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123 graduates finish their time at Albany High School

ALBANY — Albany High School had its second in-person graduation ceremony in a row on Friday night. The school's 2022 graduation ceremony in the school's gymnasium Friday night saw 123 graduates receive their diplomas. The four co-valedictorians were Joran Carlson, Kayla Hahn, Rebecca Iverson and Emily Spainer with salutatorian...
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Watching my garden grow, weeds

I was amazed to discover, after a month on the West Coast, that the spring-cleaning chores that waved goodbye to me as I left hadn’t completed themselves before I returned. Nature can be nasty and, if anything, tried to punish me for my neglect by festering while I was away.

New Unique Grocery Store In The Works For Downtown Schenectady

Did you know a "food desert" was a thing? A new Schenectady grocery store will be going right into one. It was definitely the first time I have ever seen the saying "food desert" when I came across it in a Times Union story about a new grocery story that is in the works for downtown Schenectady. But it means what you think it would meant, describing basically an area or neighborhood that is in need of a supermarket or grocery store. That is just what could be coming to Liberty Street in the Electric City, across the street from the police station (OrthoNY currently resides there and is planning a future move).

Can You Legally Harvest This Meat in Massachusetts?

Let’s say it’s late at night, and you’re in your truck, driving on the backroads from Greenfield to North Adams. All of a sudden, you see a couple of small bright reflections in your headlights, and a shadow seems to move. Before you can react, a deer jumps out in front of you, and BAM, you hit it. Thankfully, you’re all right but the deer has been killed. We live in the hills of Massachusetts, so this scenario has certainly happened to lots of drivers.
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La Saison Bakery is now open at Time Out Market!

We’ve got some pretty sweet news: La Saison Bakery is officially open at Time Out Market Boston!. The celebrated bakery has been calling Cambridge home since 2020, after owner Soheil Fathi brought over the business from Tehran, Iran. Since coming stateside, La Saison has won the hearts (and stomachs) of Greater Boston with its remarkable selection of baked goods, many of which boast bold Middle Eastern flavors as a not-so-subtle nod to its beginnings abroad.