Highlights of the 2021 Offshore Racing Schedule

If COVID-19 has you worried about your favorite Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) racing schedule for 2021, there’s quite a bit of good news. OPA is working diligently to build a racing schedule that grows the sport and promises to keep current fans looking forward to the events. Here are the highlights of the 2021 offshore racing schedule, so start planning now.
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Best Christmas Presents for Boat Lovers

With the gifting holidays right around the corner and online shopping options now more diverse than ever, right now is an ideal time to get into holiday shopping for that seafaring boater. With so many choices on the theoretical table, however, it can be overwhelming to find something to choose from or to even find somewhere to start. To help alleviate this, the following is a list of items that the seaman next door just may enjoy.
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Top Boat Racing Resources

Boat racing is one of the world’s most exciting sports. The offshore racer has to not only fight against his competitors, but also match himself against the water. The water is not a friendly competitor, at 140 miles per hour, the surface is as hard as a brick. The world’s best racers make the competition look effortless, but in reality it involves quick decisions at breakneck speed, top-notch machinery, and nerves of steel. The sport is growing in popularity, but some people are still looking to know more. The following are some great resources for those who want to learn more about the incredible world of muscle boat racing.
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Safety Equipment for Boat Racing

Taking the boat out on the water is always a special occasion, but it becomes even more exciting when racing is involved. The thrill of racing on the water at high speeds is something that simply cannot be topped. While extra safety precautions are always taken before an important race, it is still a great idea to keep the boat stocked with some essential items. These are the four pieces of safety equipment that everyone must need on their boat before starting a race.

Flags Used in Powerboat Racing

Flags are an integral part of powerboat racing. Whether you are a curious spectator or amateur racer, you will want to know the meaning of each flag and how flags are used during a race. Regulations for this sport define that flags used for powerboat racing must be at least 24”x24” to ensure that racers can easily see the flags. In addition to the size of the flags, each has a distinct color and corresponding meaning.

How to Care for Your Powerboat

Owning a powerboat allows you to conveniently enjoy the thrill that comes with speeding in the open waters. However, powerboats need a great deal of investment in terms of maintenance. Failure to maintain your powerboat will result in rapid structural deterioration, and soon you may have to deal with frequent breakdowns. Here are some ideas on what to focus on when caring for your powerboat.

Powerboat Racing Icons

Most people that go out on a boat do not participate in powerboat racing. The sport was popularized in the late 19th century and even for a short period of time was classified as an Olympic sport in 1908. Powerboat racing further soared in popularity in the 1960 and the 1970’s due to the fact that boating technologies advanced exponentially. Unfortunately, many of the names and statistics of racers aren’t really spoken about, there are quite a few big names in the game.

Miss Geico Boat Racing Overview

Offshore power boat racing became an official sport in 1903 when members of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and the Marine Motor Association decided to organize a competition. Not long after that, the American Powerboat Association was formed. The first recorded offshore race was conducted in California in the year 1911.

Powerboat Safety Rules

Safety is an important issue when operating a powerboat. To be safe out on the water, the person operating the boat should be familiar with safety rules. The person operating the boat should also make time to educate the rest of the people on board on what to do in the event of an emergency.

Powerboat Racing Classes and Categories

Powerboat racing is one of the most enjoyable water sports with worldwide recognition. Ardent fans of motorsports should try the unlimited category because it offers powerful hydroplanes, which can bring a boost in adrenaline. As a global sport, power boat racing has many options, and an interested party makes to choose a class as per the requirements.

Your First Day at the Races

Everyone loves a day at the races. The excitement is contagious, and watching the boats tear across the water is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Participating in a race is even more thrilling! These races are also great places to reunite with old friends, and to form new connections with other fans.

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Many people find that their financial literacy is severely lacking. They may understand how to set up their bank account and create a rudimentary budget, but don’t know how to grow their wealth, find the right investment opportunities, or how the overall economy works. If you’re hoping to give your financial knowledge a boost, the following some great ways to learn more about managing your money properly.