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How to find out if you are involved in a data breach -- and what to do next

Think you've been involved in a data breach? This guide will help you find out where and when, and it lists the steps you should take next. Data breaches are security incidents we now hear about every day. They strike every industry, every sector, every county; victim organizations can be everything from small, independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
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Windows 11 users with the latest CPUs at risk of losing their data

Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 users whose devices run on some of the newest processors are at risk of losing their data, Microsoft has warned. "Windows devices that support the newest Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (VAES) instruction set might be susceptible to data (opens in new tab) damage," the company said in its warning.
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The Border Agent of the Future Is Here

This article was adapted from the Aug. 4 edition of the Border Chronicle. Subscribe to the Border Chronicle here. Today, most travelers entering the U.S. have to undergo this weird thing: After officials take a headshot, software determines the geography of your face, including the distance between your eyes, the distance from your forehead to chin, and different facial landmarks. Your facial signature then becomes a mathematical formula that can be compared to a database of tens of millions (hundreds of millions?) of known faces—or, if you are crossing the border, with your visa, passport, or even driver’s license photo.

Opinion: Information Ledgers And Protecting Health Information

Medical Practices Can Take Up All The Habits to Keep Patient Data Safe, But Nothing Will Replace Decentralization Of Ledgers. Health information is any data recorded or communicated about an individual's health and disability. That information can be anything from symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, research, and clinical trials on that person to records, billing information, and discharge instructions.
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SGX, Intel’s supposedly impregnable data fortress, has been breached yet again

Intel’s latest generation of CPUs contains a vulnerability that allows attackers to obtain encryption keys and other confidential information protected by the company’s software guard extensions, the advanced feature that acts as a digital vault for security users’ most sensitive secrets. Abbreviated as SGX, the protection is...

How to spot a deepfake? One simple trick is all you need

With criminals beginning to use deepfake video technology to spoof an identity in live online job interviews, security researchers have highlighted one simple way to spot a deepfake: just ask the person to turn their face sideways on. The reason for this as a potential handy authentication check is that...
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Auguron Ensures Data Security with Its Revolutionary Private Cloud Storage Service

There are numerous threats to security in today’s world, making safe storage for important and sensitive files a necessity. Auguron Systems, a Web3 data security solutions company, offers a way for people and enterprises to keep their files secure. Moreover, the solution is the first consumer private cloud storage service that runs on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

3D Secure v.2 Business Safety Protocol

The main tool for merchants today is 3D Secure v.2 protocol. In this article, you’ll learn how it works. You have probably heard about the advantages of installing systems for making customer payments on your business website or in a native application. Merchants, banks, card networks, and payment gateways are involved in a complex system that needs to be secured. Cybercrime and various types of fraud are the main concerns of businesses as they not only reduce the seller's revenue but also lower the reputation and trust of customers.

Report: Experian Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Security Concerns

Consumer credit bureau Experian is facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations that it didn’t do enough to prevent identity thieves from sabotaging peoples’ accounts. KrebsOnSecurity reported Friday (Aug. 5) that the legal filing alleged that identity thieves had been able to get control of individuals’ accounts by signing up for new accounts using the victim’s personal information and a different email address.

How to protect your business from data theft

When it comes to business, protecting data and confidential information is key in the online space (opens in new tab). The pandemic has made its own adjustments, all those who were not represented online at the very beginning were forced to urgently transfer their business to digital. The issue of...