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Preserved by Purpose: Christians, Immorality Goes Beyond Abortion

It’s been less than a week since one of the most divisive Supreme Court rulings in recent years was announced. Many Christians and evangelicals gleefully celebrated how overturning Roe v. Wade, the 50-year-old legal precedent that made abortion legal in the United States, confirmed the shifting of the Supreme Court to an ultraconservative majority. Many posted on social media and taught from pulpits that it is a sign from God and an answer to decades of prayer. Others expressed equally strong disappointment that women across the United States have lost the fundamental right to make decisions about their own reproductive health.
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What you need to know about abortion in Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional protection for abortion in a much-anticipated ruling Friday that will greatly affect access to reproductive health care in Texas and beyond. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from our readers. What is Roe v. Wade?. Roe v. Wade is a 1973...
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In Roe decision, Justice Clarence Thomas Invites New Legal Challenges to Contraception and Same-sex Marriage Rights

Tucked inside the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Friday that overturned the long-held constitutional protection for abortion was a concurring opinion from conservative Justice Clarence Thomas. In it, he pushed the court to revisit cases that have already been decided related to contraception and same-sex marriage. Fueling already heightened anxieties...

Supreme Court Protects Cops Who Fail to Issue Miranda Rights

In an America where Black citizens especially have legitimate concerns when interacting with law enforcement, the U.S. Supreme Court has added to those fears after its latest ruling. The high court has struck a blow against an individual’s protection against self-incrimination by prohibiting sanctions against police officers who fail to...

Ignoring the Plague of Mass Shootings, U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Allows More Individuals to Carry Concealed Weapons

In a 6-3 decision that ultimately will lead to more people legally carrying guns in America’s larger cities, the U.S. Supreme Court, on Thursday, June 23, struck down a New York law gun-rights advocates called restrictive. The conservative majority ruled unconstitutional a New York law requiring individuals to demonstrate...

Supreme Court Officially Overturns Roe V. Wade

Americans no longer have a constitutional right to abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday, June 24, to overturn the landmark Roe V. Wade, taking away reproductive rights that have been in place since 1973. The decision mirrored a leaked draft opinion circulated earlier this month, with all...

Roe Decision Could Spur Massive Voter Turnout During Midterms

The failure of Congress to pass legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the George Floyd Justice in Police Act have already frustrated African Americans and further dampened hope for a sizeable Black voter turnout during the 2022 midterm elections. But, with the U.S. Supreme Court overturning...

ShySpeaks and Company & Big Thought hosted The 2022 Civilized Fest: Juneteenth Edition at Gilley’s Dallas

The 2022 Civilized Fest: Juneteenth Edition created an informative and expressive environment for the Dallas community to come together and not only celebrate Juneteenth but gather the resources they needed. With sponsors Heal America, ShySpeaks and Company, Big Thought and Urban Specialists, this event, hosted at Gilley’s Dallas, combined discussions...


No matter the adversity faced. other interests and the Covid-19 pandemic. into the position of goalie. high and setting his next goals. win more games,” the rising junior said. “I look. to someone like Kobe Bryant for inspiration. because of his never lose attitude and. mindset.”. Re-entering the...

Bass in Your Face– Joseph M. Toliver

Professional jazz bass guitarist Joseph M. Toliver shares insight on his multi-decade career, musical inspirations, and upcoming projects this Black Music Appreciation Month. A multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for playing the bass guitar, Joseph M. Toliver has an enviable musical resume. He’s played with such legends as Joe McBride, En Vogue, Reuben Studdard, Wynonna Judd, Nancy Wilson, and Tom Braxton, to name a few. At the age of 14, Toliver had mastered multiple instruments, including playing lead guitar, piano, organ, and the bass guitar, solidifying his musical passion for life. Although a freelance accompanist, Toliver has recorded and produced several projects for himself and others.

She Reps: ShySpeaks

Shy Amos, also known as ShySpeaks, is an American hip hop and spoken word artist. With her soulful voice, thoughtful lyrics and irrepressible confidence Shy is winning fans from San Francisco to the UK and nations in between. As evident in her mission, “…to treat the words artist, advocate, and activist as one in the same”, the female lyricist is expanding her catalog of inspirational music and poetry to showcase a fresh, universal sound. Shy is a very proud native of Dallas, TX.

Coming out “officially” at work

I’ve worked at my corporate job for 25 years, but it wasn’t until last year when I “officially” came out at work. For the first 24 years, I was private with my personal life at work. My motto was, “If you know, you know. If you ask me, I just might tell you.” However, I didn’t make it a point to share my LGBTQ+ lifestyle with my work family. Sure, there were many colleagues who knew, a lot who wondered and many who didn’t care.

RISE Sports Advisors Hosting 5th Annual Athlete Enterprise Symposium

RISE Sports Advisors (RSA) will host their 5th Annual Athlete Enterprise Symposium on Tuesday, June 28, and Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at The Joule Dallas Hotel!. RISE Sports Advisors is a multi-family office designed to serve athlete entrepreneurs dedicated to developing the athlete as an entrepreneur by growing their business acumen and building their enterprise. RISE uses the Athlete Enterprise Symposium not only to educate but connect athletes to a trusted network of entrepreneurial professionals in various areas of expertise. RSA’s trusted network comprises some of the best entrepreneurs and investors in the country in areas such as Real Estate, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Branding, and Business Ownership.

Reggie Calhoun Jr. On Founding RPA Sports Academy

How many people do you know that have started a college or school in your community? How many do you know who are African-American? Chances are that you have answered NO to both questions. After you read this, you will at least be aware and be able to answer both of these questions.

Boss: The Black Experience in Business: A Recap

To celebrate the passing of Juneteenth, non-profit Impact Ventures offered a screening of Boss: The Black Experience In America, where panelists discussed the value of Black capital and investing in Black business. A Word From The Panelists. Owner and co-founder of AlgoPear [a trading company that focuses on auto-pilot investing...

Dallas Has No Place For LGBTQ Hate

On June 24, 1972, a few hundred people marched through the streets of Dallas for the first gay Pride parade in the entire state of Texas. They carried signs that read things like “Someone You Love is Gay” and “Tired of Hiding, Want To Be Free.” This was a bold statement. At the time, it was common for newspapers to publish the names of people arrested during police raids on gay bars, effectively outing them in an era when that could result in job loss and other serious social consequences.