Eurovision win brings 'incredible happiness' to Ukraine

"When they said that we had won, I shouted at the whole apartment," said Ivanna Khvalyboga, who was forced to flee Ukraine following the invasion. Speaking from Poland, she told the BBC the win meant "incredible happiness for Ukraine and Ukrainian people". Kalush Orchestra won the competition, beating the UK...
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Wild Boars Are Ransacking Rome

In and around Rome, it’s not uncommon to see hairy wild boars rummaging through garbage bins or wandering down the street. And while residents have mostly resigned themselves to coexisting with the animals, the situation appears to be getting worse. Some of the animals now have a contagious disease, and others have injured the humans that live in their ever-expanding habitat.
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Sri Lanka names new prime minister in bid to address growing crisis

Sri Lanka appointed a new prime minister on Thursday, as its embattled president seeks a way out of the country's worst economic crisis since independence that has sparked widespread protests. Ranil Wickremesinghe, a political veteran who has been prime minister of the island nation five times before, must try to...

Sri Lankan forces ordered to shoot protesters after PM is ousted amid deadly uprising

Sri Lanka’s Defense Ministry ordered security forces to shoot protesters on sight Tuesday after the country’s prime minister was ousted amid a national uprising that has left at least eight dead and hundreds injured. Clashes started Monday after mobs supporting the government began beating peaceful protesters who camped out near Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s home demanding his ouster during the worst economic crisis in Sri Lanka’s history. Rajapaksa finally resigned Monday after the violence spread across the country, with at least eight dead — including a ruling-party lawmaker and two police officers — and 219 people injured and more than 100 buildings...

Downtown Beijing goes quiet as zero-Covid policy smothers capital

Millions of people in Beijing stayed home on Monday as China's capital tries to fend off a Covid-19 outbreak with creeping restrictions on movement. "I feel very uncomfortable seeing so few people around," Wang, a middle-aged cleaner waiting outside a restaurant for her shift to start, told AFP. Beijing has reported hundreds of infections in recent weeks, with 49 new Covid-19 infections confirmed on Monday, a relatively tiny number but enough to stir restrictions in the political heart of the country.