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Historical Trivia… Sherman Woods Subdivision, Port Huron, MI – By Derek Smith

In case you do not follow the website’s historical section, here is some trivia about the “hood.”. There was a petition presented to the Mayor and City Commission of Port Huron on June 7th, 1937, from Sherman Woods residents arguing against the building of a street along the lake from Ballantine to Holland Ave. It was stated in the petition that the proposed road would provide no advantage to anyone and that it would interrupt the quiet and natural beauty of the woods and the lake. It would also destroy many trees and result in a traffic situation that would “destroy the quiet” and bring constant danger to the many and small children whose parents have sought here safety and a natural environment. A street in this location would not allow any non-residents to use the beach, which is all “privately-owned” If you walk the Conger sidewalk, there is a city-owned easement that would have accommodated a street way back then.
Picture for Historical Trivia… Sherman Woods Subdivision, Port Huron, MI – By Derek Smith

“They Call it Memorial” Memorial Stadium, 1945 – By Jeff Stout

By Jeff Stout – Former Port Huron Schools Board Trustee. The source and photos for this story were compiled and archived by Mr. Jeremiah May, a Port Huron High School (PHHS) teacher. Additional information may be obtained at As we approach the month of November some of our...
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Memphis 901 FC extends Detroit City FC's winless streak to 4

Memphis 901 FC scored a goal late in each half and defeated Detroit City FC, 2-0, in a United Soccer League match Saturday at Memphis. Memphis scored its first in the 38th minute when Aaron Molloy curled a free kick into the penalty area, where Graham Smith headed it past keeper Nate Steinwascher into the corner of the net.

Our Feet – By Arthur Smith

Those first few baby steps are tough although we try our best. But practice does make perfect, now we walk and run and play,. yet don’t complain about the pain we put those two feet through. We’ll need them more than ever as we reach those golden years,

Port Huron Past and Present : Young Thomas Edison, Mickey Rooney, Walter Winchell, & More Part 53

Blue Water Healthy Living is proud to present to you…. “Port Huron Past & Present” is a series of historical videos created by Port Huron native Bob Davis. Through his historical photographs and films Bob is able to place the viewer back in time. For many of our readers these photos and videos will be a walk down memory lane, but for the younger crowd they will learn about the fascinating history of this great town. In this episode we look back at Young Thomas Edison, Mickey Rooney, Walter Winchell, and more.
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Marine City joins Thumb Coast Storm Drain Art Project

Marine City will be joining a few St. Clair County cities participating in an art project highlighting the importance of keeping storm drains clean. Friends of the St. Clair River representative Lydia Nicholas, an environmental field technician, attended the Marine City Commission’s June 16 meeting to talk about the Thumb Coast Storm Drain Art Project.

An Architect of Our Own, Walter H. Wyeth – By Vicki Priest

Mr. Wyeth is busy these days—creating beautiful “dream houses” . . . . Right now he has 15 of these creations under construction in the district. – The Times Herald, October 9, 1937, page 14. This was during the Great Depression. If all of Walter Wyeth’s...

A Conversation with Jeff Bohm: with guest David Rushing

Jeff talks with David Rushing, the St. Clair County Commissioner of District Six. In this episode, David discusses his background and talks about his business that he operates. Please help us increase our audience. Like, Share, and Comment!. Blue Water Healthy Living is an online magazine located in Port Huron,...

The Blue Water Bridge Experience – By Mary Bisciaio

I suffer from CRS. My doctor has not confirmed the diagnosis, but he doesn’t live my life. He doesn’t climb twenty steps to our second floor colonial to immediately forget what I wanted, only to remember fifteen minutes later when I return to the kitchen. He doesn’t go to the grocery for three items and return with five but without the original three. Yes, I suffer from CRS, can’t remember s… Well, you get my drift. Sometimes, I’m amazed at an old memory, one as much as fifty years ago, vivid and sharp. I am convinced those memories that touch the heart remain forever locked there till a trigger brings it back.

Sandy Francis – Selfie Superstar 6.23.22

Sandy Francis and her husband Ron from Clay Twp. were out for a ride on the boat and snapped this selfie! They won with Timmy D at Lakeshore Graphics in Lexington! To win on Monday, submit a selfie HERE!