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Texas Governor Greg Abbott tries to blame ‘mental health’ not guns for Uvalde AR-15 shooting

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas railed against the idea that any new gun regulations could have stopped a mass shooting like Tuesday’s massacre in Uvalde that left 21 dead, instead saying during a Wednesday news conference that the state needs to do better to treat mental health.“The ability of an 18-year-old to buy a long gun has been in place in the state of Texas for more than 60 years, and think about during the time over the course of that 60 years, we have not had episodes like this,” he said.“One thing that has substantially changed,” he continued,...

Midlothian To Hold Community Prayer Vigil Tonight In Support Of Uvalde

Mayor Reno, Police Chief Smith Issue Joint Statement. In reverence to the people of Uvalde, Texas, Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno and Police Chief Carl Smith want to express their support of the Uvalde community. They also want to assure Midlothian citizens in the wake of this senseless tragedy that the safety of teachers, students, and all those who live and work here is their highest priority.

What’s Developing: Lakeside Beach Property Becomes Selling Point in Rural Midlothian

A Dallas-based development firm is going forward with plans to build a 3,300-acre master-planned community in Midlothian with the selling point being a lakeside beach. RREAF Communities is developing the 8,500-home project four miles south of U.S. 287 at the intersection of FM663 and FM875. It’s a development that’s just outside the city limits, served by an ETJ (extra-territorial jurisdiction), according to the city’s planning department.

Splash Day

Grab your friends and family and join the BRiCk at the outdoor pool for this FREE event on Memorial Day. Help us kick off the summer season with some fun in the sun!
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From C to Shining C

This time last year, I made a spring getaway to Waco with my boyfriend and our best couple friends. We had a lovely time, and it was my pleasure to tell you all about it in Summer Edition 2021. While we couldn’t travel with our favorite companions this spring, the boyfriend — who has recently upgraded to fiancé — and I visited Cleburne last weekend and will be checking out Comanche over the summer.

Ocean Crafts

Wednesday, June 1, 10-11:30 a.m. Join us for a fun morning making ocean-themed crafts! All ages are welcome. We hope you can join us!

How to Green up that Stubborn West Texas Lawn

If you live in the west Texas area you know how hard it can be to get anything to grow. I I struggle every year to get the grass in my back yard to grow. It isn't that nothing grows in the backyard, oh no, there is something green that grows great back there, it's just not what anyone wants in their yard.

Texas Restaurant Owner Has Been Giving Away Cans of Baby Formula in Face of National Shortage

Any parent knows how much work goes into making sure their child is healthy and safe. For many parents in the United States, getting their infants the nutrition they need has become increasingly difficult in the face of the national infant formula shortage. The shortage was started by supply chain issues and went into overdrive due to recalls and the shutdown of the country's largest infant formula plant. And while President Biden and the FDA are doing everything they can to get shelves restocked, people in local communities are also stepping up to help. One person who is doing just that is Benji Arslanovski, the owner of Our Place restaurant in Mansfield, Texas.

Feel Goods “Baby Formula”

A restaurant owner in Texas did something to help out with the big baby formula shortage that’s going on. He was able to buy hundreds of cans of it from his food distributor and then gave it away for free. He says he just wanted to do something to pay people back for all the support they gave his restaurant after the covid hit.

Beyblade Club

Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Are you a fan of Beyblade? Join us for Beyblade Club every Thursday. We will battle and have fun for an hour each day. We hope you can join us!

Senior Ice Cream Social

Senior Ice Cream Social. We'll have plenty of flavors to choose from. Please join us. Free, pre-registration required. The Social will be held in the Front Meeting room. For more information please call 817-295-6611.

Emu Doesn't Like Lawn Mowing Man

Occurred on approximately May 1, 2022 / Midlothian, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "Husband was cutting grass in our field in Texas when Cosmo, our male emu, chases him and lawnmower. Cosmo tries to attack the lawnmower and him. No matter what he does, Cosmo won’t stop charging and harassing."

Texas man gives away 300 cans of baby formula amid crippling shortage

This is a formula for relief. A Texas restaurant owner is giving away free cans of baby formula to stressed-out parents struggling with a nationwide shortage of the manufactured food. Benji Arslanovski, who owns Our Place in Mansfield, told Fox News on Friday that he used his connections with a supplier to ship 56 cases of Gerber Good Start formula to his eatery. The innovative entrepreneur initially wanted to sell each can at cost price, but decided he wasn’t able to charge anxious moms and dads for the essential item. “The first lady that came in was so happy to have...