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Newman Arrested on Warrant

A Carmi man is being held in the White County Jail following his arrest. While on patrol on the afternoon of June 27th, Deputy Nick Capeheart with the White County Sheriff’s Department observed 35 year old Joshua L Newman riding a bike on Fifth Street traveling North toward Sycamore Street. Capeheart knew that there was an arrest warrant out for Newman’s arrest due to recent findings on search warrant. Capeheart turned around his patrol vehicle to make contact with Newman but took off on the bike he was riding. Capeheart says he lost sight of the vehicle but when he got to the intersection of Fifth and Sycamore, he saw the bike lying on the ground. As Capeheart began to search for an officer with the Carmi Police Department observed Newman standing in front of a residence on Sixth Street talking with a group of people. The Officer with the CPD then placed Newman under arrest. When asked why he ran Newman said “I knew you were coming for me”. Newman was transported to the White County Jail where is being held on a $7500 cash bond.
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Curtis Arrested on Posey County Warrant

An early morning detail by the White County Sheriff’s Department resulted in the arrest of a Crossville man. The detail was focused on 43 year old Matthew R Curtis who resides at 104 Elliot Street. On June 26th, just a little before 7 AM Sheriff Randy Graves, Sgt Craig Poole and Sgt Justin Spencer converged on the location and located Curtis inside the trailer. Curtis was placed under arrest for a warrant out of Posey County Indiana. The arrest warrant was for Felony Burglary with a Deadly Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a serious violent Felon, Burglary, Resisting Law Enforcement, Theft and Unlawful Possession of Syringes.
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Campbell Charged with Domestic Battery

A call to request law enforcement assistance was made to the White County Sheriff’s Department in regards to an active domestic in progress at 1352 County Road 1175 in Carmi. Deputy Capeheart responded to the call and observed an officer with the Carmi Police Department was on scene as well. The officer with the CPD was speaking with 70 year old Carolyn Campbell and 26 year old Carrie Campbell gathering statements concerning 30 year old Jonathan M Campbell who had left the scene and went into a corn field west of the residence. Carolyn Campbell, Johnathan’s mother, stated that Johnathan had come home at daybreak very intoxicated and began throwing objects in the kitchen as well as opening and slamming the refrigerator doors causing the shelves of the door to break and items to fall out. Carolyn said that Carrie Campbell, Johnathan’s sister, then came from her bedroom and tried to calm Johnathan down. Carrie told the officers that her brother continued to scream at them and throw in the kitchen. During the rant, Johnathan hit Carrie with an unknown item, then left the residence on foot. Carolyn and Carrie both signed complaints for Domestic Battery. Johnathan was located and taken into custody. Bond was set at $500 cash. He paid bond and was released. A court date has been set for July 26th at 9:30 AM.

Stolen Wallet Reported in Norris City

A Norris City woman called the White County Sheriff’s Department to report the theft of her wallet. On June 25th, Deputy spoke with Adrienne Johnson who stated that she attended a ballgame in Norris City on June 22nd and had left her wallet in the center console of her vehicle. Johnson said that she left her car unlocked but she was sitting only 40 feet away watching the game. Johnson stated that on the morning of the 23rd, she had noticed that her wallet was gone. She said there was no money in the wallet but there was a credit card along with her driver’s license in it. Johnson called to cancel the credit card but wanted to make the report due to concerns about identity theft due to her ID being taken.

Bartley Charged with Driving While License Suspended

While on patrol in Carmi, Deputy Capeheart with the White County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop that ended with the arrest of 44 year old Michelle Bartley of 711 Marguerite Street. On June 26th at around 1:35 PM, Capeheart observed a red Chevy van stopping at a stop sign at the intersection of Stewart and Burrell Street that had only one working tail light which was on the right side of the vehicle. While behind the vehicle, the Deputy stated that the left brake quick working as well. Capeheart then initiated a traffic stop and informed Bartley that the brake lights weren’t properly working, in which Bartley said she knew that they sometimes don’t work properly. At that time a male passenger got out of the vehicle, and hit the brake light and it came back on. Capeheart then ran Bartley’s information through dispatch and was informed that her driver’s license had been suspended. After informing Bartley of the suspended license, she was placed under arrest. Bartley was then transported to the White County Jail where bond was set at $250. She paid bond and was released. The vehicle was towed by Don’s Bumper to Bumper. A court date for Bartley has been set for August 2nd at 9:00 AM.

Stolen 4-Wheeler Returned to Owners

The White County Sheriff’s Department responded to call in reference to a report of a 4-wheeler being stolen from a residence in Springerton. On June 23rd Officer George Spencer arrived at 124 E Cherry Street and met with Betty L Rush and Curtis R Rush who are the owners of the ATV. Curtis stated that he had parked the 4-wheeler beneath a tree on the north side of their property and began mowing the lawn. Rush said he was mowing when an unknown individual started the mower and drove away. The Rush’s said that they have surveillance footage of the subject taking the 4-wheeler. The footage shows the subject walk past the ATV. The subject then returned and started the vehicle and drove away. The video showed the 4-wheeler being taken at approximately 1:16 pm. On Tuesday, June 28th, the 4-wheeler was located and returned to the owners.

Carmi Man Sentenced for Possessing Meth, Using Property Unlawfully

CARMI – A Carmi man was sentenced Wednesday in White County Court to state prison for Unlawful Use of Property – a Class 2 felony and for Possession of Methamphetamine – a Class 3 felony. According to White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud, 31-year-old James E. Belka...

Carmi Police Department Weekend Report

The Carmi Police Department dealt with a handful of incidents over the weekend, including catalytic converter theft, a DUI, and a disorderly conduct charge. A Norris City woman was arrested Monday on a Wayne County Warrant along with several other charges. 46 year old Andrea Stocke was charged with Unlawful Display of Suspended Registration Plates, Possession of Meth, Possession of Cannabis in a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Unlawful Use of Property. Stocke is currently being held on $750 bond.

Stolen Vehicle Found

A stolen vehicle from Enfield resident’s Dean and Ruth Barger has been located and returned to the owners. On June 23rd at 8:41 AM, Ruth Barger of 312 East Hosick Street reported that her 2004 Toyota Rav 4 had been stolen from Enfield Rehabilitation and Health Care Center located at 408 Wilson Street. Barger told Officer Spencer with the White County Sheriff’s Department she had parked the vehicle at around 4:50 that morning before going into work. She said that she left the windows down but thought she had put the keys in her pocket. When she went to look for them they weren’t there, and she thinks she dropped them in the parking lot. When she exited the building at 8:30 AM, the vehicle was missing. After talking with other workers, it was determined that the Toyota was taken sometime between 6:40 and 8:00 AM. The vehicle was found at around 2:00PM on the 23rd in Springerton.

Jazz Under the Stars Grosses $13,000 for SIC Students

HARRISBURG – June 25 was a night of jazz, art, and wine at the Southeastern Illinois College Ella Elizabeth Hise Museum of Regional Art and Terrace. Nearly 90 people attended, and the event grossed over $13,000 for student scholarships and support. Additionally, every dollar raised will be doubled by a federal Title III grant, making the total proceeds from the event even larger.

Parker Sentenced to 12 Years in the IDC

A Carmi man was sentenced Monday afternoon to almost 12 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. 25 year old James L. Parker of Carmi was sentenced in his absence after failing to appear for his sentencing hearing. Parker received five years and eleven months each for Domestic Battery and Retail Theft, both class 4 felonies. The sentences were ordered to run consecutively, meaning he’ll have to serve one sentence before beginning the other, and therefore Parker was ultimately sentenced to 11 years and 10 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Local: Memories made for Pavelonis in playing at PGA Major

Looking back on his experience at the US Senior Open with fond memories will not be hard for Britt Pavelonis. Sure, the Harrisburg native had the unpalatable duty of swallowing the pill that kept him out of contending over the weekend by one stroke, but Pavelnois knows if nothing else, he proved to himself that he can compete at that level.

Carmi Woman Sentenced for Violating No Contact Order

CARMI – A Carmi woman was sentenced in White County Court Monday to state prison on two charges of Violation of Stalking No Contact Order – both Class 4 felonies. According to White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud, 31-year-old Misty G. McFarland was sentenced to five years in prison and will serve one year of mandatory supervised release on both charges.

DIRTcar Summer Nationals at Benton Speedway Canceled

With the safety of drivers in mind, Wednesday’s DIRTcar Summer Nationals and DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals events at Benton Speedway have been canceled due to unfavorable track conditions. Both tours are back in action Thursday night, June 30, at Fayette County Speedway in Brownstown, IL. For further...

McFarland Sentenced to 5 Years in IDC

A Carmi woman has been sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections for Violation of a Stalking No Contact Order, which is a class 4 Felony. On Monday, 31 year old Misty McFarland was sentenced to 5 years on the first charge with 1 year Mandatory Supervised Release and 5 years on the second charge for the same offense with 1 year of Mandatory Supervised Release to serve concurrent. McFarland was arrested in one case by the White County Sheriff’s Department on April 3, 2022. The other incident involved the White County Sheriff’s Department and Carmi Police Department and occurred on April 2, 2022. State’s Attorney Denton Aud called two witnesses to testify during the hearing before arguments were made as to sentencing alternatives. Public Defender Rhonda Blades represented McFarland. At the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, Judge T Scott Webb considered evidence and arguments before imposing the sentence.