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Vermont man wildly swings excavator at police: video

A Vermont man was caught on camera wildly swinging an excavator at two state troopers who were trying to take his son into custody. The troopers had gone to Wayne Tallman’s home in Hardwick earlier this month to arrest his 24-year-old son, Brandon Tallman, in relation to an assault and burglary case, police said. As the troopers were trying to cuff the son, Tallman allegedly jumped behind the controls of the excavator and set it in motion. Dashcam footage from June 12 showed the dad repeatedly swinging the excavator’s bucket towards the troopers as they wrestled with Brandon on the driveway. The...
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Man found guilty after 2017 kidnapping, attack in Lowell

NEWPORT — Following a jury trial last week, a man was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a confidential informant working with the Vermont Drug Task Force in Lowell. David Vaz, 32, of Springfield, Mass., was found guilty of attempted aggravated assault, kidnapping, and unlawful restraint charges. According to...

WATCH: State Police Get Attacked by Man Using an Excavator

In what appears to be a first for Vermont State Police, officers were attacked by a man with an industrial excavator. In the nearly two minute video released by Vermont State Police, two officers can be seen struggling with a suspect, while somebody else (not seen in the video) tries to use an excavator to try and scare off police.

Avoid these estate-planning mistakes

When many people hear the words “estate planning,” they assume it’s just for the wealthy. But that’s not correct – everyone can benefit from some form of an estate plan. And when you’re creating one, you’ll want to avoid some common mistakes. For...

Police: Driver clocked doing 90 mph on Route 105 in Charleston

CHARLESTON — A 42-year-old man from Island Pond was charged with excessive speeding in Charleston yesterday. Police say the white sedan was seen traveling west on Vermont Route 105 traveling at a high rate of speed at around 10:00 a.m. Vermont State Police radar was activated and revealed a...

State drops charges against Alex Choi, fourth man in EB-5 fraud case

A rare photo of all four defendants in the EB-5 fraud case. At the far left is William Kelly and next to him is Alex Choi. Bill Stenger is first from the right at the podium and Ariel Quiros is third from the right. The picture is from the AncBio groundbreaking in Newport in May 2015. The US attorney today dropped charges against Alex Choi, who remained at large. The other three have already been sentenced. VBM photo.