA Sports announced Shapeshifters Team 2 players last Friday including a 99 overall Cristiano Ronaldo at LW, a 97 striker Marcelo and more. Team 2 rivals Team 1 and Shapeshifters has been a positive addition to FUT. Here are the best five players from the new release. 5 Best FIFA...

NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack Locker Code

The NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack is now available in MyTEAM. This year's NEXT Pack includes incoming rookies and some of the best rookies of last year's class as End Game and Dark Matter cards. Here's a NBA 2K22 locker code that grants you a NEXT Pack for free.

NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack: Full List of Players

The NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack is now available in MYTEAM. This years NEXT Pack includes both incoming rookies and some of the best rookies of last year's class as End Game and Dark Matter cards. Here's the full list of cards included in the NEXT pack.

Eusebio FIFA 22: How to Complete the Icon Moments SBC

Eusebio FIFA 22 Prime Icon Moments SBC went live June 27 as one of the most sought after and expensive SBCs released this year. Eusebio is one of the most popular Icons in FIFA Ultimate Team. His Prime Icon Moments card is considered up there as a top five card in the entire game mode. The card is incredibly difficult to pack through various means and is expensive on the transfer market. EA Sports released an untradeable SBC with 14 segments so players can add PIM Eusebio to their squads.